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Home Remedies For A Sore Throat The very idea of home remedies tends to bring chills to the spines of most CEO's of major drug companies however if you are like most of us you want to find the most effective cure you possibly can. Usually, unless your affliction is of a serious nature the only treatment which you will require can be a home remedy. The following tips may perhaps bring you the needed relief and save you considerable pharmaceutical dollars. Usually a few gargle with a warm salt water solution will generally reduce any swelling and tends to relieve the discomfort that comes with sore throats. To be effective you should gargle at least one time every hour using one teaspoon of common table salt dissolved in approximately 8 ounces of warm water. In the event that you are bothered by postnasal drip you can safely gargle more often in order to prevent and additional throat irritation. The key to a rapid recovery is to effectively prevent dehydration associated with illnesses. You will readily find that fluids will help to thin any sort of secretions and further soothe your irritated throat. If you can possibly do it you should consume as much hot fluids as you can. Drinks such as tea and soups will decrease your throat irritation quickly and before long you will be back on your foot as good as new. To help you breath easier you can use a vaporizer in your bedroom at night. The warm mist will help you to feel a bit more comfortable simply by soothing your swollen air passages. As an added benefit you will find that you will also eliminate any hoarseness that you may have developed. You should keep in mind that under no circumstances should you let your room temperature become unbearably cold as this will only make your condition worse. Yu can do as grandma did and use a shallow pan filled with water to provide plenty of moisture through the process of evaporation in the event that you do not have a humidifier. Simply place your pan where no one may possibly fall over it or cause someone to trip. Foremost of all advise do not smoke when you are ill. This very act tends to irritate your sensitive membranes to the point of no return. Quit any tobacco use immediately. Don't hesitate to use any of the nonprescription throat lozenges which are on the market today as products such as Sucrets Maximum Strength or possibly Spec-T are totally safe and usually effective. These products have medical compositions which numb the throat in order to actually soothe the throat pain. In some cases just regular cough drops themselves may help. Decongestants are made to make your breathing easier. They shrink the swollen mucous membranes within the nose and successfully allow more air to pass through. In addition they tend to relieve those annoying runny noses as well as the associated postnasal drip, both of which can help cause a very sore throat. Modern decongestants can be safely taken orally or in some cases used as a nasal sprays. The oral decongestants generally are more effective and naturally provide a longer relief but unfortunately they have been known to cause side effects. An important point that you should never forget is that you should not provide decongestants to any child which is younger than 2 unless the item is prescribed by the child's physician. If such over the counter medications are

advised by your family doctor make certain that you follow the recommendation precisely. Copyright @2008 Joseph Parish vaporizer reviews

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time every hour using one teaspoon of common table salt dissolved in approximately 8 ounces of

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