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Richa’s Review Edison—East Brunswick—JP Stevens—New Brunswick

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Divisional Book Drive is in process!!! DCON is on March 28-30!!! Register!

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LTG Elect - Farwa Shakeel

Salutations, Key Clubbers! My name is Farwa Shakeel and I am currently a sophomore at Piscataway Township High School! I am so excited to be your Lieutenant Governor this upcoming service year!

This past year, I had the most incredible journey as President of Key Club. I am ready to bring my experiences and what I’ve learned as President to a divisional level! I can’t express how much this position means to me. Ever since I joined Key Club, serving became a very important aspect of my life. I fell in love with serving my community and working to truly impact the world in ways big and small. I knew from the very beginning of my Key Club career that I wanted to be a leader in the organization that I loved most, and here I am! As Lieutenant Governor, I hope to help clubs progress and succeed even further- not just by raising more money for the Eliminate Project, but also stretching the outreach of each club in its respective community. I want to see clubs be successful on a tactical scale as well, making sure all CMRF’s and other mandatory reports are submitted on time. But most of all, I want to be a source of guidance and assistance for all clubs, for whatever this new service year may bring! Sincerely, Farwa Shakeel

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LTG Elect - Latifa Ali Hi! Well I'm a very optimistic person. I'm all for the motto, "two heads are better than one". I've always got a smile on my face. But most of all, I love making sure the people around me are also happy.

I 'm dedicated to whatever I set my mind to. I believe hard work and determination does ensure success. I play basketball and soon track. I'm my school's treasurer (Admiral W.F. Halsey Leadership Academy (one of the high schools in Elizabeth)) Oh and I read A Lot!! Sincerely, Latifa Ali

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As we get closer and closer to DCON 2014, it is important to know what to wear if you are a first time attendee!! The sergeant at Arms committee is in charge of making sure all Key Clubbers are dressed appropriately. Start shopping!! Page 5

Dance & Shake for Eliminate

North Dance & Shake is on its way!! This is your chance to end the service year with a bang as you have a great time at this District Wide event. Remember, all proceeds support our District Project: Project Eliminate!! North Dance and Shake will be on March 7th from 6:00 pm-9:00 pm at County Prep High School in Jersey City. Get Excited!!!!

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Important Contacts

Ryan Clarkin District Governor

(862) 397-9508

Kelly Tran District Secretary (609) 432-9204

Pak Chau District Editor

Yuya Ong District Webmaster

(609) 553-3366

(201) 367-8531

Penny Xu District Treasurer

(973) 462-3595

Richa Deshpande Lieutenant Governor (732) 476-7920

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February - March Newsletter