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OFS High School English: How to improve your English Grade General: 1.

Read widely and regularly. Try new genres. Look for challenges. Read the prize winners. Do background reading on topics. If you can’t manage a whole book, read newspaper articles every day and short stories.


Always study and understand the Marking Criteria on the rubric before starting a task.


Think and plan before you write. Double space for easy editing.


If possible, complete a draft well before the due date and ask your teacher to give you feedback on it.


Actively learn new vocabulary as you meet it in your reading and work.


Identify your language weaknesses when you get marked work back from your teacher and try hard to minimize them each time you write.


Learn spelling words you make mistakes with. Use different coloured pens to highlight the letters you have trouble with.


Learn English technical terms such as: theme, plot, complex sentence, noun, adjective etc. and know how to apply them.


Ask your English teacher questions whenever you are confused. Take an active part in class discussions to try out your ideas.

Organization: 1.

Folders - all work and handouts filed safely and in order.


Use a homework diary and check on-line. Note full details of tasks and due dates.


All work should be headed up correctly and presented neatly in blue or black pen.


If word processing, think about presentation and make use of spell checks and grammar checks but remember they are not infallible.

Helpful Websites: 1. 2. 3.

A site has been set up by an OFS teacher that leads you to hundreds of sites where you can improve your English. Bookmark this page: http:// Also, the Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (OWL) is very helpful for senior students wanting to improving their grammar and mechanics. Bookmark this exercises page : For Cambridge IGCSE exams use the following student support site for help: http://

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