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Welcome To the OFS English Subject Area Our Goals • to improve your skills in English language and increase your appreciation of literature • to encourage you to become an independent, life-long learner and contributing global citizen • to help you to achieve your goals in internal and external exams • to provide a challenging and enjoyable learning environment for all students Classroom Conduct 1. Treat each other with respect and consideration. 2. Food, including chewing gum, or drink, other than water, should not be consumed in class. 3. Allow others to get on with their learning by working well yourself. 4. Bring the relevant books, notes and writing materials to class and unpack them promptly. 5. Take a positive attitude to learning and try hard, even if the work seems difficult at first. 6. Be honest in your use of materials created by others. Always acknowledge your sources. Stationery Requirements You should use a folder and A4 refill paper for your class notes.Your Reading Journal should be an A4 sized exercise book or an electronic blog/wiki. Your notes will be assessed for organisation and effort.You should also purchase a dictionary / thesaurus for use in class, and a homework diary. It is a good idea to have a portable Flash drive for transporting electronic work to school. Personal laptop use for classwork is usually permitted, but it is your responsibility to look after it and use it appropriately. Assessment Assignments will be marked according to IBO or IGCSE assessment criteria or special OFS criteria handed out before each task.You should read and follow the OFS Homework Policy. Note: Late homework /assignments can only gain a 2 grade. When you receive marked work back, study your mistakes carefully and try to learn from them. If you are unsure of any marking or comments, ALWAYS ASK for an explanation. Absences It is your responsibility to catch-up with assignments missed through absence. Always check the OFS Web site for homework. Ask the teacher about what has been done during your absence. Reports and Parent Contact The OFS school year is evenly divided into two semesters of two quarters each. Teachers produce a report at the end of each quarter and otherwise keep parents informed of any major problems with students’ progress by means of telephone calls, letters, or meetings. Assignments and Homework Although time may sometimes be given in class to work on assigned tasks, students will need to finish some of their work at home. Please complete all assignments and submit them on time, correctly headed up and named. Homework can be checked online on the OFS web site. Remember do not copy or plagiarise or use someone else’s work. We wish you a successful and stimulating time in your English classes For extra help: e-mail your teacher whose address is :