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Useful Plants For Blood Pressure And Heart Problems Dendrobium macraci (Jivanti)-It is found to lower blood pressure in acute and chronic hypertension. Digitalis purpurea (Tilpusphi)-The main use of this drug is in heart diseases. The drug promotes and stimulates the activity of all muscular tissues. It is used in cases of congestive heart failure. It forces more blood into the coronaries and improves the nutrition of the heart. It helps in restoration and regulation of the function of the heart. Crataegus oxyacantha-Regulates heart rate and reduces high blood pressure. It is used in tincture and root extraction. Camellia sinensis (Tea)-Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels, strengthens capillaries. Commiphora mukul (Guggul)-Recommended for ischemic heart disease (defective flow of blood to the heart) and to bring down cholesterol level. Solanium melongena (Baigan)-Is an excellent cholesterol regulator. Fumaria indica (Pitpapra)-Is a definite remedy in low blood pressure. Ephedra sinica-Raises blood pressure. Veratrum viride (Green Hellebore)-Lowers blood pressure. Solanum tuberosum (Potato)-Helps regulate your heart beat, and research suggests that it can lower blood pressure and risk of stroke. Persons suffering from low blood pressure i.e. If theirs is lower than 120/70, one should take nutritive diets, vitamins, minerals, fruits, meat and soup etc. Low blood pressure may be due to injury-internal or external leading to loss of blood, anaemia, acute or chronic diseases, food poisoning, leukaemia or other blood disorders. Symptoms are extreme weakness, cold sweats, increased pulse and heart rate, giddiness and history of fainting, headache and chest pain. Plants recommended in fall of blood pressure are: Ephedra sinica, Eguisetum, Gerardiana and Fumaria indica. Blood pressure is a silent killer and to keep it in control and heart healthy, one has to follow certain norms. The first thing is that one has to change the lifestyle, food habits and exercises are t to be made part of the life. This includes yoga, meditation, vegetarian diet and proper counselling. Regular 20 minutes of aerobic exercises five days a week, this could be walking or cycling, say no to smoking and use of tobacco (as nicotine increases pulse rate), a vegetarian diet, tension free life controls blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol. Medicines Ayurvedic : Arjun tablet Unani : Triyakfishar Homeopathic : Glonine drops - 5-10 drops, 3 times daily. Vaporizers

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smoking and use of tobacco (as nicotine increases pulse rate), a vegetarian diet, tension free life