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volume 1 :: june issue :: 2010

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helping you integrate social media into your marketing Seasonal marketing is the theme of the month! I find that seasonal marketing appears deceptively easy. On one hand, you are dealing with a pre-determined topic (easy!). On the other hand, so is everyone else (this would be the deceptive part…). So the challenge then is how to make sure your seasonal campaign stands out, yet stays relevant. Ahh…a true marketing question! Seasonal marketing requires some strong planning. Not just to come up with an effective and unique campaign, but to also score the sweet spot in your advertising venues of choice. Because so many other businesses are jockeying for position in a variety of media outlets, you need to be prepared with your plan, prepared to book, and prepared to negotiate on price. We hope you enjoy this month’s The Savvy and that it helps you start your seasonal marketing planning process!

Many businesses have clearly-defined seasonal cycles, and savvy owners recognize this and plan their marketing efforts around those cycles. The key is planning, and then of course implementing that plan in time for your efforts to pay off. As we begin June, savvy businesses will already be planning their marketing for the any or all of these upcoming events: the start of fall, Labor Day weekend, back-to-school days, and even as far out as Halloween and Thanksgiving! Cassie and I have been planning a major campaign for the fall. We are now in the design phase and should have our pieces ready to print and mail (in conjunction with our electronic pieces) by the end of July. It’s not always easy to plan ahead for seasonal marketing opportunities, but we can assure you that it’s well worth your time to do so!


Courses + Training

Courses for Photographers and Retailers/Restaurants + Webinars

New courses for Photographers Retailers/Restaurants!


We are excited to offer 2 new courses on social media and marketing! The classes are held at the Community College of Denver’s Auraria Campus. Limit of 11 students per class. Choose the morning or afternoon session. Register by calling or emailing The Collective Savvy!

Questions? Contact us today! Candy: 303.947.5527 ■ Cassie: 720.244.3503 Other training options: Coming Soon! Webinars with Marathon Press

How Photographers are Using Social Media: Case Studies + Secrets to Easy Facebook Customization ($125)

Choose 1: Monday, June 14 from 9:30-11:30am or 2-4pm This 2-hour practical examination of how several photographers are successfully using social media to boost customer loyalty, engagement, and sales will help you understand the secrets of success that you can apply to your business right away! As a bonus in this 120-minute course, you will learn the most important secret to customizing your Facebook page!

Dates and times are being worked out as we speak! Soon we will be offering affordable webinars on a variety of social media + marketing topics, such as these: • I have a Facebook what do I do? • I don’t get would I use it for my business? • Save time in social media! Quick and easy ways to integrate the key social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, + LinkedIn) • How to customize Facebook with FBML • 5 quick marketing strategies for Facebook • The “right” way to leverage your LinkedIn contacts for business • Understanding Facebook privacy • And more...

How Retailers & Restaurants are Using Social Media: Case Studies with BONUS! marketing strategy session ($100)

Choose 1: Tuesday, June 22 from 10-11:30am or 1-2:30pm This 90-minute practical examination of how restaurants and retailers are successfully using social media to boost customer loyalty, engagement, and foot traffic will help you understand the secrets of success that you can apply to your business right away! As a bonus in this hour and a half course, we are also including a 30-minute marketing strategy session specific to you! Then ask us your questions in the 30-minute Q+A session following the class!

Can’t make it to Denver? Contact us about bringing classes directly to your location!

Customized Classes!

The Collective Savvy helps you build the bridge between your business desires and completion. We offer classes and personal coaching on a variety of marketing and social media topics perfect for business owners and marketing professionals. Just you? No problem! Utilize our personal coaching services. Have a group? Let us know and we’ll build you a customized class! Need us to travel to come to you? We can do that too!


Private coaching now available at an hourly rate of $200, 2-hour minimum.

marketing by Cassie Bair

Emotion. Time. Clarity.

Emotion. Time. Clarity. Seasonal marketing is an essential part of the overall marketing endeavors of many businesses, especially “brick and mortar” locations. Why? Because people tend to spend money when they are presented with a reason to do so. So what does that mean for you as a business? Opportunity! Seasonal marketing, if done properly, drives sales because of the following reasons–ETC: • Emotion–Seasonal marketing often evoke emotions in people. Halloween can bring back strong childhood memories. Valentine’s Day smacks of romance. Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer. Back-to-school signifies routines, new clothes and backpacks. All of these holidays, seasons, etc. typically evoke strong memories and emotions in people when combined with a strategic and effective marketing effort. • Time constraints–Seasonal marketing is broken into very specific durations with an easy to identify deadline–the holiday or seasonal identifier that signals the end of that marketing endeavor and potentially the start of another. Plan for that appropriately so that your sales match your goals!

• Clarity of purpose–By nature, seasonal marketing has clarity of purpose. Beautify your yard in the spring. Celebrate ringing in the New Year. Join us for 4th of July celebrations. Seasonal marketing typically revolves around a key purpose–only how you apply your marketing typically changes! Notice we did not say price. Why? Because price is typically not as an important factor in spending decisions during seasonal timeframes such as holidays or back-toschool periods. Pricing may be part of your overall sales strategy, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be part of your seasonal marketing strategy! That’s up for you to decide. There are a ton of things for a business to consider before launching a seasonal marketing campaign. Some savvy things to keep in mind include: • Focus: Figure out your core message for each season in which you are marketing and stick to it. Remember; don’t try to be all things to all people! Have focus in everything you do, do it well and I bet you see results! • Capacity: Is your sales floor staffed? Do you have enough phone lines and operators to handle the phones? Can your server handle the volume of people ordering from your site? Are you well stocked and well prepared for your crunch? If the answer is yes, then consider recognizing that in your

marketing effort–customers hate trying to utilize a business that is unprepared for them! • Organization and Planning: You know what your promotion is, you know you have the capacity to handle it, and now you need to ensure your seasonal marketing campaign is organized and well planned out. Do you have key dates noted for the campaign process? Have you figured out when email blasts will be executed, mailers distributed or social media coupons posted? More importantly, have you determined how to build your messaging from collateral piece to collateral piece? Seasonal marketing can be very fun or very stressful depending on your level of preparation. So go ahead and “save the date” as to when you will be working on your plan. Start an idea folder and stick in anything that inspires you related to seasonal marketing planning. Consider bundling your advertising purchases or updating your graphics to reflect your seasonal promotion. Now, have fun! This is a time to get creative and throw some energy into these projects! Need some help developing your seasonal marketing strategy? Contact The Collective Savvy at info@ We love helping businesses reach their goals–and we’d love to help you achieve yours! Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and our website and contact us when you’re ready to plan and implement.



Savvy Case Study Higher Education and Social Media–Where Does it Fit? How Hawaii Pacific University is using social media.

Many people associate social media with the young and the trendy. Educated, early adopters are all over it. Folks are chomping on the bit to watch a YouTube video on their laptop, get Facebook on their iPhone or Tweet from their Droid. So it seems that social media would be a natural marketing channel for higher education, right? We are here to say it should be considered! At the recommendation of one of the folks that “like” us on Facebook, we took at look at the activities of Hawaii Pacific University. Hawaii Pacific University (or HPU as they refer to themselves) has a lively and active online presence, complete with a website (, a Facebook page (, a Twitter account (, a LinkedIn company account(linkedin. com/companies/hawaii-pacificuniversity), and YouTube videos. They appear to have a very loyal group of folks engaging with them online including applicants, students and alums. Overall, HPU excels at using a variety of media to engage people. Their logo is used consistently. It’s common to see a Hawaiian print on many of their materials. They utilize photos, videos and links to encourage engagement. And they invite user content to be posted!

However, HPU, like many higher education institutions, does not utilize social media to its maximum potential. Nor does it fully integrate all of its activities. Here are some ways that HPU (or any nonprofit or business) could boost user engagement: • Add links on the Hawaii Pacific University homepage to their various social media accounts • Cross-reference those accounts through posts and print material • Maximize screen real-estate by utilizing all customizable space so they are easily identifiable as HPU accounts • Establish a YouTube channel for their official video postings • Customize tabs on Facebook to drive the type of interaction they are striving for (donations, application deadlines, and more!) • Promote student groups or business connections that may appeal to users • Share educational information for students related to campus services We also did some research as to what higher education trends are occurring nationally. Some colleges and universities were heavily involved in social media, some were not. Some ways schools are using social media include: • Tweeting traffic conditions, school closings, daily menus, or live campus events • Hosting live chats with admissions officers

• Posting discussion topics on all things related to student life • Utilizing the event function on Facebook to encourage more participation at on-campus events • Hosting blogs for parents, students, and applicants • Posting podcasts • Posting public photos on Flickr Some key areas were missing altogether: use of things like online donation options through Facebook, online alumni groups, and advertising seemed to be minimal. Social media also appears to be a potentially useful tool in the classroom. Anything from research to cultural studies could be included. Imagine a study group through Twitter or a Facebook Group for folks in an accelerated program! We recently taught a Social Media Higher Education Case Studies class to some community college administrators.


We had a lively class and some great input regarding the special challenges many higher education administrators face when considering using social media: • Lack of funding and resources • Bureaucracy • Silos • Speed at which social media evolves • Time to learn the ever-evolving field of social media This class was provided specifically for campus administrators, but it quickly became clear there are many opportunities for social media to be used for promotion of particular class activities, alumni relations, sports fans, and more! If you have a group that would benefit from customized training and coaching, let us know! Contact us at by Cassie

Good through June 22, 2010!

Two amazing courses for Photographers, Retailers, and Restaurants! How Photographers are Using Social Media: Case Studies + Secrets to Easy Facebook Customization ($125)

Monday, June 14: either 9:30-11:30am or 2-4pm. More information about this class on page 2.

How Retailers & Restaurants are Using Social Media: Case Studies with BONUS! marketing strategy session ($100)

Tuesday, June 24: either 10-11:30am or 1-2:30pm. More information about this class on page 2.

Featured Offer

Ready to get started? Call or email us at to register!

Case Study Courses for Photographers, Retailers, and Restaurants See how successful companies in your industry are using social media!


Marketing Article 5 Hot Small Business Summer Marketing Tips Excerpt of an article by Caron Beesley at

It may only seem five minutes ago that most of the country was deep in snow, but wouldn’t you know it, summer is just around the corner. And whether your small business serves the millions of vacationers that hit the nation’s parks, beaches and other vacation spots during the summer months, or you find that most of your customers head out of town for the duration – here are some tips (some of them tax deductible) to help keep your business booming all summer long. 1. Take Part in Summer Festivals and Fairs. Sponsoring or participating in local festivals, carnivals and fairs is not only great for your brand, but it can help introduce new and potential customers to your products and services. Start by identifying events that are the right fit for your business and have a track record of success–local newspapers, community flyers, city or homeowner association Web sites, as well as your local Chamber of Commerce can help point you to upcoming events in your community. 2. Take Your Customers Out! It’s normal in the corporate world for executives to head out on a Friday afternoon for a round of golf with their customers–

why not treat your best customers just as royally? Whether you host a grill out at a local park, have a day at a winery, or charter a boat for an afternoon of fishing–your customers will surely appreciate the gesture. And remember, you can claim customer entertainment expenses (including meals) as a tax deduction (as long as there is a clear business purpose for them) and substantial business discussions are held before, during or after the entertainment. The tax deduction is generally limited to 50% of the expenses incurred. And don’t forget your business partners and vendors–you want to keep them happy too, so schedule some quality time with them. 3. Take your Business on the Road. Go where the vacationers are! If you operate a food business, have you thought about taking a concession stand on the road? Whether you position it at fairs and festivals, sports events or even certain roadside locations (within the law) a concession stand can extend your customer reach, supplement your core revenues and increase your brand reach. 4. Run a Contest. Summer is fun after all and literally any business can run a contest, which also makes for great publicity. Restaurants could run food eating contests or host cook-offs. Landscaping companies could launch a “Worst yard in the neighborhood contest–submit your yard and win a free landscaping makeover”. Pet stores, grooming salons or veterinary hospitals could host pet shows with prizes for “Best in Show”!

“Express yourself!”


Whatever you do, be sure to market it correctly (and pay attention to truth in advertising laws). Use a blend of traditional (email marketing, newspaper ads, flyers) and new media... rest of the article

“Good fortune is what happen s when opportunit y meets w ith planni ng.” -Thomas Edison


Social Media Article 4 Ideas to Increase your Holiday Sales through Facebook and Twitter Excerpt of an article at

While they may not dress in red velvet or herd reindeer, Facebook and Twitter could play Santa Claus for your business. This year, social media sites are the perfect place to promote your holiday sales and strengthen your bottom line. In fact, even the less tech savvy American is jumping on board social media networks this holiday season.

“The more you give, the more you get; the more you laugh, the less you fret; the more you do unselfishly, the more you live abundantly.” -Helen Steiner Rice

Benefits to Small and Big Businesses Alike Recently, mainstream television programs like Good Morning America have encouraged consumers to look towards social media outlets to find big savings on holiday shopping. Major retailers like Toys R Us and Target are using Facebook and Twitter to send out “first notices” of sales and promotions at local retail stores or online specials. To help gain customer loyalty and nudge sales, these big retailers have offered up to 75% to 80% off certain merchandise and even popular “Christmas list” items, such as children’s DVDs and Little Pet Shop toys.

“One secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.”

-Benjamin Disrae li


This is big news for you, the small business retailer as well. If you have been devout in building your social media following, you have access to loyal customers who are willing to spend money at your business. While emails may not be read, social media updates are frequently seen on a daily basis. Every new update gives your followers something new to look forward to so they can take advantage of your deals.

Ideas for Your Social Network Following Here are some tips for using social media to promote your holiday sales: • Secret Codes–Social media retailers have been using a special code tool to entice members, followers, and friends to buy. Send out an update or “tweet” with a special code or link. The link can go directly to a particular landing page with big deals for your followers. Or, for instance, followers can simply enter a code at your online checkout, where they can save an additional percentage on their purchase. • Free Shipping–Online shoppers know that shipping costs can negate the time and expense saved from driving to a variety of stores to do shopping. Offer to pay for shipping on behalf of your social media followers if they make a purchase as a result of your promotions. • Member Only Deals–Your followers and fans might be considered “members.” They are those who have consciously opted to receive your notices and updates. Give them something special for their loyalty, such as a special 25%, 50%, or even 75% off, and they will not only buy this year, but continue to follow you throughout many more holiday seasons to come. • Pass it Along–Another way you can promote your holiday sales through social media is by inviting your followers to pass along the notice to their friends and family. These “friends and family” deals not only help your holiday sales, but could also help you gain even more loyal followers. The marketing power of social media is being realized during this current holiday season. Get your small business noticed in the social media circles with great holiday promotions.

Savvy Tip Savvy Ways to Plan Your Seasonal Marketing Campaigns 1. Work backwards–Figure out the kick-off of your “season” and then lay out key dates backwards. Build in extra time if you outsource any work, as your freelancers may also be working on other seasonal projects! 2. Budget accordingly–You may need to pre-pay invoices prior to the seasonal campaign. Make sure you are prepared for expenses upfront so you can reap the benefits later! 3. Piggy-back whenever you can– Doing a Halloween promotion? Include a save the date for winter holiday activities. Negotiating advertising with radio, TV, or print media? Buy in bulk to set your plan for the year. 4. Determine your strategy–Are you trying to get repeat customers to buy more? Attracting new customers to try your goods? Building off the idea of family time? Pick your strategy and go from there!

5. Include a cause–Studies show people are more likely to spend money with companies that give to a nonprofit cause. So consider tying your seasonal campaign to a cause that resonates with your goals and your consumers!

Learn more about us online! Candy: 303.947.5527 Cassie: 720.244.3503 like follow connect

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