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Preventing Snoring With A Humidifier One commonly missed reason why we snore can be due to excessively dry air in the bedroom. When the air becomes dry, such as for example during cold/dry weather, it is not uncommon for our nose to plug up during the night due to the lack of moisture. When our noses plug up with excess mucous, it makes it difficult for us to breathe through our nose and therefore our brains react by forcing us to open our mouths and breathe through our mouths, which can cause snoring as well as waking up with a dry or sore throat. By installing a simple portable humidifier we can restore the humidity in the bedroom prior to going to sleep. There are many different models of humidifiers on the market, but they all mainly work on similar principles. There is typically a water reservoir you fill which holds the water, and a filtration system which circulates the air through the humidifier, increasing the humidity of the air while also filter out dust and pollutants. Installing a humidifier in my bedroom has worked wonders for me in terms of keeping the air humidity levels comfortable, preventing a plugged nose as well as snoring. One other type of device which is similar to a humidifier is called a vaporizer. A vaporizer works similarly to a humidifier except that instead of simply circulating air with a fan to increase the humidity of it, a vaporizer actually sends an electric current through a water reservoir you fill up which releases steam into the air in small quantities. This is similar to a sauna effect except in very small quantities, but more than enough to raise the humidity of the air in the bedroom. If neither of these devices help to alleviate snoring, there is another device which has been shown very effective at eliminating snoring. It is an anti-snoring chin strap that you wear while sleeping. It can be used in conjunction with a humidifier or vaporizer to not only prevent snoring but also to keep the air moisture levels comfortable in the room. volcano vaporizer

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