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Richa Patel Interior Design Portfolio

Interior design

CEPT University-Faculty of design 2014-current CGPI: 3.1



D O B: 21st August 1996

Percentile: 85.46 2014-current CGPI: Gujarat Secondary Board 2012 Gujarat Percentile:Higher 98.6 Secondary Board 2014 Percentile: 85.46

1/B-62,Shyamal row house, Nr. Shyamal cross road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India-380015

Gujarat Higher Secondary Board

2014 University-Faculty of design CEPT

Gujarat Secondary Board


Narrative Crafts workshop Madhubani painting Narrative Crafts workshop Mata ni Pachedi Contemporarisng crafts Pithora painting

2012 Percentile: 98.6

Software skill

AutoCAD 2D AutoCAD 3D Rhino 2D Rhino 3D Grasshopper Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator “I am an interior design student with Adobe Indesign avid interest in innovating something Sketchup new in Microsoft whatever I do. Traditional suit crafts and digital technology go hand in hand for me.”

Soft skills

Sketching Space planning Design analysis Richa Patel Research Colour development

Bachelor’s in Interior Design, CEPT University

Workshop skills

& Ceramics D.O.BClay: 21st August 1996

Laser cutting 3D printing Phone : +91 9376488351 Milling Moulding/ casting printing Email Screen : Textile dyeing : Carving

Fablab CEPT

Experience November 2015 - Present

Helping with operating machines and prototyping as a Fablab studentCEPT assistant. November 2015 - Present Helping with operating machines and prototyping as a student Shrakut-Lighting and interiors assistant. Working with graphics for the lab. May 2016 - Present Co-founder, working design and product development. Shrakut-Lighting andwith interiors

May 2016 - Present I Belive Amdavad Co-founder, working with design and product development. May 2015 – July 2015 I Developing Belive Amdavad street friendly and interactive designs to make May 2015 – July 2015 Ahmedabad a better place. Developing street friendly and interactive designs to make Ahmedabad a better place. Library cept December 2014 – June 2015 Library cept Reviewing a book –and writing December 2014 June 2015a book report on the same. Reviewing a book and writing a book report on the same. MakerFest 2015 MakerFest 2015 October 2014 – February 2015 October 2014 executing – February 2015 design and managing Team member exhibit Team member executing exhibit and managing volunteer volunteer logistics before and duringdesign the event. logistics before and during the event.

Other interests Other Interest Painting





Content 1 Residential Studio

2 Working drawing

3 Commercial studio

4 Basic Design

6 Digital skills

7 Furniture design

8 Relative study programm

9 Working with crafts

5 Techinical representation

10 Sketches and Photography

Interior design portfolio I CEPT university

Residential Studio

With intense understanding about the site and client, two booklets were prepared and then the project moved forward .This helped in deeper understanding and making the HOME for the clients.

Peek into their living room



Concept development

Interior Design Studio III

Faculty of Design CEPT University Ahmedabad

Publications 4


Section through the bedrooms

Exploded view

3D visualisation

Kund and bar area

Ground floor plan

First floor plan

Section through the double height living space

Interior design portfolio I CEPT university

Working Drawings Working drawings for bathroom and kitchen were devised to implement all our skills from hand drafting to digital drafting. It aimed at developing a through understanding about how things are actually constructed and looking into those minute details that make things working.

Working drawing for bathroom


Working drawings for kitchen

Interior design portfolio I CEPT university

Commercial Studio SpRY, K h a d i Reenergised is a retail s e t t i n g conceptualized to reflect the organic properties of khadi. Free yet organized form of space is inspired from khadi. Interior spaces reflect the weaving nature of Khadi fabric mingling into one another. Subtlety of space enhances the shopping experience and makes the clothes Interacting with curves and developing them for the space

Views from the space depicting organic nature of Khadi.


Top left : section cut through the entrance depicting that the space is not revealed further ans creating a sense of entry. Top right: Section showing the hanging display and the accessory rack. Longitudinal section : Shows the entry, shelf display, hanging display and the cafe.

Interior design portfolio I CEPT university

Basic Design These studios aimed at space visualization and creation through various 3D model making techniques. Additive and Subtractive method were explored here. Imoprance of voids in between spaces and how they can transform the spaces completely was the key learning.

Exploring materials and tecniques of model making.

Far right: Virtual world of paper is explored, there everything is out of paper and a fantastic W is created.

Above: Community center made for women and children


Above: Recreational center for a musician playing Morchang

Above: Grid development using Gestalt principle , taking principle inspiration from bamboo shoot

Above: Interactive spaces formed in PAPERLAND where one could hang around.

Interior design portfolio I CEPT university

Technical Representation The idea that a point,a line or a shape has independently its own meaning and when combines with one another drastically changes the overall idea.

Above: Ground floor plan of Blue Heron golf course


Understanding Staircases

Above: Sections through a pol house

Interior design portfolio I CEPT university

Digital Technology Software skills: AutoCAD Rhino (basic of Grasshopper) Sketcup Photoshop Illustrator Indesign Cura


6-8 Jan 2017

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Part elevation of the staircase

Night time rendering

Day time rendering

Plan of the staircase

Interior design portfolio I CEPT university

Furniture Design This studio aims at building practical knowledge of furniture through various scales of model making and prototyping.

Dismantle able low seating element

Informal conference table


Replica of B12 stool by Oscar Neimeyr

Storage unit for Cappellini

Interior design portfolio I CEPT university

Relative Study Program This course travelled to the former Bengal capital to study the Jain settlement – its formations, typologies and cross-cultural strands as echoed through living patterns, architecture and stylistic developments. The idea was to develop a deeper understanding of issues and challenges facing the revival of this unique heritage.

Nahabat Khana, Azimganj

Understanding coloumn typology in a single temple


Char Bangla temple

Street elevation, Marble Kothi, Murshidabad

Chintamaniji temple plans

Neminathji temple plans

Interior design portfolio I CEPT university

Working with Crafts Craft has been the root of Indian culture. With changing times it is becoming important to revive the crafts. Hence, these modern approches help in doing the same.

Contemporary version of Pithora painting

Using the idea of Madhubani painting on a box


Interior design portfolio I CEPT university

Sketches & Photographs


Interior design portfolio I CEPT university

Other Works

Lighting installation for Navratri

Model making


Oil Painting

Lighting for interiors

Paper mache Ganpati idol

Oil on canvas Interior design portfolio I CEPT university


Richa Patel - Interior Design Portfolio  

This portfolio contains academic work done at CEPT University - Faculty of Design

Richa Patel - Interior Design Portfolio  

This portfolio contains academic work done at CEPT University - Faculty of Design