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Hydrogen Car Fuel - Why Are So Many People Interested? Hydrogen Car Fuel means using hydrogen as car fuel. All of us know it works well since we have been introduced to hybrid car. The running car on water technology is actually an old technology, it has been in our history book for more than 80 years. It was kept secret to avoid the implication on oil companies. The reason of learning this system and implement it is very obvious, you want to save money and stop worrying about the gas price, right? It was what people think as well, amazingly after implementing this system they are shocked after witnessing how much money they can potentially save yearly. What you must know about the running car on water system (also known as hydrogen on demand system) are: Hydrogen Car Fuel - Fact 1 Run your car on water does not mean that you are going to power your car with 100% water but you will use two sources of energy such as gasoline and water at the ratio of 50-50. Pouring water into gas tank is not a good idea, we are not utilizing the water to power our car but the hydrogen generated from the water. In order to be able to convert your car to run on water you need a hydrogen generator and the conversion system, which is in fact no difficult at all to build. Hydrogen Car Fuel - Fact 2 The idea of saving money by converting cars to run on water has driven a lot of people to search for the information. Who does not want to save money in this difficult economy time? By combining two sources of energy, you will be able to improve the gas mileage to 100%, which means that you are doubling your MPG, with that being achieved, you can potentially save up to $1500 yearly. Claiming IRS tax refund is also a way to put more money in your pocket. IRS tax refund can be claimed because you are running a more environment friendly car. Hydrogen Car Fuel - Fact 3 Building hydrogen on demand system will not cost you $800, it costs you only $150 maximum. But you have to know what materials to buy, which are not only affordable but also high quality. What you need are electrolyzer, MAP Sensor Enhancer, vaporizer, fuel heater, PCV Enhancer, fuse holder, wiring, vacuum T-connector, vacuum hoses, mechanical installation hardware, and catalyst. I know there are some materials that you do not know, that is not going to stop you saving money, I believe. That is why you need guide that will show you step by step instructions to build a hydrogen on demand system and that will give you a list of affordable yet high in quality materials and tools. Hydrogen Fuel Cell - Fact 4 Beside saving money, some people have also claimed that they want other benefits, such as: • Reducing gas emission, it means to save the mother earth and also increasing your family's health quality

• increasing your engine's longevity • improving your car performance (reducing noise and smoother operations) What is stopping you from converting your car to run on water that will potentially save you thousands of Dollars? best vaporizers

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The idea of saving money by converting cars to run on water has driven a lot of people to search for