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TOK Presentation Template Mr. Glover

Conditions Embed on wiki by September 17th (Presentation in class from Friday 19th) Minimal information on presentation 25 words per slide Bullet points Pictures Max 10 slides You may work individually (7 mins) Or with a partner (5 - 7 mins each) Create Presentation using Prezi (embed on wiki)


Introduction Real Life Situation Briefly describe your RLS Write a simple well formatted Knowledge Question Extract the KQ Explain the connection between your RLS and your KQ AOK + WOK Name the relevant AOKs + WOKs you will use to analyse your KQ

Real-Life Situation and short discussion

General discussion about significance of RLS. How we might think about it outside of TOK? Why is it relevant?

Real World ----------------------TOK World Extraction of KQ

Focused discussion using TOK terms to introduce TOK analysis of RLI using specific KI

Development Knowledge Claim Make a Knowledge Claim in response to your KQ through the lens of an AOK, a WOK (or a combination), or another named perspective Argument using Examples Justify your claim by explaining its links to the KQ and by providing a personal, real and important example or examples

Counter Claim 1 + Argument and Examples Justify your claim by explaining its links to the KQ and by providing a personal, real and important example or examples Repeat above process for each development

Real World (General Discussion) ___________________________ TOK World (TOK theory/concepts/terms)

Knowledge Question

Development Progression

KQ(s) developed fully

Through your focused examination of the RLS you should: 1)Identify the relevant AOK’s and WOKS 2) Explain why your KQ helps you to explore your topic 3) Explore your topic using your KQ 4) Use specific TOK knowledge concepts 5) Provide specific, relevant examples 6) Identify possible counterclaims (other interpretations)

Final Comments Perspectives Briefly summarise perspectives covered and acknowledge other possible perspectives on your KQ Conclusion Briefly summarise your main arguments with reference to KQ Relate back to RLS How are the outcomes of your analysis significant to your RLS?

Real Life Situation Explain how your KQ helps you to reevaluate your RLS?

Connection to another Real life situation

Explain how your discussion helps you to reevaluate other similar RLS’s

Connection to another Real life situation

-------------------------------------------------------TOK KI Discussion

This is the critical “ SO WHAT?” Element of your presentation !

If you don’t include it, YOUR PRESENTATION is MEANINGLESS!

1.Save as a PDF and upload to the wiki before class on September 17th. 2.The order of the presentations will be randomly determined. 3.If you are not ready on the due date the maximum you will receive is a 2 4.All presentations need to be formatted using Prezi and need to be embedded on the wiki

Tok Presentation Planning Outline  
Tok Presentation Planning Outline