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Useful Plants For Diabetes Azadirachta indica (Neem) extract also has marked hypoglycemic properties. Gymnema sylvestre (Gurmar) Leaf material stimulates insulin secretion and has blood sugar reducing properties. Tenospora cordifolia (Gilo) enhances glucose utilization and checks release of glucose from the liver. Casearia esculenta (Chilla) increases the utilization of glucose by the body. Ficus bengalensis (Bargad) sap of this tree is effective in controlling the diabetes and increasing capacity of pancreatic cells. Coccinia indica (Bimbi) plant reduces blood sugar. Helicterus isora (Mororphali) decoction or juice of root bark given in diabetes to lessen -the quantity of sugar. Catharanthus roseus (Sadabahar, Violet Flowers) also possesses hypoglycemic properties. Five leaves three times a day keeps diabetes in control. Luffa acutangula (Turai) is also useful in diabetes as it reduces the level of sugar. Lawsonia inermis (Mehndi). The seed extract isa proven remedy for diabetes. Plants helping the diabetics indirectly (because diabetes may lead to the conditions like hyperlipidaemia, arthosclerosis and mycordial infraction etc.) are Trichosanthus dioca (Parval), Gyamposes tetragoloba (Juar) Plumago zeylanica (Chitrak), Boswellia serrata (Bhilawan) and Commiphora mukal (Gum Guggul) which lowers down the total cholesterol when taken over a period of time. Diabetes that starts in middle age is generally a much milder disease. The patient is commonly overweight when first symptoms appear. Overeating brings diseases like obesity, diabetes, hyperlipidaemia, arthosclerosis, coronary heart disease and other maladies. Diabetes is incurable but a managable disease, often strikes late in one's life. The reason behind it is the limited supply of effective insulin. By eating less one can keep well because his diet will remain within the limit of what his own insulin can manage. Diabetes can only be controlled by adopting an optimistic view on life and by following a good diet regimen and exercise. As it is rightly said, "When people tell you diabetes cannot be controlled, ask them to go and take a walk". Even the simplest form of exercise, like walking helps to control diabetes. Exercise improves metabolism which in turn leads to better control of glucose. It also helps to reduce weight and lowers blood pressure-which is commonly elevated in diabetics. More importantly, exercise can facilitate reduction of insulin dosage and other oral drugs. Along with regular exercise you must also control your diet. And remember to substitute your sugar with aspartame-based sweeteners. So, control the urge to take a cab for short distances. Walk instead. You could be walking away from diabetes. Medicines Ayurvedic -Medhumeha Unani - Dolabi Homeopathic - Uranium drops, 5-10 drops in half cup water 3 times daily.

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Helicterus isora (Mororphali) decoction or juice of root bark given in diabetes to lessen -the quantity of