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Control Household Humidity With The Advanced Newair AD-400 Dehumidifier Dry indoor air can contribute to cracked and warped furniture; dry throat and skin; and static shocks. On the other hand, excess moisture levels can also result in a range of problems. Besides causing discomfort to occupants, excess moisture levels in a building can damage furnishings; promote mildew and mold growth; and even exacerbate asthma, allergy, and other respiratory symptoms. While dry air can be remedied by a simple humidifier or vaporizer, humid air is a bit more complex. There are many indications of excess moisture in the air such as the following: 1. Damp spots on the inner surfaces of exterior walls or even ceilings 2. Mold or mildew growth on ceilings or walls 3. Frost, condensation, or ice on inside window surfaces 4. Frost or ice on the underside of roof sheathing in attic spaces 5. Blistering of paint 6. Sweating water pipes 7. Condensation on basement walls and pipes The moisture content of the air is often stated in terms of relative humidity, or the amount of moisture the air can hold at that temperature. Thus, if your home has 50% relative humidity, this means that the air is holding half the amount of water it could hold at that temperature. As the given quantity of air is cooled, in turn, the relative humidity of the air will increase. If air is sufficiently cooled, 100 percent relative humidity will be reached and the air will be saturated. Most experts note that indoor humidity levels should ideally be between 40-50%, and to maintain this range, a dehumidifier is one of the best ways to accomplish this. Generally speaking, when shopping for a dehumidifier, there are a few features to look for, primarily an automatic shut-off function that turns off the unit when the container is full; a signal light that alerts you when the container is full; and even a humidistat that will allow you to set the humidity level to your individual preferences. That said, with summer already here, those living in both hot and humid climates will definitely need to find a way to address moisture levels, and our product team felt that reviewing a few dehumidifiers would be appropriate. There are several established dehumidifier brands out there, specifically Soleus, Eva-Dry, and Amcor. However, NewAir, a company best known for its selection of home cooling and heating products, has just introduced their latest product offering: the NewAir AD-400A dehumidifier. We were lucky enough to test this product in our office, and here's what we found: Style and Design: Other dehumidifiers we've seen are generally bulky and unattractive, but the NewAir AD-400 was definitely different. It weighed only 25 pounds, featured a stylish silver body with white accents, and a vertical design that it made it perfect for tight spaces. Heavy-duty rolling casters made it easy to move the unit from room to room, while the carrying handle was also a nice touch. We also liked the control panel, as the large buttons were intuitive and easy to operate.

Dehumidification Capacity: One of the drawbacks found in several portable dehumidifiers is a small capacity water tank. Therefore, assuming the unit can accommodate a direct drainage hose, a dehumidifier with a small tank will need to be continuously drained if you don't want to be frequently emptying the reservoir. However, we found that the NewAir AD-400 had a dehumidification capacity of 40 pints per day and could be drained continuously. Also, it utilized refrigeration technology - just like an air conditioner - in order to remove excess moisture from the air. Furthermore, the AD-400 included an automatic shutoff function and a full tank indicator. Adjustable Humidistat: Dehumidifiers with built-in humidistats are great because they allow you to select the desired humidity level for your room, but not every unit has this feature. Thankfully, the NewAir AD-400 had a humidistat for this purpose. Low Temperature Operation with Automatic Defrost: In especially low temperatures, a dehumidifier's tank can freeze over and cycle off. The NewAir AD400 dehumidifier could operate in rooms where the temperature ranged from 41째 F and 53.6째 F and it automatically defrosted every 30 minutes. Air Purification: To address indoor air quality problems, the NewAir AD-400 came equipped with a built-in ionizer for particulates and an activated carbon filter to adsorb odors. Although some experts may say that all dehumidifiers perform equally, we disagree. Overall, we were definitely impressed with the NewAir AD-400 dehumidifier because of its great features and advanced design. Vaporizers

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While dry air can be remedied by a simple humidifier or vaporizer, humid air is a bit more complex.