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ummer is finally here! Welcome to your new feature-packed edition of Bambinos...


Editor Jane Bamby Art Director Richard Cook Sales & Marketing Director Carlos Martins Contributors Liz Attenborough, Louise Barnard, Vicky Birch, Ailee Breakspear, Bryony Johnstone, Jayne Martins, Becky Milnor, Camilla Rabey, Shawna Spoor


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As usual it has been fantastic to put together and we know you will enjoy it!

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This issue has everything from delicious summer recipes to interesting lifestyle articles and many fabulous product reviews.

Jane X


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Bambinos Summer 3

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Jane & Jayne have taken to the sky’s


ur editor Jane and legal advisor, Jayne successfully made their parachute jumps on a lovely, sunny April weekend recently, and were part of an 80 strong team that raised an amazing ÂŁ30,000 in a day! - See our regular Grand Appeal pages for the full story...

Take a little dip... Lauren Heston, founder of the Little Dippers baby swim school, shares her experience and knowledge of 20 years of teaching babies to love the water in this exclusive DVD. See our Spotlight feature on page 42 for more information...

Every 3 Seconds...

...a baby is born!


4 Bambinos Summer

Bristol Parenting Hub links to local and national organisations covering a wide range of subjects including things to do and places to go for families. It is managed by The Family Information Service which also provides free, impartial information and guidance on a full range of childcare, children's services and resources across the City of Bristol.

Clever trick up until 7 months, a baby can swallow and breathe at the same time!

Busy lady

the largest number of children born to one woman is recorded at 69

Quick step The average toddler takes 176 steps per minute

Them bones

Babies are born with 300 bones, but by adulthood, we have only 206 in our bodies. The reason? Bones fuse as we grow

The ‘Mum’s the Word’ appeal... A brand new charity appeal ‘Mum’s the word’ is raising funds to help redevelop the maternity unit at Southmead hospital in Bristol. Bambinos continues to support local charitable cause’s and in this issue we have a special feature on the appeal and how you can get involved with its good work...


smiles Cowboy Max - 18 mont hs

Get together for coffee with yoomi... A new national campaign has launched to engage with parents across the UK. ‘Get Together with yoomi’ will be connecting thousands of mothers nationwide in a bid to highlight the invaluable benefits of the classic coffee morning and promote the unique friendships and support networks that they can provide. The campaign, which is being brought to the UK by yoomi, the people behind the innovative self-warming baby bottle, aims to raise national awareness of the importance of parents supporting each other. A coffee morning is an ideal opportunity to swap tips, lend a sympathetic ear or share any worries mothers wouldn’t necessarily want to tell non-mummy friends. Coffee vouchers and other prises up for grabs throughout the campaign so make sure you visit the website to find out more.

Jack - 4yrs Hamish - 2yrs

Happy 1st Birthday to Bambinos! Kalli - 8months

Thanks to everyone who has supported us through our first and very successful year - We look forward to an exciting future and to producing a magazine that will get better and better!

Tara - 2yrs

Jasmine - 18months Bambinos Summer 5

Baby development Newborn to 3 months


n this feature Becky Milnor from Gymboree guides us through the stages of physical development in babies up to 3 months of age, and suggests activities to encourage a baby’s development. Becky is a qualified Paediatric Physiotherapist and worked in the NHS for 10 years. She has 2 young children, Felix age 4 and Sophia age 2½ and is the owner of Gymboree Play & Music in Bristol. During the first few months of life, your baby starts to develop the skills and strength they need later for certain movements such as rolling over. In the first few weeks your baby responds to touch, taste, sound, movement and visual images, especially the human face. This is why when your baby is upset he or she is often comforted by the sound, touch and smell of their mother and by gentle movement. You may notice your baby stretching and waving their arms and kicking his or her legs freely in a spontaneous manner. From birth your baby will show a range of primitive reflexes. These reflex actions originate in the Central Nervous System. In response to particular stimuli your baby will display a physical response. These primitive reflexes are very important in the development of their physical development. The primitive reflexes which you can easily observe in your baby are:

Rooting/Mouthing When your baby’s mouth comes in to contact with a stimulus i.e. nipple/bottle teat/a finger they move in preparation for sucking and their jaw lowers. The strength of this reflex is affected by their level of hunger. This reflex is important for effective feeding and latch when breastfeeding.

Startle This is a response of your baby’s mind and body to a sudden unexpected stimulus such as a loud noise or quick movement near their face your baby. You may notice your baby suddenly flinch when there is a loud noise and their arms and leg muscles contract.

Hand grasp If you touch to the palm of a newborn baby with light pressure the response is firm flexion of all fingers (grasping). This is why a newborn baby grasps your finger tightly.

Foot Grasp Applying gentle pressure under the ball of your newborn baby and the response will be strong flexion of the toes.

6 Bambinos Summer


At 6 weeks old your baby recognises familiar voices and is able to follow a face or small object with their eyes (visual tracking). As this develops and they become more interested in their surroundings they are motivated to control their head and keep it upright.

Ways to help develop your baby’s visual tracking • Hold a bright colourful object i.e. finger puppets or a bright toy and get your babies attention • Slowly move your hand up and down, to the left and right and in circles

As babies gain control of their head and shoulders they begin to roll. Rolling over is the start of your baby’s physical independence. They will roll over to get to where they want and the toy they want. Babies usually roll from their tummies onto their backs first and then later from their backs on to their tummies. Some babies can roll onto their backs, as early as 2-3 months but most babies roll over for the first time between 3-5 months, and from their backs on to their tummies between 5-7 months.

You can encourage your child to roll by • Laying your baby on their back • Hold a toy over them and encourage them to reach for the toy • Once they reach for it, slowly move the toy across your baby’s body, so they reach further and eventually roll over

Even in the first few weeks of a baby’s life they can take their hands to their mouth and start to develop their hand-to-eye co-ordination. To help their hand-to-eye co-ordination give your baby lots of toys with different sounds and textures to pick up, shake and explore. Spending time on their tummy is also important for a baby’s motor development, and helps them to crawl and walk. Limit the time your baby spends in carriers and baby seats and allow them time to move on their own. Making tummy-time fun will help your baby to be happy lying on their tummy.

Tummy-time • Newborn babies - lay baby on your chest whilst you lie back or in a semi-reclined position • Put mirrors and colourful toys near to baby to encourage lifting head. Put favourite toys just out of reach to encourage stretching and moving • Sing or play soothing music

To find out how Gymboree can aid your child’s development and to book a free trial, please visit our website, email us at or phone 07865 420692.

Bambinos Summer 7

n os i b m Ba

Supporting Wallace & Gromit’s The ‘Cots for Tots’

Dear Readers Since we last wrote, daredevil fundraisers including Bambino’s very own editor Jane Bamby and best friend Jayne Martins, have helped to raise an amazing £30,000 for the Appeal by leaping out of a plane! The mass skydive took place on a gloriously sunny weekend in April with clear blue skies providing the perfect backdrop for the adrenalin-seeking skydivers. The 80-strong team was led by John Wilkins, who celebrated his 80th Birthday with three skydives, bringing the number of skydives that he has completed so far for the Grand Appeal to 31! The sponsorship money raised through the event was a great boost for the Cots for Tots Appeal, which has now reached a fantastic total of over £450,000.Thank you so much to everyone at Bambino’s who has helped us to achieve this - not least the two Jane’s who rose to the challenge and were our most stylish skydivers! With your continued support we know that we can reach our £1million target and help thousands of special care babies in Bristol and the South West.

Skydive is a soaring success!

Very best wishes

John in sky: The Appeal’s veteran fundraiser takes to the skies for his 80th Birthday Celebration

The Grand Appeal team

8 Bambinos Summer

Inset: The Birthday Boy is presented with a special skydive themed 80th Birthday cake.

Grand Appeal and Appeal


Be a Daredevil! The Grand Descent Abseil 18th/19th June There’s still time to sign up and take part in our mass fundraising abseil taking place at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children over the Father’s Day weekend. Please visit or call 0800 919 649 to find out more.

Skydive, 10th September

Top The Emergency Department: The 7-strong team of doctors and nurses take part to raise money for the ED dept at Bristol Children’s Hospital. Right Team Bambinos: Jane and Jayne Below Leo, Chrissie & John: The Appeal’s fundraising manager Leo Birch joins girlfriend Chrissie and John for the leap!

Due to the popularity of the April skydive, we’re giving people the chance to join us for another epic day in September. So if you missed out first time around or have been inspired by people’s stories and photos, get in touch! Or if you are looking for more down-to-earth ways to get active and fundraise, you can get in the saddle for the Great Weston Ride Cycle on 17th July or take to the waters in the Dragon Boat Race, which takes place at Bristol’s Harbourside on 27th September.

Find out more Visit: or Join our mailing list to receive our quarterly newsletter Email: Call us on 0117 927 3888 Follow us on Facebook

For a free ‘Cots for Tots’ fundraising pack Tel: 0800 919649, email: or visit:

Bambinos Summer 9

binos m a B



No need to quibble ‘bout the dribble!

This product illustrates perfectly how the simplest ideas can be the best ones... Any parent who has experienced the ‘heart-inmouth’ moment of thinking the buggy might roll away whilst packing shopping or dealing with a demanding little one will breathe a sigh of relief that this product now exists! Dribble Ons provide a stylish, clever solution for babies who dribble and are now available in a range of bright colours. The bandana bib complements your baby’s outfits and keep them dry. The bib is also available in size 6-12 months, the two stud fastening allows the Dribble Ons to grow with baby. The ever-popular Sock Ons also come in the new colour range so you can co-ordinate baby from top-to-toe. Dribble Ons are priced at around £4.99. Available at Mothercare and all leading baby retailers. Please visit the website for more details and full stockist information.

The Wean Machine Simply fill, squeeze and feed! A compact, dishwasher safe, sterilisable device that allows you to feed your baby your way, wherever you are. Perfect for use with a range of foods including fruit, cooked vegetables and pasta dishes. Simple to use, your baby can now be spoon fed straight from The Wean Machine™ avoiding the need for an additional bowl altogether. Great for use at home and a real lifesaver when out and about. Priced at £19.99. For stockists visit:

10 Bambinos Summer

best buys

A little birdy told me... One little Bondie Bird for baby to meet, One little Bondie Bird to jingle, crinkle and squeak, One little Bondie Bird on shoulders, windows and seats, One little Bondie Bird to come everywhere with me! ...That pretty much sums up this delightful new baby toy that is a joy for baby and enhances together-time for parent and child. It can be hung up on a seat back, put around shoulders or suction-cupped to highchair etc. For information and stockists, visit:

A comfortable carry...

Wvee! Lo Wacky wooden wheels Once aware of the world around them, older babies are quick to discover the excitement of motion, speed and noise and HABA has introduced some fabulous new wooden wheeled toys which will deliver all three sensations at once. Bambinos loves this Tony Tractor that pulls along a rattling barrel!

The Beco Gemini is a 4-in-1 baby carrier with a definite sense of style and an impressive range of features - wide padded shoulder straps that can be worn backpack style or crossed on your back for better weight distribution, a supportive adjustable waistband and no less than four comfortable carrying positions – front facing in, facing out, hip and back carry. The padded headrest can flip up to support your babies head and offer a discreet nursing environment or cuffed down and fasted with snaps. When your baby wants to face out, the headrest also serves as a padded spot for their head or chin to rest against. Birth to pre-school, the Beco Gemini is easy to use, super comfy and keeps your precious bundle close to your heart!

Bambinos Summer 11

binos m a B


Introducing the Recliner Stroller A new innovation from Smart-Trike sees an exciting world first‌a tricycle that is stroller certified and available from six months. The unique Recliner Stroller 4 in 1 is the only trike to have passed the strictest bumping and shock absorption tests, supports from six months and cleverly transforms as the child grows. It not only has a durable full metal construction and provides exceptionally high road performance, its double injection rubber wheels, foot brake system, seat belt, safety bar, detachable parent steering handle, padded comfy seat, and removable hand rest protector all work to further ensure peace of

12 Bambinos Summer

mind for parents whilst promising unshakeable stability that lasts. The Smart-Trike Recliner Stroller has 4 different stages ranging from pushalong recliner at 6 months so that baby can learn to enjoy the great outdoors, all the way to independent trike for the confident toddler to have fun wheeling around! A Smart-Trike is sold every 21 seconds - thats how popular they are! Available at Toys R Us, Argos, Amazon, Mothercare, Smyth’s

fingerprint FingerPrint Jewellery was launched in 2006 by creative mother of two Lisa Pugh and is now one of the UK’s leading designers of bespoke jewellery and keepsakes.


UNIQUE BEAUTIFUL roducing truly stunning items of hand-made pure silver jewellery, each piece features a fingerprint, a hand or footprint or even a child’s drawing, doodle or handwriting as the centerpiece. Names, messages and dates can even be inscribed to further personalise your custom piece.


By using a combination of traditional jewellery making techniques and modern metal technology, the designers ensure the prints or drawings are recreated perfectly and turned into beautiful pieces of jewellery that can go on to become family heirlooms. In less than 28 days and from just £20 your prints and designs can be turned in to pure silver charms that can be worn on a bracelet or necklace or made into a gorgeous pendant on a keyring or scarf pin. The possibilities are endless. For something a little more quirky, “Little Picassos” are a truly unique way to treasure your child’s mini master-piece forever in solid silver. Your child’s artwork is miniaturized and then lovingly recreated as an original piece of jewellery. They make a wonderful memento of a child’s early years. After the successful launch in 2006, Fingerprint Jewellery grew very quickly to become the market leader in bespoke keepsake jewellery.

Demand for Lisa’s jewellery exceeded all her expectations and she soon realised she needed to pioneer a way for customers to be able to take their own prints at home so that she could manage all her orders efficiently. After months of research, Lisa developed two mail-order kits that allowed her customers to take their child’s prints at home in a matter of minutes. The first kit is for taking the fingerprints and is a specialised impression putty designed to pick up the finest detail in even the smallest of fingers. The putty is extremely soft to the touch and totally safe to use. Once the prints are taken, the putty hardens and stabilises so that it can be posted back. The second kit is for the Ten Tiny Toes impressions and is a special inkless wipe which magically captures a child's hand or footprints onto sensitised paper. This method was developed for use in maternity hospitals in America and is totally safe and totally clean! Hand and footprints appear like magic on the paper and can simply be posted back. With a little added magic from Lisa, the hand or footprints are miniaturised to fit the chosen item of jewellery and recreated as though they were imprinted directly into the silver! To find out more, please visit the website: Bambinos Summer 13

Introducing the...

Bristol Parenting Café I

f you’re looking for creative ideas on how to entertain your children then taking a peek at locally written blog Bristol Parenting Café would be a great place to start. “I have three children aged 1, 3 and 5 and they love making, baking and exploring the great outdoors. I started writing the blog for when my children are older and it’s evolved into an online scrapbook of craft ideas, seasonal inspiration and a guide to what’s on in and around Bristol’, explains author Catherine. The blog features craft projects that will be familiar to many, such as making egg cress heads (see right) and jam jar lanterns as well as the more unusual, like colour wheels (see right) and fairy wands made from willow sticks. “I’m amazingly disorganised and not at all artistic, so one thing that is common throughout all the things we make is that they are pretty straightforward

and simple. I also try and make sure they are inexpensive and sustainable, either recycling things found around our home or using things that might be thrown away”. Alongside the craft projects there are easy family recipes for baking with children, such as shortbread, brownies and fairy cakes. “Cooking and baking is something most children love to get stuck into, so especially during rainy weather we’ll often get the mixing bowls out. For sunnier days we’ll head outside to explore. Being disorganised meant I always seemed to be hearing about things after they’d happened, so there’s now a list showing things that are on in Bristol for the current month that are free or low cost to visit, such as craft fairs, local woodlands and local hidden gems. Bristol is such a great place to live with young children that it’s been wonderful discovering so many wonderful things for children to do’. 14 Bambinos Summer

Cress Hair Egg This is fun for any child and a great way for them to get excited about growing. You’ll need: • Empty egg shells cut neatly at the top • Cotton Wool • Water • Googly eyes or paint • Marker Pen • Cress Seeds

bristol parenting café

Rainbow Colour W


This is a super easy and effective colour toy to make with young children. You’ll need: • Black card stock • 3 A4 sheets of acetate (red, yellow, blue) • Glue • A split pin or brad to fasten

Heads Instructions 1 Place googly eyes on each empty egg shell and draw a face using the marker pen. If your children are older they can paint the faces on instead. 2 Place damp pieces of cotton wool in the egg shell until it is about one third full.

3 Place a sprinkling of seeds on the cotton wool. 4 Keep on a sunny windowsill and once the seeds have sprouted water lightly each day. It should take about 5 days for the cress to appear out of the top.

Instructions 1 Cut out 6 frames from black card (mine are 15cm long, 8cm wide at the top, 3cm wide at the bottom) 2 Cut out a slightly smaller frame from each sheet of acetate 3 Sandwich the yellow acetate between two black frames and stick with glue 4 Repeat for blue and red acetate 5 Place frame on top of each other and punch a hole at the bottom 6 Fasten with a split pin. Enjoy!

Bambinos Summer 15

With more and more baby swimming classes starting up, it’s crucial to know exactly what you’re signing up for and who with, says Bryony Johnstone, who runs Water Babies in Bristol, Bath and Weston super Mare.

beswimwi Article by Vicky Birch who has taught for Water Babies for four years.


hen Water Babies classes first began, swimming with your baby (especially underwater!) was very new and exciting - lessons started with just one pool and a handful of clients and back then it was a relatively unknown activity. Seven years on, Water Babies is just one option among a number of swim schools, private lessons and leisure centre courses designed to introduce you and your baby to water. This fantastic choice means it’s easier than ever to familiarise your baby with the water

16 Bambinos Summer

from an early age - but it’s important to be well informed about the classes you choose. Swimming with your baby sounds lovely, and it is, but along with the fun and amazing things your baby will do are a number of technical aspects to consider when teaching very young children. Subtleties like the way a baby is held in the water so that they are comfortable and relaxed will influence a baby’s confidence in the pool. It’s really important that an instructor is able to interpret the vast range of signs babies use to communicate their

waterbabies Training Photos courtesy of Water Babies

Worryingly, baby swimming is an industry where there is still relatively little regulation, meaning anyone can set up a baby swim school, regardless of experience, and no-one will monitor it. To put this into context, every Water Babies instructor could have trained as a private pilot – three times over – in the 150 hours it takes them to qualify. Combine this with the re-validation of their qualifications every two years and you can see that we employ some of the highest trained instructors anywhere in the world. Submerging your baby is a practice that, whilst very safe and hugely beneficial, should only ever be done under the instruction of a fully qualified professional (or by you once you’ve spent time on a professional course). A baby can have numerous reactions to being placed underwater and whilst it’s wonderful to observe, submersion needs to be done in a safe and controlled environment with someone on-hand to answer any queries that might arise.

How do baby swimming courses differ?

ise Water Babies encourages you to teach your baby a life-saving skill and get swimming! feelings and that they are able to respond to these, adapting swims for each individual. Instructors also need to be able to communicate with the parents - with gentle guidance and detailed explanations they can, in time, become their child’s best teacher.

While any class involving familiarisation with water is great for your child, what happens in actual lessons can vary enormously. Be aware that some classes will simply get your child used to the pool, while others, such as Water Babies, are more structured with a distinct course progression and instructors teaching to the same course outline. There’s no right or wrong way to start swimming - it all depends on the individual but it is important to be aware of the course objectives and content when you begin. We are often asked why it is not possible to join one of our courses mid way through. A specialised course is based on a broad range of techniques, including underwater skills, building on a baby’s breath holding reflex from day one. You can expect to be learning new things regularly, and for your baby to be progressing week by week. Familiar faces, and a consistent teacher, who your child will build a relationship with, will really help with this progression.

Have fun! Above all, the most important thing is that you and your baby really enjoy the experience of swimming, whether within a fully structured course, a session at your local pool or simply going swimming on your own. Whichever way you choose, the emphasis should always be on you feeling like you’re evolving at your child’s own pace, and on both of you having fun. Water Babies is the UK's largest baby swim school, with classes available locally in Bristol, Bath and Weston super Mare. Call us on 0117 946 6919 or visit to find out more. Bambinos Summer 17



Course, splash session or going it alone? There are so many ways to start swimming - from structured courses to drop in sessions or going by yourselves. The choice will vary according to the age of your baby or toddler and when you are looking to start.

Blowing our own trumpet Water Babies is the only baby swim school to have won multiple awards for their classes and contribution to child development. We are the proud winners of the What’s On 4 Little Ones ‘Best Swimming Class’ in 2008 and ‘Best National Baby and Toddler Development Activity’ in 2009 and 2010.

Insurance Always check that your preferred swim school is fully insured. Corporate insurance is essential and any reputable company should be happy to show you a copy of their current Public Liability insurance certificate.

Industry accreditation

Last but not least... Nationally, eight of our tiny clients have saved their own lives in the last two years alone as a result of the skills they learnt at Water Babies, and three of them were just 24 months when it happened. The best reason for being passionate about what we do!

Whilst technically unregulated, the swimming industry’s quality assurance scheme is the STA mark. The STA is the Swimming Teacher’s Association and every Water Babies franchise completing this assessment has consistently achieved the highest scores across the UK.

Training Always check the qualifications and experience of all the teachers in whichever school you choose, and, when signing up for a course, particularly where submersions are involved, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Structure Water Babies has190 individual lesson plans, tailored to teach your child from birth right up to 3 or 4 years old when they will be ready to move on to other classes. 18 Bambinos Summer

The Water Babies team. Top row, left to right: Saskia, Ali, Jenny, Carol, Steven, Pam, Tess and Kelly. Bottom row, left to right: Jane, Vicky, Jess, Bryony, Elly

Children's frozen gourmet meal delivery service & cookery school

Good food for your children The finest organic ingredients, homemade with love, frozen to lock in the goodness and with free delivery*! Baby Bites run Inspirational cookery classes that will give you the confidence, knowledge and support to make feeding your little one and your family, simple, nutritious and tasty.

07531 237 527 • 01179 512 000 *Minimum order £15


s o n i b Ba m



You will need: • A selection of coloured paper. • String (2-3m is a good length) • Scissors • A glue stick

Bunting is absolutely essential for any garden party, and this paper bunting project is simple enough for even toddlers to have a go at (if you do the cutting…).


Fold the rectangles in half to make a crease across the middle and unfold them again.


ilee Breakspear is a work-at-home mum who lives in Bristol with her partner, 2-year old son and 4-month old daughter. She is inspired by beautiful materials and loves to sew, cut original patterns, knit, crochet and make felted and beaded jewellery. Ailee is passionate about finding crafty ways of using what’s at hand to make fabulous and fun pieces.

20 Bambinos Summer


Cut the paper into long rectangles. For perfect squares make the rectangles twice as long as they are wide so that it makes a square when it is folded over.


Glue the inside of the paper rectangle, place the string over the crease and fold back over again.

RAFTy Bunting 4

Beautiful handmade quilts for babies and children. A gift that can be cherished over generations

Keep going along the length of the string leaving a longish bit of string at the ends to tie up your bunting, and a 1� space between each square.

+ If you want to you could decorate your bunting with sequins, paint, ribbons etc. Experiment with the type of paper and string you use. You could personalise it with a child’s name for a bedroom, or make grown up bunting with rustic garden string and the pages of an old book.

For more information, please contact: Or visit the website: Bambinos Summer 21

mums the wo brand new charity appeal ‘Mum’s the word’ is raising funds to help redevelop the maternity unit at Southmead hospital in Bristol.


anded birthing suite, more The plans include an exp ber y scans and a greater num consultation rooms for bab will ds fun e Th ms. mu new of en-suite facilities for ivery suite and create a new also help refurbish the del ies and their visitors. bab rs, family room for mothe to have their babies at Over 6,000 mums choose of family members visit Southmead and thousands appeal will have a very e Th r. the hospital each yea of Bristol families. real impact to thousands , hospital Trevor Reid said Head of fundraising for the pital hos new the of t par not is “The maternity unit hospital and some of the development at Southmead . Southmead maternity age ir the g buildings are showin utation for many unit has had a fantastic rep teams do a magnificent ity tern generations. The ma ay’s Mums and babies are job in making sure that tod want to ensure our We e. sibl as comfortable as pos facilities do the same.” ns... Our pla

g suite • An expanded birthin rooms for n atio • More consult ns sca y bab suite • A greater number of enms mu new for s litie faci with more • A larger delivery suite s wer sho and ets toil ily room • A new purpose built fam tors for mothers, babies and visi

t. this we need your suppor In order to achieve all of r fou t nex the in lion 5 mil We need to raise over £1. ! pen hap it ke ma us p hel years and you can

22 Bambinos Summer

Up, up and away for

maternity appeal

A donor wall depicting balloons floating over Bristol has gone up in the Maternity unit as part of the Mum’s the Word appeal. The five metre long mural (pictured across the top of these pages) shows a Bristol scene and supporters are being encouraged to personalise a balloon with a message which will be displayed on the mural, in return for a donation to the appeal. You can help us fill this fantastic Bristol mural with balloons and support the Southmead maternity unit too! Balloons are available for a £25, £50 or £100 donation and will be a permanent tribute. Many donors are taking the opportunity to thank staff for their support as well.

Help us... transform trans form the the Sout Southmea hmead mate maternity rnity u unit nit

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Find F ind out out m more ore web w eb w www.m

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Order forms are available to download from the appeal website Your support will help create a bigger birthing suite at Southmead hospital, build more consultation rooms for baby scans and new en-suite facilities throughout the wards. Be part of something special for Southmead and see your child’s name on a balloon!


ord! Company suppor

Maternity unit t swells for Bristol

ternity From Here to Ma

Businesses across Bristol are already showing their support for the new Mums the Word appeal at Southmead hospital, which will see the redevelopment of the maternity unit at Southmead hospital.

You can show your support for the Southmead maternity unit by taking part in a four mile charity walk called “From Here to Maternity!”

Staff at John Lewis at Cribbs Causeway are among the first to donate to the appeal. The retail store is sponsoring the new mural which hangs in the post-natal wards.

The sponsored event takes place on Saturday 20th August 2011 and will start at College Green and finish at Southmead Maternity Unit.

Liz Mihell, Managing Director, John Lewis Cribbs Causeway said, “Our contribution to local society is a vital part of what makes our business different. Partners take great pride in their local communities where they have supported in a huge variety of ways. Many Partners have used the Maternity ward, so I'm particularly delighted the branch is able to support the mural and the Mums the Word appeal.”

Head of the appeal Trevor Reid said, “We’re encouraging teams to walk, run, cycle, jog, even buggy push…how you choose to do it is up to you! We’re offering prizes to the fastest team on foot, best fancy dress team, most ingenious mode of transport and most sponsorship raised.” The route will include College Green, Broadmead, Stokes Croft, Gloucester Road, Filton Road and Monks Park Avenue. Teams will be encouraged to collect donations en route. To register your team visit the appeal website: Help new mums in Bristol just by just picking up your phone... Want to help the Mums the Word appeal? You can make a £3 donation to help new mums right now, just by sending a text! Text the word MUMS11 to 70070 and every single penny of your donation will go to supporting the Maternity unit at Southmead hospital.

Bambinos Summer 23

Law family

Parental Responsibility... By Bambinos Family Law solicitor; Jayne Martins


or first time parents there are many things to consider, one of them is registering the birth of their child. Many parents will be venturing into the unknown in what is a very exciting and magical time. Your child’s birth should be registered no later than 42 days after the birth. To register the birth parents should go to the nearest office of the Register for births, deaths and marriages (in most circumstances in the district that the birth took place).

When registering a child’s birth the significance of placing both parents’ names on the birth certificate is often forgotten. Parental Responsibility was a concept introduced by the Children Act 1989 (the ‘Act’). The concept of Parental Responsibility is defined as ‘all the rights, duties, powers, responsibilities and authority which by law a parent of a child has in relation to the child and his property’. The Courts have come to regard Parental Responsibility as a collection of powers and duties which follow from being a parent, rather than as rights which may be enforced by law. The effect of a person having Parental Responsibility is to empower them to take important decisions in their child’s life, including decisions in respect of education, schooling and religion. This can be problematic when parents separate and both have Parental 24 Bambinos Summer

Responsibility for a child and do not agree with each other. It is not necessarily straight forward identifying whether a parent has Parental Responsibility which is why it is important to consider the effect of registering a parents’ name on a birth certificate. A mother will automatically have Parental Responsibility. Where a child’s parents were married to each other at or after the time of conception both parents have Parental Responsibility. If a child is born after 1st December 2003 to unmarried parents and the father’s name is then placed on the birth certificate, both parents will have Parental Responsibility. However, if the father’s name is not placed on the birth certificate he will not have automatic Parental Responsibility and may have to apply to the Court for a Parental Responsibility Order or enter into a Parental Responsibility Agreement with the mother. For children born before 1st December 2003, the unmarried father will not automatically have Parental Responsibility even if his name is placed on the birth certificate and may only obtain this by entering into a Parental Responsibility Agreement with the mother or by Order of the Court.

family law It is therefore important that this is born in mind when registering the child’s birth as if both parents’ names are placed on the birth certificate after 1st December 2003, both parents will automatically have Parental Responsibility for the child where the parents are unmarried. Where the parents are married, both parents will always have Parental Responsibility. Where both parents have Parental Responsibility one may act independently of the other. There is no requirement on one parent to consult the other or to give one parent the right to veto against the action of the other. A parent with Parental Responsibility is able to request information from the child’s school about the child, including school reports and photographs. A parent with Parental Responsibility is also able to request medical information about the child for example from a GP’s surgery or from a hospital. They are also able to take

decisions in respect of the child and is able to play an equal role for example decisions about the child’s education, medical treatment or religion. If parents separate and disagreements occur in relation to the upbringing of the child or a parent seeks to restrict the actions of another parent with Parental Responsibility, they may ask the Court to make an Order under Section 8 of the Act. Typical Orders that the Court is able to make are a Residence Order, deciding where the child should live, a Contact Order, setting out what contact the child should have with a parent, a Specific Issue Order, which asks the Court to make an Order in respect of a specific question, for example what school the child’s would go to or whether a child should be immunised and a Prohibited Steps Order, which allows the Court to make an Order prohibiting a parent with Parental Responsibility from doing something, for example removing the child from the other parent’s care.

These types of Orders are likely to be granted where the Order is necessary to protect the child’s welfare. The Orders mentioned above can only be made in respect of a child who is under the age of 16 unless there are exceptional circumstances. Although Parental Responsibility actually lasts until a child is 18, the overriding effect of it diminishes as the child acquires sufficient understanding to make his own decisions.

Bambinos Summer 25



hints,tips products & advice

The little jet setter concept is simple: keep kids happy, clean and amused and parents will be relaxed and happy too! It aims to keep everyone sane while on the move – that may be on a flight to Italy, a train to Glasgow, or a car journey to granny’s house! • Unique travel pack of activities • Fun travel characters • Useful mix of toiletries, amenities, toys and activities • Airline ready, contents under 50ml • Portable and packable.

Wvee! Lo

The yoomi self-warming baby bottle is a firm favourite of Bambinos and has featured before. Recently listed as one of the UK’s top 15 inventions of the decade (by the British Library), the bottle is available in 8oz and 5oz sizes and is ideal for transitional and combination feeding and can be used with or without the warmer. The benefits are obvious and mean one less worry whilst you are away!

26 Bambinos Summer

The Babymule has arrived! – a changing bag with its priorities in order! It’s not only rather lovely; it’s eminently clever and sensible too! It can be carried as a fashionable messenger bag, or converted to a supportive backpack, or even tidily clipped to buggy handles, 3 in 1 some might say! Features include: • Baby changing pouch • Includes washable padded baby change mat • Bottle insulator • Dirty bag in handy purse • 6 pockets • key clip and much, much more!

The world’s first patented UV/O3 (ozone) sterilizing lamp has launched. Pipila is an outstandingly innovative product which will kill up to 99.9% of germs residing on the dummy and is set to become the essential piece of kit for any parent when out & about! - Uniquely compact and portable; a must buy!

er! Clev


Q&A First Aid My son has scalded himself with a pan of boiling water. What should I do?

My baby is now eating solid food – What do I do if he starts to choke?

Firstly, turn off the heat and remove the child from the dangerous area. Remove the child’s clothing and any constricting items to expose the scald and examine the wound. Keep calm and reassure the child to prevent him going into shock and place the scalded area under cold running water to stop the burning process for a minimum of 10 minutes. Do not cool the whole body of the child as this could cause the onset of Hypothermia. Ensure medical assistance is on the way. Once cooled, be aware of infection to the scald and try not to touch it. If possible, cover the wound with cling film.

My daughter has fallen from a climbing frame and badly cut her forearm - What should I do?

Reassurance is the key as often children will mimic the reaction of a parent upon injuring themselves, so try to remain calm. Firstly, examine the wound. If there is no sign of any foreign objects in the wound, apply direct pressure to stem the bleed. Elevate the affected limb to help with blood loss prevention and, if possible, get the child to sit or lie down. Apply a sterile dressing to the wound and tie the bandage tight enough to stop the bleeding, checking circulation once finished. As with most serious childhood injuries, ensure medical help is on route or be prepared to take them to hospital.

This is a situation that can be extremely frightening for the parent and the child and time is of the essence. If a blockage is obvious and the baby is showing signs of a severe breathing obstruction, you must act quickly. Ensure an ambulance is on route. Place the baby over your forearm facing towards the floor, head low with your hand supporting the face. Maintaining a clear airway, give up to 5 sharp back blows between the shoulder blades checking for the obstruction becoming clear after each one. Repeat this process up to 3 times or until the blockage is cleared.

First Aid 1st Response was set up because effective first aid treatment is an essential life skill and first aid training should be available to everybody in all walks of life. See the website for more information on what the company can offer and the courses it runs.

Bambinos Autumn 27

Musical Beginnings Think about the last time you talked to any baby, did your voice go up and down in a sing song-way? It may not seem like it, but when adults talk to babies they make music.


ello baby! Aren’t you beautiful? Just imagine how you would say this to a baby; it would probably be musical in tone and expression. Newborn babies are tuned in to this ‘music’ in adults’ communications; not just their voices, but also the way they hold and move with them.

Newborn babies come into this world able to hear and with a sense of rhythm. They recognise their mother’s heart beat and voice from when they are in the womb, and they quickly learn to make themselves heard through their coos, babbles, laughs and cries. They recognise sounds and enjoy making their own. From day one babies communicate and they enjoy using music to express themselves. Singing, rhymes, musical games and playing instruments are all great ways for parents to communicate with babies. Musical activities make communication fun and enjoyable, and there is growing evidence that they assist with early language development and emotional wellbeing. Babies quickly learn to recognise the rhymes and enjoy the confidence they gain from knowing what comes next and being able to take an active part.

28 Bambinos Summer

It may not seem like it, but when adults talk to babies they make music Some research links early exposure to, and knowledge of, songs, rhymes and rhythm with ease of learning to read and write and an ability to listen and respond. Music can play a key role in distracting, soothing and entertaining, too. Musical activities don’t require musical talent or skills; anyone can use music to communicate with young children. Keep in mind that: • Babies can hear before they are born - they recognise your voice and the beat of your heart • They love to hear a variety of music • Listen carefully as they try out new sounds themselves watch, respond and join in. You don’t need to be highly skilled - your voice is your baby’s favourite music • Sing your favourite song, clap your baby’s hands, and move together with the rhythm of the music • Have fun together exploring music and movement - this will help you and your baby get to know each other and enjoy communicating

If you aren’t quite sure about how to integrate more music into your everyday activities then why not try some of these suggestions: • Turn off the TV and radio, sit your baby on your lap facing you and sing one of your favourite songs. It doesn’t matter what song you sing; if you enjoy it, so will your baby. It can be anything from the latest chart topper to a traditional nursery song. Don’t worry if you think you don’t sound great; your baby will love the sound of your voice. This activity can help your baby to learn to listen and to learn about how one sound follows another - a skill that will help with reading and writing later on. • Next time you’re singing a song try including your baby’s name in the song. Vary the tone of your voice. Give your baby time to respond. If they coo, wiggle or make a face,

watch and listen to them carefully to show just how interested you are by their response. This will help your baby to feel valued and they will learn about turn taking in conversation. • Sing the same songs over and over again. Your baby will not get bored hearing them. Try to use rhyming words, and emphasise the rhymes. Singing the same song over and over will help your baby to begin to recognise words and to join in with familiar sequences. • Add movement to your words. Move with your baby to the beat and clap your hands or your baby’s hands in time. Dance to the music – you can use a sling to dance together when they are very young. Adding movement can help your baby to learn about the pulse and rhythms of language. • It may feel embarrassing at first but try creating sound effects. Use your hands to clap, your fingers to click and your mouth to make playful sounds and whistles. Fill plastic bottles with sand or beans and shake them. You will quickly get over your embarrassment and adding those extra sounds will help stimulate your baby. • Visit which has lists of nursery rhymes and songs you can sing with your baby. In the fun stuff section of our website you and your baby will find audio songs that you can listen to or sing along with. The Talk To Your Baby party is a great way to practise and become more comfortable with using music throughout the day. The party pack, which is available on our website, will include a simple party plan that includes a bit of music, rhyming and reading that you can customise to suit. The first 300 people who let us know they will be holding a party will receive a free copy of Barefoot Books Driving My Tractor book with music CD included. If you think you might like to have a Talk To Your Baby party or would like some top tips on making the most of your communication time with your baby please visit: Bambinos Summer 29

THE ULTIMATE GIFT When Grace paints and draws, she uses a range of media from delicate pencilwork to rich colours to capture the warmth of expression, the personality of children and the wonderful qualities of people. She paints and sketches from life and photos and works from her studio in Gloucester Road. Prices start from as little £30

Wvee! Lo Shanti, 66 Gloucester Road , Bishopston , Bristol BS7 8BH

UNIQUE AS A FINGERPRINT! FingerPrint Jewellery produce truly stunning items of hand-made pure silver jewellery, each piece features a fingerprint, a hand or footprint or even a child’s drawing, doodle or handwriting as the centerpiece. Names, messages and dates can even be inscribed to further personalise your custom piece. We love the new Pandora Charms, these custom charms can be added to any Pandora bracelet, giving it a truly special and personal touch. To find out more visit their website

FOR MUM & LITTLE ONE Twisted Twee are a Bambinos favourite, great, unique designs for adults and children alike as well as special tee sets for mum/dad and child. See the website for many more lovely summer tee’s...

30 Bambinos Summer

WELL-GROOMED... We love this personalised washbag; simply send the picture that you wish to have on it and Merci Maman will do the rest. See this and many other lovely gift ideas on their website...

gift THOUGHTFULLY UNIQUE! For all those fashionista mums out there who had to hang up their necklaces as soon as their little one came along, Mama Jewels is inspired jewellery designed to withstand the rough and tumble of life with young children! Mama Jewels Mother & Child jewellery are elegant and fashionable designs that are completely non-toxic and safe for your little ones to investigate.

os n i b m Ba



IDEALLY UNIQUE... A Bambinos stalwart; The paint-your-own pottery cafe in central Bristol offers a wide range of mug’s, plates, ornaments and even clocks which can be personalised with handprints, footprints or those precious first painted masterpieces. Well worth a visit to see for yourself and they also cater for kids parties! 9 Byron Place, Bristol, BS8 1JT 0117 927 3666

Per for F fect athe Day r’s !

Bambinos Summer 31

Sarah Stone



32 Bambinos Summer

sarah stone

arah Stone specialises in maternity, newborn and children’s photography and has recently been accepted into the National Association of Professional Child Photographers which is an exclusive and prestigious International Association. Entry is only offered to Professional Photographers who can demonstrate an outstanding photography service and who’s images are considered as inspiring to others and of top quality. Sarah is one of only two others in the UK who have been accepted into this International Association.


Sarah’s images speak for themselves. It’s so important to capture landmark events like pregnancy, birth, first birthday or to capture special memories of the early months of a family, her work is simply stunning. Here, Sarah offers readers an insight into her work and some helpful tips for capturing images of newborn babies aged between 7 and 10 days old...

Tip 1 Clear the clutter. If you know you’re going to be taking a series of photos it’s worth clearing the area that you are working. Simple pictures without lots of distractions make for more powerful images.

Tip 2 Ensure baby is well fed, nice and warm and most importantly content.

Tip 3 Use a large beanbag covered in a creamy textured blanket and place baby comfortably. Move/manipulate the beanbag into a position where you can get some cute sleeping pictures along with some beautiful detailed pictures of hands and feet.

Tip 4 Try not to use a flash - use natural light by a window or doorway (not direct sunlight though) and use a white bed sheet to lay in the area you are working.

Tip 5 Be patient. Wait for baby to fall into a deep sleep. A clear sign of this is when there are no longer any frown lines.

For parents who are looking for a professional child photographer, it’s very important to find a style that suits you; visit plenty of photography websites and find styles that match your own personality, and then talk to them. There are so many different options available, everyone can have images which work with their own personal taste. To see more of Sarah’s photo’s visit: or by searching Sarah Stone Photography on Facebook. Bambinos Summer 33

i n os b m a B

Spring into


his issue Louise invites you to make the most of the seasons abundance and to treat your whole family to a seasonal, delicious and nutritious meal.

With summer well and truly here it's time to make the most of the long, warm days, savouring every moment until the sun goes down. An essential for this is plenty of portable food to keep little one's energy levels topped up whilst they run, play and explore. Children love eating outdoors, the atmosphere is more relaxed and no one needs to worry about spilled drinks or dropped plates.

Louise, founder of Baby Bites and a Cordon Bleu trained chef, is passionate about good the importance of good food for children. The following recipes are quick to make and suitable for all the family from 6 months onwards, just blend, chop or mash as necessary.

34 Bambinos Summer

As a way of having your “five a day� summer fruits and vegetables are unbeatable. When it comes to cooking and serving them think simple. Many are at their most delicious served with little adornment. Vegetables are good raw with dips or in salads, otherwise lightly cooked tossed with pasta, stirred through risotto or scattered onto the thinnest of pizza bases. Fruit needs little attention, if anything just warmed through to let the juices run, with a drizzle of honey* and a spoonful of marscapone, double cream or yoghurt. In the recipe overleaf I've suggested making a fresh fruit jelly, the flavours would work just as well frozen into a sorbet and ice lollies or stirred through yoghurt and cream to make a fruit fool. These fruit and vegetable filled al fresco treats can be enjoyed out and about in the great outdoors or in the back garden. Pack a picnic basket just don't forget the wet wipes, suncream, plenty of liquids and off you go!

Fruit and Veg: picks of the season Aubergine, beetroot, courgette, fresh peas, green beans, lettuce, rocket and salad leaves, new potatoes, tomatoes, elderflowers, plums, peaches, rhubarb, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries...mmmmm!

*honey is not suitable for babies under 1.

Nutrition We all know we need our five a day but why exactly? Fruit and vegetables are packed with the vitamins that your child needs to develop well. Brightly coloured varieties tend to contain more antioxidants, dark green ones are good sources of iron and orange coloured fruit and veg is good for vitamin C and carotene. Once young children are eating 3 meals a day they should be offered fruit or veg at every meal or snack-time. A child's portion is roughly equivalent to the size of their palm.

nutrition A trio of turnovers Self-contained and portable, these little pastries make perfect summer eating, filled to bursting with your little one's favourite ingredients and fresh, zingy summer herbs. They are the perfect alternative sandwiches. Anything that you would usually put with pasta or on a pizza will go inside these compact little parcels. Think roasted vegetables, pancetta, mozzarella, olives ...the list could go on and on. You can make mini ones for the smallest members of the family, a great addition to the finger-food stalwarts. Makes: enough for a family of four Preparation: 10 minutes Cooking time: 15-20 minutes

You will need • 1 pack of puff-pastry • Milk for glazing Filling 1 • 2-3 slices of best quality, thick cut ham, roughly chopped • A handful of peas, fresh or frozen • 2-3 tbsp Ricotta cheese • Small handful of mint chopped • Black pepper (optional) Filling 2 • A couple of handfuls of cherry tomatoes, chopped • 2-3 tbsp Marscapone cream • Lots of torn fresh basil leaves • 1-2 tsp of pesto (optional) • A drizzle of olive oil

Method 1 Pre-heat the oven to 220°C 2 Line a large baking tray with baking paper 3 In three separate bowls combine your

fillings then roll out the pastry 4 Cut circles out of the pastry, I used a

saucer as a template 5 Put a tablespoon of filling in the middle of



8 9

each circle. Brush the edges with water and fold over to make a pasty shape Keep gathering and re-rolling the pastry trimmings. Continue making circles until all the pastry is used Brush the tops of all the turnovers with milk, spike a few small holes in the top to let steam escape whilst cooking Bake for approximately 15 minutes until golden and crispy Eat warm or cold

Tip: These turnovers can be frozen. Freeze them before they are baked.

Filling 3 • 1 small pack of feta cubes • 1 pack of baby spinach, cooked • A drizzle of olive oil • ½ tsp of ground cumin • A squeeze of fresh lemon juice

Bambinos Summer 35

Cook with mummy (or daddy!)


ick-start children's passion and interest for food by cooking with them from a young age. The decisions children make about food and the patterns they learn now will affect how they eat for the rest of their lives. Letting them get involved will help get them excited about cooking and healthy food.

Fresh and Fruity Strawberry and Mango Jelly These are a world away from the sugar-filled commercially made jellies available in the shops. Made from pure fruit juice and the ripest of summer fruits there's no need for sugar. Make these jellies with fruit juice or a combination of fresh fruit blended with fruit juice. These can be made up into individual sized To make the jelly jellies for taking on picnics, use individual ramekins, yoghurt pots or mini 1 Prepare your fruit: wash the strawberries tupperware containers. and remove any stalks. Peel the mango and remove all the flesh. Blend up with I am using Agar flakes to make this jelly. Agar the juice. flakes are a vegetarian alternative to gelatine, 2 Put the liquid and agar flakes in a pan, they are completely flavourless and colourless, then whilst stirring gently heat for a few however they will not produce a crystal-clear minutes until the agar flakes have jelly in the way conventional gelatine leaves dissolved. Before the flakes have do. It does have the advantage that it will set dissolved the jelly will taste grainy, check and stay set at room temperature - handy for before you remove it from the heat. picnics. Gelatine leaves can be substituted, 3 In a small ramekin or pot layer thin slices follow the instructions on the packet. of strawberry, kiwi or a few berries. Pour in the fruit mixture and leave in the fridge Makes: 1 litre to set.

Storage: Store in the fridge for 48 hours. Suitable for freezing

You will need • 250gm of strawberries • 250gm of mango • 500ml of good quality mango juice • 1 tsp of Agar flakes

Tip: For a pretty range of colours choose different colour juices and fruits and make up several small colourful batches. Decorate with fresh berries. Tip: For really fast jelly, ditch the fresh fruit and just add agar flakes to a good quality pure juice or smoothie. Tip: Where to buy? Agar jelly is available to buy in some supermarkets, most health food shops or can be ordered on the internet. Other flavours to try: • Apple and elderflower • Mango and passionfruit • Strawberry and vanilla

36 Bambinos Summer

The positive experience of nurturing touch allows your baby to feel a deep sense of love and security

• Relaxation for baby and parent • Improved sleep patterns • Helps relieve wind/colic • Aids babies’ digestion • Strengthens babies’ immune system • Develops babies’ muscle tone & co-ordination • Enhances parent/baby communication • Great opportunity to meet other new parents • Courses run for 5 weeks • Private group home-tuition available

Rebecca Abrey Tel: 07739 584 393 • Rebecca is a qualified Neonatal Nurse (RSCN) and certified infant massage instructor with the International Association of Infant Massage (

The Painting Pottery Cafe

Bristol's largest and only dedicated paint-your-own-pottery! ~ 0117 927 3666 ~ 9 Byron Place, Bristol




Now we are in the midst of the bank holiday frenzy and with the summer months fast approaching being out and about with your little one will be a regular occurrence. For those of you breastfeeding mummies we have a few top tips from Medela’s in house lactation expert Sioned Hilton who has been working with breastfeeding mothers for more than 20 years... t is all about being prepared! Take a spare set of dark t-shirts for you as well as a spare set of clothing for your baby, in case of leakage or accidents. We all love our maxi dress for the summer days but these are not practical for breastfeeding mummies as it exposes you a lot more - use a scarf or muslin square to cover you and your baby up to protect you both from the sun.


Another good thing to think about before settling for a feed is giving yourself space. Some places will say you can use the loo, or baby changing area, but bear in mind these can often be quite smelly and to be honest... Would you eat your lunch in the loo, so why should your baby? If needs be you can head to a park... There’s nothing wrong with sitting on a bench feeding. You can place the buggy in front of you and have some quiet time to yourself. Now, if you are feeding while abroad in sunny climes (lucky thing!) it is recommended that you protect your breasts and nipples from the sun. Sunbathing topless is not advised as

the sun protection creams may give your baby an unpleasant taste when breastfeeding. Another thing to bear in mind is when it is hot your baby may feed more often as they become thirstier. This is absolutely fine, but do ensure you keep your energy levels up and drink lots of water too. Now to the all important question of alcohol, especially during these sunny BBQ days! If you are enjoying lunch out do bear in mind your alcohol intake if you are a breastfeeding mum. A glass of wine (1-2 units) is ok, but any more may make you feel tipsy and will cross into your milk. You can express your milk beforehand and give this to your baby if you want to let your hair down. And the final thought before you head out... If you’ve mastered feeding at home, don’t let being out and about be a stumbling block. Keep at it and remember people won’t be looking as much as you think. Good luck!

For more information please visit and join us on Facebook/Medela UK

38 Bambinos Summer

The Little Green Sheep

Boo’tiful for baby...

This organic baby bathtime gift set, containing baby shampoo and body wash is free from any harmful chemicals and comes complete with a natural jute gift bag. The shampoo and wash each has a unique pump that means you can easily dispense the liquid using just one hand. A lovely eco-gift!

For one Dad, the amount of baby products full of unnatural chemicals and ingredients was a problem... He wanted to make a difference to his children and decided to develop natural, organic baby products that worked perfectly as well as feeling and smelling wonderful and as a result Maison Boo was born. The range includes baby massage oils, body wash, shampoos and balms, which are ideal for everyday use and great as gifts for new parents.



ec conscious in Ba mb


Here are a selection of eco-products that have recently caught our eye...

A natural, cuddly start for babies! Fresh to the world, a new baby should be surrounded by only the safest, most natural of materials and the fabulous Pure Nature range of soft toys from HABA are the perfect companion from the very first day. These gorgeous soft toys are made from the highest quality organically farmed cotton, meaning they are not only the best for babies, but kind to the environment too. The new collection of Pure Nature Cottis are very special snuggling lambs with a mixture of textures that will help little ones fall asleep and are always on hand to dry away tears or join in the play. Available at ...

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in safe hands Children and babies may have much to gain from Cranial Osteopathy. We hear baby Olivia’s story and how Paediatric Osteopath, Giles Cleghorn helped to re-shape her life livia was born with one arm locked over her head and her left ear touching her shoulder. The left side of her face was smaller and appeared less formed, the side of her head was flattened. It is unknown what caused her to be born like this but it was apparent that she would need help.


Her mother, Samantha, recalls that when she was newborn she cried a lot and was very Olivia uncomfortable. A friend recommended she take Olivia to see osteopaths at The Chandos Clinic in Redland. Olivia’s case was so severe that paediatric osteopath Giles Cleghorn and his colleague, Barbara Moulang decided to work together on her treatment. For young children they practise Cranial Osteopathy which, unlike the more traditional ‘Structural Osteopathy’, focuses on very light manipulative pressure to encourage the release of stress throughout the body, including the head. Cranial osteopaths are trained to feel a subtle, rhythmical shape change that is present throughout the whole body, including the skull. Giles says “We first saw Olivia at six

weeks old, it was clear from the outset that she needed treatment. Her facial features were severely distorted and her twisted body was experiencing great trauma”. Her parents noticed a marked change in Olivia after her early treatments “she would often arrive at the clinic uncomfortable and upset but would always settle and seem very relaxed afterwards - treatment was very gentle. We noticed a general improvement in her mood and ability to sleep and she become a happier baby as treatment progressed”, says Samantha. At Olivia’s routine eight-week check the family GP referred her to the Bristol Children’s Hospital. Specialists there were keen to help remould her head and proposed a lengthy course of treatment. To Samantha and her husband the proposed treatment seemed to present a lot of discomfort and trauma to Olivia and after much consideration they turned the offer down. As Olivia has grown there have been issues to address. Giles says, “her teeth started to come through crossing over each other as her jaw was quite misshaped, so we gave this area great attention - her teeth are now straight. At the age of eighteen months we noticed signs of an early scoliosis and

The Chandos Clinic 21 Chandos Road Bristol BS6 6PG

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worked to prevent this from further developing - there is now no sign of a spinal curve”. Olivia continues to have treatment, as and when it is needed, and in the words of her mother “is a happy little girl who skips everywhere”. In Olivia’s case there was a very visible problem, which led her parents to seek help. It may be though that many babies and young children have issues which will be less obvious. Giles highlights how important an osteopath’s work is when it comes to babies and children. He explains that children under seven years of age generally don’t understand their pain or bodily feelings and lack the skills to articulate themselves – “this lack of communication leads us to look for other ways of perceiving their messages”. Cranial Osteopathy provides a unique window through which a practitioner may interpret what the child is experiencing physically and in turn offer them non-invasive help. Giles has seen Cranial Osteopathy play a successful role in many areas of infant health over the years and believes that it responds excellently to the needs of babies and young children.

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Can’t get along to baby swimming lessons? The complete Little Dippers baby swimming course ‘Waterbabies’ is now available as a DVD or as downloadable tutorials. Lauren Heston, founder of Little Dippers baby swim school, shares with you her experience and knowledge of 20 years of teaching babies to love the water. From fun exercises in the bath to taking your baby to the pool, it will give you everything you need to turn your baby into a happy little swimmer For more information and to order a copy, visit the website or NCT shop. Dvd £18.99, downloadable tutorials available from £2.99 each.

A vital 1st response First Aid 1st Response Ltd is a local training company that specialises in First Aid and Fire Safety. The trainers are serving Paramedics and Fire Fighters with a wealth of experience in the field and are HSE Approved to provide professional, realistic training courses to businesses, organisations and the general public alike.

We are proud to support Cots for Tots Appeal; 10% of each Parenting & Paediatric First Aid course fee will be donated

Parenting First Aid is one of the most popular courses and covers all aspects of childhood and baby first aid, from basic life support and choking to common childhood conditions.

Each student is trained on how to deal with emergencies involving children and babies through the use of practical teaching methods and leaves the session with new confidence in their own first aiding abilities. Courses can be delivered to parenting groups, doctors surgeries and even your own home, from £25 per person.

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For your wellbeing... The Chandos Clinic is a centre of excellence in osteopathy and complementary medicine situated in the heart of Redland, Bristol. The friendly and comfortable clinic offers professional and caring treatments from a variety of registered practitioners. Patients of all ages, from birth upwards, are welcomed for treatment. With their wealth of experience, practitioners at the clinic can help you understand and overcome many of the physical and emotional problems of everyday life and support your Treatments available: general wellbeing. • Structural osteopathy The Chandos Clinic 21 Chandos Road Bristol BS6 6PG Tel: 0117 974 5084

• Cranial osteopathy • Osteopathy for babies & children • Pregnancy & post natal care • Homeopathy • Reflexology • Reiki • Holistic massage • Systematic kinesiology • Bowen technique • Indian head massage • Aromatherapy

Fabulous funky Trunki! The iconic ride-on suitcase for children, the Trunki is five years old! To help celebrate, a brand new, very limited addition to the range has arrived. Quinn (named after the Latin for ‘five’) is the first ever semi-translucent Trunki. And with only five thousand in existence, each Quinn proudly wears a special Trunki birthday badge as well as being numbered 1-5,000 to guarantee his authenticity. Quinn’s zesty good looks are in high demand so an early purchase from is advised to best avoid being left green with envy!

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We love these clever products all designed by parents with great ideas...

ideas t a e r G

& innovations... Simple, but very effective!

Support for Mum and baby

The multi-award winning Pourty potty is much more hygienic and easier to empty and clean than a standard potty! The handle is at the front so it’s easy to hold the Pourty while pouring the waste away through the unique duct at the back with no annoying mess or dribbles.

The UK brand leading Widgey® Nursing Pillow is a feeding aid for nursing mothers with a firm filling and removable cotton covers. Uniquely designed to hug around the mother it removes the need for the mother to clasp both the child and the pillow whilst feeding. This product is a lifesaver for Mums and for anyone feeding baby!

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Sleep easy with Safe Dreams A new innovative alternative to cot bumpers, this unique breathable fabric is the key to the success of this cot wrap; it keeps baby safe and secure but allows air to circulate freely around aiding a more restful sleep!

Make way for Skibz! The old fashioned bib was functional but that’s where it stopped. Designed by a mum from Bristol, Skibz is a great looking bib for little dribblers that’s both practical and adorable! Works like a bib, looks like a scarf: Skibz are the ultimate accessory for today’s baby and toddler. Splas Designed

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PURE PEACE OF MIND... With the right insurance policy, you can have complete peace of mind, no matter what the future brings. If something should happen to you, you can be confident that your family and loved ones will still be able to pay the mortgage or afford day-to-day expenses. They will never lose the things that you have worked so hard to provide. Make sure your loved ones are protected by contacting a Purelife financial advisor

Tel: 0800 228 9844 is an Appointed Representative of Pink Home Loans. Pink Home Loans is a trading name of Advance Mortgage Funding Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

lovE lAuGHTER &

lEARnInG At Woodland House and Archfield House nurseries, you can be assured of happy, contented children all the time. our expert staff recognise the importance of playful learning in a fun and Establish ed lively social environment...


We look aer children aged 0-5 and would love to show you what we do; Why not book a visit to find out how we can make the most of your precious little ones nursery years.

Archfield House Nursery Tel: 0117 9422120 2 Archfield Road, Cotham. BS6 6BE Woodland House Nursery Tel: 0117 946 7145 1 Woodland Road, Clion. BS8 1Au

Camilla Rabey, has 14 years of experience of working as a nanny, maternity nurse and night nanny and is mother to 1 year old Ralph. She owns Night Nannies, who provide families with expert advice on feeding and sleeping patterns for babies and young children.

Dia ry of a night na nny... on to see I’m going for an afternoon consultati g 3 solid eatin She’s Tilly. old mth a family with 7 for a feed. meals a day but still waking in the night meals solid 3 on if and rds, onwa From 6 months be able to a day, plus milk feeds, a baby should ut food. stretch for a longer period at night witho rs and after This obviously depends on many facto r who is in seeking the advise of her Health Visito feeds agreement that Tilly does not need night me to ulting cons is t Jane mum anymore, Tilly’s help achieve a good outcome. feeds Tilly is fully breastfed and has 3-4 milk has and hy healt very is She during the day. rn from followed a consistent weight gain patte . After a birth. She sleeps in her own bedroom Tilly wakes good bedtime routine and feed at 7pm 3am. at again then and feed a for at 10pm ish for about Janet has told me the 3am feed lasts We decide 20 minutes and is always very calm. both the that although Tilly could probably drop te on the entra conc will we , feeds 10pm and 3am at a later 3am and Janet can drop the 10pm feed is feed 3am the as re unsu tly sligh date. She is We laugh 20 minutes so maybe Tilly is hungry. briefly as I explain that during the night if I woke , and someone gave me a hot chocolate it, but it I’d probably be quite happy to drink doesn’t mean I needed it! to follow, I start to write down a 24 hour structure to Tilly ct expe can’t we right is unless daytime to achieve sleep well at night. I’m not saying that pattern, good sleep all babies must follow a strict but to help with Tilly’s natural body clock a similar (Circadian cycle) it helps for her to have ing a baby structure each day. When initially teach tured for a it’s worthwhile to be a little more struc ed to settle couple of weeks until they have learn le. themselves, then you can be more flexib cutting it I suggest that Janet times the night feed, minutes 10 then s, down to 15 minutes for 3 night Janet ens short feed this As tes. minu and then 5


issue. can be confident that hunger is not the be affected It also means that Janet body won’t in the night. by suddenly stopping her milk supply use if Tilly I teach Janet a variety of methods to cot, and doesn’t settle so well: staying by Tilly’s very short also going in and out of the room for a 5 minute intervals. Once Tilly is settling after just completely. feed, Janet needs to stop the feeds ods to help She can then use some of these meth body is no calm Tilly is she wakes, although if her should she food for habit of out longer waking naturally sleep longer anyway. dent which When I leave, Janet is feeling very confi any help to trying are you when is so important es then the child sleep better, if there are any worri us too. child will pick up on them and be anxio le of weeks. We keep in touch over the next coup over a Things are going really well. It took just and Tilly tes minu 5 to down feed the week to cut s she didn’t settled well most times. On the night tummy and Janet stayed by her cot, rubbing her then slept shushing her ‘til she was sleepy. Tilly Janet again and s night of le coup ‘til 5am for a Since then did just a 5 minute feed to settle her. 6 for a small Tilly has either woken between 5 and through slept she’s feed and for a couple of nights few next the Over day! her d starte ‘til 6am and nue to days we are hoping that Tilly will conti stretch out her nights. parents are These brief consultations only work if e. Going ready to take on and follow my advic not to say slowly has worked really well, but that’s ve a better that Janet hasn’t worked hard to achie ly her night’s sleep for her family. Important fore expectations were realistic and there pleased achievable, and in this case I’m very with such a happy outcome.

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