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APPENDIX 3: HOGAN BRAND HISTORY Although Hogan footwear was born in 1986, the first sneakers line came along only in 1995, the year that saw the athletic model launched on the market. The Interactive line, the Hogan shoe style we’re all familiar with, came just two years later. 2004 saw the launch of Olympia, more elegant and slender. Dedicated entirely to the female customer is Attractive, immediately followed by Hippie Logo bags and Hogan eyewear sunglasses. From 1986 to the present, the always-comfortable Hogan shoe has changed its shape and decoration, but its style is always the same: winning and in the forefront of fashion. The timeless taste of these shoes is above all that of a status symbol, an image of elegance and luxury. Hogan footwear and its label have always aimed at quality, which is why it belongs to the higher price range: every tiny detail is attended to with extreme accuracy and the materials used are, of course, top quality.



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Elevation Capital Research Annual 2018  

Elevation Capital Research Annual 2018