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G2 Topic 3 NEWS Unit: Student Outline Q3 - Topic 3: NEWS Project AOI – Community and Service (How does a community affect our understanding?) UQ – Can newspapers/journalists be objective? Assessment Deadlines: NEWS Process Journal Feb 17th MYP A+B (20% individually) Final Group NEWSPAPER Feb 21st MYP Criteria A+C (20% as a group) Discursive Essay March 3rd – 7th MYP A + B + C (60%)

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Content: By the end of this unit I will be able to: • • • • • • • •

identify the elements of a newspaper identify different knowledge communities discuss the impact knowledge communities have on news and newspapers write a correctly formatted news report write a correctly formatted letter to the editor write a correctly formatted editorial write a correctly formatted feature article write a discursive essay on an aspect of the topic

Unit Outline: • • • • • • •

Working in groups you will establish a fictitious profile for the newspaper you create. This profile needs to be recorded in your group Newspaper and your process journal. You will then write stories from the perspective of this fictitious knowledge community. You will have 3 story assignments. (News report / Editorial / Feature article) You will justify how you have crafted each story to reflect your newspaper's profile by writing a short rationale in your process journals. Each group will choose a selection of the best stories to include in their final newspaper. Each group will present each of the stories they select to the class in a graded presentation. You will then write a discursive essay exploring an aspect of the unit we have explored

Process Journal: You are responsible for maintaining an individual process journal during this unit. Each process journal will contain the following: 1. Your group newspaper's profile 2. Your original story for each of the story tasks 3. A rationale explaining how the story you have written reflects the specific profile characteristics of their group newspaper. Your process journal will be assessed using criterion A+B of the MYP criteria and will count 20% of the quarter grade. Group Newspaper: Each group will format a selection of the best stories written by their group into a personalized newspaper assessed as follows: 1. Oral class presentations : Each group will choose an exemplar for the story task from their group. They will present their interpretation of this story task to the class by relating the choices that have been made in their chosen task to their newspaper's fictitious profile. (10% group MYP criterion A) 2. Group Newspaper: The paper theme, creative layout and formatting choices will be assessed in relation to the specific profile criteria the group have established. The goal is for each group to format a newspaper that reflects their fictitious profile throughout. (10% group MYP criterion B) Discursive Essay: exploring an aspect of the unit over two classes (MYP criterion A+B+C = 60% quarter grade) Ongoing Reading Journals – You are encouraged to comment on news articles and stories in your reading journals during this unit

2013 G2 T3 News Unit outline  
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