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1. Start a Group The very best tip we can give you is, START! Start a New Generation group! It could be one of the best choices you ever make! Our motto here at New Generation is “My School, My Responsibility.” Even if you’ve heard it before, it’s always good to remind ourselves that we can (and should!) take responsibility for the people around us. It may be true that your youth leader or local schoolsworker knows more about the Bible than you, but they probably don’t know your classmates as well as you do! So here’s the deal: you - an ordinary pupil – can be used by God to do extraordinary things in your school! God believes in you...He really does! Throughout history God has used young people to do amazing things. Mary, the mother of Jesus, was a completely normal teenage girl who was terrified when the angel


Get your thinking caps on and get creative. Try writing down as many ideas as you and your Group can think of and then try to figure out how you will pull them off! If you’re having any trouble with this then don’t fret, this little booklet is jam-packed with creative ideas and will help get you going!


Are there any decent Christian bands in the area? Ask if they can perform at your school, and share a short message afterwards.


Gabriel came and told her that she was to give birth to Jesus, the Son of God. Mary couldn’t work out how it was going to be possible, but she made up her mind to believe that God could do a miracle through her, and He did! When it comes to you and your school you might be scared at first to pray and reach out to your friends, but when you make your mind up to do it God will take everything in His hands and bless the initiatives you take! So if you haven’t already done so, then now is the time...join the movement and start a group!


Remember, you have to plan. Being free and spontaneous is not always the best solution. I’m not talking about last-minute panic planning either. Get a calendar, and start looking at what you want to do and when you want to do it, how much your projects are going to cost, and what you need to do to get the point. Just make sure you put it into practice!

If you’re a bit of a handyman (or woman), then why not ask if you could repaint some of the worn or ugly-looking areas of the school? If you’re artistic you may even be able to do some sort of motif or mural that will enhance the image of the school and brighten up a room or a corridor.

4 Be seen, be heard! Do whatever (well, almost) it takes to put your school group on the map. The days of holy huddles in the basement are over. It’s time to let your classmates know that there’s a group of Christians at your school who are proud of being believers, and who are dedicated to standing up for their faith and living out the teachings of Jesus.

7 Invite your non-Christian friends to yo youth meetinur church servicg or you don’t alre e. If do this then mady sure you start ake help the youthand team make it easy as possibas for non-Christ le to take part. ians

d e r i W t e g o t e 8. Tim

nt ree most importa a better th f o e n o is d u to be vent, an ader training edicate our time to training yo n on to somele r u o is d e ir pass the bato heard of it, W vents we de If you haven’t ve. During these day-long ensition out of the group and sources we ha nd making sure you can tra r college. s group leader a you’re leaving the school o wship and loadnd o ll fe r, e n y e ra h p w , aining ired a one else s, leadership tryoung people and to be insp gram for ie n o im st te , g ro in p of time in the , games, teach ith like-minded Filled with fun Wired is a place to meet w school. There’s also plenty g leaders. So, you’ll not of new friends,ake a bigger impact on yourmpare notes with other younu’ll also get to see the latest equipped to m and time to network and co nd meet new people, but yo around the country and the Q&A sessions training, have a good time a going in the NG Family all only get great n resources and hear what’s be a place for New Generatio to d e ir W t n a lso w enworld. their role, we a or CU can be like, and we the in p lo e v e d to p r Grou e ove aders ping existing le taste test of what running along who can potentially takne involved ip u q e s a ll e w a a t yo As ounger people g leaders to ge d is open to an up-and-comin leader to bring one or two y ders leave school. So, Wire of 12 and 20. courage every the CU when the current lea anywhere between the age job of leading U or Christian school Group, ill be, check out our website in running a C e next Wired in your area w To see when th



ur Let people know yo us sc di a values! Have t ou ab sion or debate Christianity’s view. on sex and marriage uIf you’re unsure, yo your may want to have on youth leader sit inrcethis one for reinfo ment.


Come dressed as a Bible character on nonuniform day. If that doesn’t start a conversation, nothing will!


Wash the teachers’ cars!


If you have any problems with bullying or violence Learn difficult Chrisat your school then why tian words in French not start a group to vothat you can use luntarily pat rol the school g your French and combat social issues durin r lessons. Your teache to help contribute to a espositive school environ- will be well impr ment. sed and everyone


Get in contact with an organisation like Stop the Traffik or Hope for Justice, who fight against human trafficking. Maybe you could organise a fundraiser in your school?

will be reminded that you’re a Christian.


Ring loca l ches and churknow ab let them o group. Ex ut your what you plain ’r and ask i e doing f pray for they can you.

16. MAG

If you’re a m (which you pember of NG you’re readinrobably are if get every me g this!), you’ll zine we publimber magaall for free. T sh by post, is printed thr he magazine academic ye ee times each beginning of ar: one in the halfway and the year, one before the suone shortly jam-packed mmer. It’s nies from schwith testimothe country, ools around what the NG updates on been up to, a Team has articles that nd any other resting for y might be inteber of NG. ou as a memWe also po online, so its’st a version sible to read even posdevice you o it on any slick wn. Smooth!


Have an “A Kindness Dacts of Random where yo y” once a week challengeueaand your group the day bein ch other to spend couraging g nice and enDon’t just gtoo your classmates. friends, be for your best come up witadventurous and showing kin h new ways of dness and b light for Jesu eing a s!



iry prod nuts, or uc have th then it might ts or e desire n d effect ot !!



Make a Prayer H 31 it List! Basically, a list of

people that you want toin your school Jesus. Start praysee get to know 1 until they beco ing for number me a Christian, and then move on we’ve seen seve . Trust us, and impact othe ral groups grow rs to make a decision to follow Je the Prayer Hit List sus thanks to idea.

Ask if you can take an assem Get pro-a to talk about yobly ur a group, ccotimve! As grou p and the asking your mit to If you ha Christian faith. ve Group Christian frienonTry getting in cont m fr ac you can pray nds if You may want to y om several denom embers N ew Generation gr t with other o in fo u ations ’ll proba when you he r them link it to a day in area. If there aren oups in your pray diffe bly find out tha ’t any NG negative thinar about the NG Calenda t re y groups near you th ou ntly. Don r. med ’t pening in th gs hap- You can use b ; e alarthere is call some local yo en you could eir life. everything from style to pra no right or wron and ask them if thuth leaders World Book Day thing is to y in. The importan g other Christian sc ere are any s of the gro how respect for t to Cookie Mon CUs nearby. It’s a hool groups or e ter Day...your s- Rememb up member’s wish ach networking and pugreat way of er, the m es. Organize a im o th ag s “J t in in ation is importan g is not resources to really lling together quiz” with s esusHOW yo t impact your th e o T lim m H e u it! A pray, bu town or city. T you pra sort of prize t y ! . school wro One Organise questions ate a Jesus and bout p arty for a and printedEaster ll Go out o year 7’s on t-shirts. them in When i group wore The t o spend f your way t h e begnt all day and them im side, hat’s cold oute w p it w e n a h in o lk e p nd out h g of the d le who m around th d r i n a k n y s bearing mee school o y t have v when e ot ear. e b r o on the frontssages y d m y friends. any arrives verytheir shirts... of G in the morning whole G et your they even hand . I t ’ l r l o warm a u e d verbody the answers to ved in th p invol’s th e h is e questions o arts! can mak and you n the back. e



33 If yo

ur group is going well then why not run a Youth Alpha course? It’s a grea t way to both discipl e new Christians an d to get other people interested in the faith.



Make prayer concrete: make a prayer journal. Write down what you have been praying about, and which prayers have been answered!




Hand out E a or chocola ster eggs te short note s with a ab true meanin out the g of Easter.

so ething special fo r your tem You know achers be for teac how hard it can! h e know th t rs; so let them you appre them andath ciate a great job at they’re doing !

41 toIf uyrnoua’rmeesporty, arrange a fo

school njot and invite the wohtball in in ole football to itch can boen the fun. The for workpin a gre tion(!), and ga on your sanact tipfilace casp o rt in great public ity for yoguer vent will be group.

42 NMeawke a blog for your

t put toge e clu could have Gene table tennbis! You of confident Cther a panel p o o l, or even G , You can bloration group. allow pupils tohristians and u it a Every no r Hero! faith and alsg about your about the Ch ask questions can take aw and then you ri o upcoming st ia n fa fe it h. If you’re all new events. share a tes w moments to ti m you just don’t Christians or o n y or explain a little bit about th enough, then feel confident g o s p e e yo Do what on l to u might the people want to get yo come. who h am did ande school in Nottingur yo ut h leader to help you colate foun have a load of ch Wash the b otains in a ro but it’s a real on this one, th e lunch bre ik e om during s in the bike shed. Just a k . to break dow opportunity O n y c o e u r peers in th y dry them s make sure you e room yoouu’ve got address somen barriers and want to sh o people d m a of re th a e sh c pr o u n ec o se you of v about who ’t acrt messageight onceived ideas a y n no o d u n a -C a li re and wha sm if their hristian bike turns ru believe. may have ab sty! out our faith. s with freeIfc not, just bless thetmyou hocolate! You and you Things like r group could have a ”S sponsibilit y removing graffi ti from wervice Week” where yo than happy for your school. Let yo alls or chewing gum fru dedicate a whole week for the help. ur head teach om to er know abo under desks are a gre serving the school. at ut your plan s, they’ll moway of taking rest likely be more



e pra Organise concrete: ygeor o Bake yo concert! Cahricastrol prayer walk. Pn a c ake on ur head teache against bullyinray mas is an excelFind ou his/her birthd r a lent time to sh and other neg g t ar e th d e a gospel! You ay is an when their biray! tive issues yo co bake a d you can eit thin your schoo u see a Julesdueven show l, s pr buy onecake or you ca her entaand pray that tion, whichesyo to them and then giv n God would mo can download u v e in your schoo make su in person. Jue it from our websi l te . grounds. lergic to re they’re no st t alda

e and hand your school or it out at Use questions college. get people thinthat will faith and will o king about way for good copen up the nversations.

38gNreatiatondaalyTtoeacdhoer Day is a

36JWushy not ”Grill a Christian”?! 39 Start a lunchtim

19 Mak

17 aWirrite a faith questionn-


pact on


a real your sch imool.

28 44

Try getting school cou onto the n be in a pla cil. You’ll ce of influence and h o good stand pefully in ing with th e school staff .

49 Have

a non-uni day to raise m form for a charity. It’oney great opportun s a to pull out one ity our t-shirts withof thought-provok images, messa ing and cool designges s.

30oOthrgearnise a big festival w

Arrange a fashion sh ow.


Bake muf s with Bible versfin in them You could es even divide. them into di categories, wfferent ith plates for happy pe people and ople, sad ople. Then tired pewill get a meveryone Bible verse uffin and a that suits their mood!


Approac Head Te h your and ask acher anythingif there is your Gro you or help out up could school. with at

NG g ith city. This roups in your w impact y ay you can our who le city together !

46 M

ake sure you adve the schoortise group on l school no the board or tice screens. TV-

51 Concre

te ask your Prayer: teacher head potos of for school years, or all the everyon a roll with Then yo e’s name. for all thu can pray persona e students pefully plly, and hothe nam ut a face to you are es of those praying for.



Give out lo hearts and ve Sit next to a on Valenti sweets lonely n e ’s D p ay. erson in the It’s a great canshare the loday to teen you no v e rmally ...of Christ! don’t hang

out with.


Put up a we ekly Bible verses on the notice b oard. As always... don’t forget to ask for permission.


Give free g uitar lessons . All Christians can play guitar, right?!

54 Pick a lesson nobody really likes, for example maths on Friday. Then announce you’ll give away a chocolate bar every week, always to someone new. People will be excited every week!




us blessedwith s a h d o G Make sure ther he UK e’s Chrishere in rtain. Maybe tia n literature in yo f w o e s N t lot a h t so school about ab ur ortion, he did aittion groups se Gener bless their fel- g yoxunand other issues that g people could pils by handin with. You coul struggle low pu brellas in the the school nursd speak to out umbreaks?! selors to see if e or counyou can lunch give them any leafl ets or books.

58 Call the New Generation Teamers and tell them what’s happening at your school. That way they can pass on your stories and encourage other groups and members around the country.


59 If you hear people gossiping, confront them about what they are doing. Ask them if they’d like other people talking about them the way they talk about others.

opt Embrace the rejected! Ad the mentality as a group ool that no-one in your sch ted ec rej l fee to will have u or isolated. As a group yo cing can to commit to embra out those who’ve been shut by others.


Put chocolate powder next to the milk in the canteen. Write “From the Christian Union”



Invite a New Gen eration Team to com e and speak at your ch urch. If there are several Groups in your town or ci ty then you can all meet up and try to see if there is anything you ca n do together in your area.

Soul Action! Bring the slum to your school for a day by doing Slum Survivor, and let people know how 1 billion people live their lives. For more details check out http://www.soulaction. org/slumsurvivor


notorious for Teenagers are ensive, yet their often exp shoes. Why scruffy school e-shining not start a sho hool. After stall at your scsion from getting permis set it up in your teachers, d, and get the play groun polishing ion The Pass w o h s t o show Why n You could eek t? s ri h C w of nch for a it every lu ter, with a time s before Ea ns afterward. Just o ti ts for que veryone a e t a th re make su old enough to see tending is and get permis, the movie our head teacher. y m o sion fr

ing one of u could start train relationsyo en th ty or sp re ild bu If you’ It’s a great way to ls. the school teams. tive role model for younger pupi si hips and be a po


Get visible by adding your group on Face70 book, Tumblr, Twitter or whatever is popular

e sure that you and your group 63 Mak spend time together. Get to know one difanother, especially if you’re from ferent classes and/or churches.

62 Don’t forget to get in contact with the NG Teamers if you need some encouragement. They’re here to help and we can assure that they’re very friendly.

Hand out New Generation Bibles to every student when they first arrive at school and let them know about the Christian Group.

E. staff know th Christian and voluntee at you’re r yourself to help in lessons. You could suggest that you talk in class about yo ur faith and what Christianity means fo r you. Take it easy though, save your “tu rn or burn” message for another day…


one int of going to o p a ke a m n body You can eve know the whole er to t e G s. e h rc e way oth another’s chu e alarmed at th b ’t n o d d n a , st of Chri do things! denominations

you’ve got a knack for music, then you could 66Ifplay some songs in the common room. It might

be a bit scary, but if you play requests people will probably enjoy a bit of music. If nothing else, it’s a conversation-starter.

71 If for some strange and unexplicable reason you’ve missed this, then we’ll say it once more. Don’t miss the New Generation website! It’s full of resources just for you, so be inspired, and get surfing!

in your school.


64 Let the R.



You can use special days in the calendar to your advantage. Make it an excuse to let people know about your group and about Jesus. “Where do we find these special days?” I hear you say...NG+ of course!

Not everything you do has to be BIG or extravagant. A lot of small things can mean a lot over time. For example, you

74 It would be great if you kept a Testimony Journal of everything God is doing in your school. Send some excerpts through to us once in a while, just to remind yourselves and us how good God is.


If you’re any good at drama, why not ask permission to do an outreach and use your finest drama skills to share the gospel message.


brave and courageous! Have a week 79 Be of evangelism at your school where you

decide to talk to 5 new people about Jesus Help the dinner in one week. Just remember to back it up in prayer. ladies (or men!) tidy the lunch 80 A group in a university in Finland knitted 150 hall after break. pair s of gloves to hand out. That’s quite a lot of work...but may

be you can make at least a handful (opps, that’s a bad joke!) and give them away for the cold winter.

89 81

Pray for yo horities andurthlocal autleadership. Th e school ese people make all th that will direecdtlecisions your school; thy impact ey can be a real bless hindrance. Sinog, or a real God would usepray that them in your favour.


e one Try mud-wrestling lik d. lan Ice in did p ou NG gr it’ll re su ly We’re not entire head ur yo th wi ll go down we do to t go it’s at wh or teacher ! el? sp go with spreading the d! lan Ice in d rke But wo


Take a look at the NOOMA videos over on www. They’re short films that you can use to present the Christian message or address Christian topics.

Offer to decorate the school at Christmas. You might be able to throw in some New Generation posters, and help make sure people get to grips with the real meaning of Christmas.



World Aids Day is a really important day. Tr y raising aware87 ness and even raising Get your dance shoes money for charities. on, bring out your C he ck ou t: parents’ clothes from the 70s and organise a Rock Band or dance mat competition.


Set up a massage salon at lunch, to help ease the stress of the school day. But remember stick to shoulder massages with clothes ON! No full body massages, ok?!




Ditch the h mentality. Toly huddle your group ry having in the busie meeting in your sch st places as the lunc ool, such h hall or in the 6th form common room.


r one of ou Carry on ration trae New Gen making a y b s re of dition ith a pictu poster w r your group o yourself the text ”I’m h it me on it w an ...ask a Christi n put them e why”. Th the school. d n u up aro oster templap ’s There load an down c u o y s te on NG+.


Toilets are a good place to put up encouraging messages, especially the girls toilets. You could put up hearts with messages like “You are beautiful!” If you’re really brave you can put up encouraging messages in the boys toilets like ”Try using the urinal, not the floor and walls!”

Write a newsletter to the 94 loc al churches and let



Make a big banner saying ”Thank God it’s Monday” and hang it at the school entrance. Don’t forget to actually do it on Monday, though.

. Set a room where pupiup can come confi- ls dentially and report that they are bein bullied or ask for g support.

99 ake the bus

them know what you are doing as a group. If you want to do the Bible Project then you could ask if you can collect money towards it in one of their services.

Do a theme week on racism. Invite people from various ethnic backgrounds to come and speak in your school, or even better, get some pupils from your school to do it. You can also bring foods from different countries, play foreign music or get people to dress in national costume. All these things can help show people how interesting different cultures are and that every nation and ethnic group has something to offer.

ge an Anti96 BAulrran lying Day

If you t l, then ask o to scho ry morning i f v e God e s to speak to t he wan through you, e ’s n someo n you feel He e to and wh u something o o giving y we dare you t , n o it. pass and do d l o b e b

Write encouraging messages to all the people in your class, and post them on the notice board. Make sure you don’t miss anyone out though!


95 wGriivtteenacpersonal handard to teacher, or mea friend, mbe the cleaning st r of aff.

If you’ve got the co n tacts then organis ea debate about Chri stia nity and science w ith someone who’s an expert in the area. P ut during lunch brea it on k an make sure to adve d rtise.


lay! Two Christian role-p d to de ci de brave lads ussion have a loud disc, only one about their faith d to not of them pretende istianity. understand Chr tracat After a while, it ion and ted a lot of attent to join in people gathered the discussion.

98 tCiorenate a New Genera-

email ad up as a wa dress. Set it y both ask q for pupils to ue Christianity stions about b a place wh ut also as er can seek a e students dv rent issues ice on diffe.


If you have n’t anything yo found u all the prev can use in ious points then we’d ju s say one thin t like to g finding exc : stop uses and g et on with it!

101 Ideas  

101 ideas for your best school year ever!

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