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“Thorn in the flesh” (2 Cor. 12:7)

Princess Suzie (and Chelsea!)

Suzie came home from school a couple of months ago agitated and unable to sit comfortably. We had her show us the “problem area” and there buried in her flesh (bum) was a sliver of wood that was at least 3/4 of an inch long. We thought, “Wow that’s huge”! She said it happened on the playground at school.

Constant reminders of why we are here!

6 weeks after the “sliver” episode, she had a “boil” on her “backside” . This “sore” continued to fester and would not heal. We couldn’t remember the exact location of the original sliver so we did not make the connection. One night, after a warm bath, we noticed the “boil” ready to burst. We encouraged it along with a sterile needle and out popped another sliver almost an inch long! Later Chelsea retrieved another piece that left the original sliver measuring almost two inches long!!! This had been buried in her bottom for almost two

This is the 2nd piece!

months. The sad part is that at times she tried to express that she was in pain. We even ran her to the doctor once when she complained. Suzie was unable to convey her misery in a way that would make us understand. Believe me, Rae and I began to feel her pain when it dawned on us how agonizing the pain must have been at times. 2nd Corinthians tells us that God allowed the Apostle Paul to have a physical affliction that constantly “buffeted” him and kept him humble and dependant on God. It is interesting that God called it a “thorn in the flesh”. Please pray for us as we wrestle through the “thorns” associated with Ministry, Suzie’s condition, and finding others who would like to invest in this ministry. This can all be a buffeting process (thorn) but God faithfully uses it so we can say with Paul, “His grace is sufficient for me, for

power is perfected in weakness”. Chelsea began classes at New Tribes on Aug. 16. She is enjoying her freedom but she is also finding those privileges are accompanied by many responsibilities as well. Why do Rae and I find that process in Chelsea intensely satisfying? :-) Sarah and Stephen are still talking about the future and enjoying getting to know one another. Ric and Sharon are working on Partnership Development and living in our house in Williamston. Sam and Kari are enjoying Virginia where they are spending a year building relationships with their future ministry partners. Please know that we feel privileged and honored to accept your kind gift each month. Thank you for investing in these young lives that are eagerly anticipating cross-cultural ministry. Our Love, Rich and Rae

This is the third and final piece of Suzie’s “thorn in the flesh”!

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