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a recap of new services offered by The Collective Savvy the Savvy Girls reprise their first appearance from The Savvy final housekeeping items and other thoughts from Candy fresh inspiration from favorite Review images, plus a stormy sunset from Fargo marketing tip for stimulating more business and a desert oasis photo just for fun

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the end the final Review and the next chapter

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Thanks so much for letting me share my photography and thoughts with you over the past year and a half! While this is the end of Candy Rice Design, it’s the start of something wonderful, The Collective Savvy!

Package price for all 3 classes: only $900–save $100! Limit of 11 students per class. Individual pricing below.

Twitter Marketing Intensive Workshop ($400)

Overview of Social Media ($100)

Here is a recap of what’s available through our new company!

Tuesday, March 30 or Thursday, May 6 choice of 9-11am or 1-3pm either day

This 4-hour hands-on workshop (1 hour break for lunch) will help you understand the complexities of Twitter and how to start using it for your business. • Set up Twitter the “right way” + customize for your brand! • Leave with quick & effective methods to begin marketing YOUR business on Twitter right away!

Our newsletter, The Savvy. It’s a free monthly newsletter very similar to this one, but with expanded’s all about social media and marketing, and if you have enjoyed The Review, I know you’ll love The Savvy! Register today! Our services:

• Marketing + Social Media Strategy • Marketing + Social Media Management • Marketing + Social Media Newsletter • Design + Photography + Copy Writing • Marketing + Social Media Training Classes now being offered: We are excited to offer our three new courses on social media and marketing! The first round of courses are being held in Denver at the Community College of Denver’s Auraria Campus. We’re offering a 3-class package–12 FUN hours of savvy with a small group of businesses.


This 2-hour course will help you understand the leading social networking sites and how consumers and businesses are using them. • See how savvy businesses are using these sites! • Leave with an understanding of which sites to utilize in your marketing strategy!

Facebook Marketing Intensive Workshop ($500)

Tuesday, April 20 or Thursday, May 27 10am-3pm

Questions? Get more information and register online!

Tuesday, April 6 or Thursday, May 20 9am-4pm

This 6-hour hands-on workshop (1 hour break for lunch) will help you get a jump start on Facebook for your business. • Set up Facebook the “right way” + customize for your brand! • Leave with quick & effective methods to begin marketing YOUR business on Facebook right away!

the end

the final Review and the next chapter

The Savvy Girls

lifegoing on Here is a quick overview of the services now offered through The Collective Savvy:

• Marketing + Social Media Strategy • Marketing + Social Media Management • Marketing + Social Media Newsletter • Design + Photography + Copy Writing • Marketing + Social Media Training

As always, we’d love to know what you’re thinking about. Have some questions? Feel free to email them to us at candy@ and we’ll do our best to answer them! Photo by Sohi Photography.

What’s happening :: In just 18 months, this little newsletter went from 1 subscriber (my sweet husband Tim) to more than 300! Thanks to each one of you! Here are a few housekeeping items as my business finishes merging into The Collective Savvy. • My email address and phone number will remain the same (see the back cover for this information). • My website ( will remain live for at least a year. • I’ll remain the primary contact for existing Candy Rice Design clients. • All of my clients will have access to Cassie’s amazing knowledge immediately! • This will be the final issue of The Review, and they will be archived online.

We can now manage your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media & marketing efforts for you! No more wondering how it all works or (more importantly) how you can possibly find the time to make these incredible sites work for your business! Learn more about our packages on The Collective Savvy website. Then, when you’re ready to get started, contact us! Do you need a marketing person, but want to skip the health insurance and big salary? Get 2 marketing experts when you sign up for a monthly contract with The Collective Savvy! Let us insert some savvy into your marketing! Contact us today for more information...several packages and price points available! This month’s inspiration: some of my favorite images from The Review since its inception in November 2008, plus a stormy Fargo sunset, and a few extra images from my files. I didn’t receive any specific feedback to include in this final issue of The Review, but hope that you have enjoyed it all the same! If you haven’t already registered to receive The Savvy, please do so! That way you won’t miss a single issue of this cool, new, & FREE marketing magazine!

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1 cover : Stormy Sunset, North Dakota a : Chicago from Above, Illinois all photographs by candy rice 1 : Albuquerque Balloon Festival, New Mexico :: 2 : Taylor on the Guitar, Colorado :: 3 : Young Native American Dancer, Colorado :: 4 : Open Space Sunflowers, Colorado :: 5 : Sculpture, Minnesota :: 6 : Five sisters, Minnesota :: 7 : Weathered Cowgirl Hands, Colorado





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marketing tip

How to Stimulate More Business

Excerpts from an article by Dan Kennedy, of Dan Kennedy & Bill Glazer Insider’s Circle . Read the entire article. I’m gonna run through a little checklist of consistent, successRegardless of your industry, ful small business marketing any business owner can do these things! strategies that apply to virtually any businesses.

The oasis town of Crescent Moon Lake in China’s Gobi Desert.

In fact, they are seven strategies that can help you stimulate new business, increase business from existent customers and build repeat business. You may not be able to use all of them in your business but you can certainly use some of them. The first is a system of frequent buyer rewards. Today all major airlines and many hotel chains are using this technique to capture repeat business from their clientele. It’s common for car washes to use this simple idea – but many more businesses could uses this same idea. They issue each customer a little plastic punch card. After the customer pays for a certain number of washes, recorded on the card, they can then redeem the card for a free wash. The idea of the frequent buyer type incentive is to encourage the customer to return to your business rather than spreading

We love puzzles, cartoons, and funny photos. Watch this section each month for something new to do or laugh at.

303.947.5527 : 12304 north bannock street, #19103 :: westminster, co 80234

his business around. In order to make this type of incentive even more effective you can tie it to an expiration date so that the points have to be accumulated and redeemed within a certain time period. Number two, discounting, is probably the most commonly used marketing strategy in business. Just about every business in America uses discounts at various times in various ways. One word of caution about discounting: if it’s overused it loses its effectiveness. It’s important to have a logical reason tied to a discount opportunity. Otherwise you are essentially admitting that your regular prices are excessive. Inventory overstock, an anniversary, a holiday celebration, an introductory offer for new customers, a special offer on a new product or service, these are all examples of logical, acceptable reasons for discounts. The third strategy is the use of premiums, which I believe is a much better way to incentive your customers and prospects to buy. I’ll be covering this in detail in my next post. Read the rest of this post.

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