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T I F FA N Y & C O [ T I F : U S ]

IT ALL STARTED IN 1837… 1837

Charles Lewis Tiffany and John F. Young opens Tiffany & Young, a store selling stationery and a variety of “fancy goods” at 259 Broadway in New York.

1845 1853 1878

Tiffany publishes the first “Blue Book” mail-order catalogue.


Tiffany redesigned the Great Seal of the United States, which can be seen on the dollar bill.

1886 1902

Tiffany introduces the Tiffany Setting diamond engagement ring.


Tiffany opens its now world-renowned Tiffany flagship store at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 57th Street.

1978 1984

Tiffany & Co. was sold to Avon Products Inc. for about US$104M.


The Company's initial public offering occurred on May 5, 1987. This time, the Company no longer owned the Fifth Avenue building nor the land beneath it, which it first purchased for US$2.8M in 1963.


Tiffany repurchased its Fifth Avenue flagship store for US$94M.

Tiffany bought out his partners and the Company was renamed Tiffany & Co. Charles Lewis Tiffany purchases a 287-carat fancy yellow diamond. It is cut to 128.54 carats and named the Tiffany Diamond.

Louis Comfort Tiffany, son of Charles Lewis Tiffany, becomes the Company’s first official design director.

Avon sold Tiffany to an investor group led by William R. Chaney for US$136M. Avon also sold the land and building of the Fifth Avenue flagship store to an investment group from Texas for US$66.5M. The group sold the land and building to Daiichi Real Estate Company for US$94.35M one year later, at the height of the real estate boom.

Michael Kowalski was appointed CEO. He first joined Tiffany in 1983.

2003 2015

Michael Kowalski assumed the role of Chairman of the Board. Frédéric Cuménal, the former president and CEO at LVMH’s Moet & Chandon succeeded Michael Kowalski as CEO.


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