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Prayer Requests:

•Good health and strength to study Thai •Friends who will put up with us regularly •Sharp ears to hear this difficult language •Understanding and sensitivity to culture •Wisdom in how to best spend our time •Visible daily progress in the language •Solidarity and love in our relationship Dear Friends and Family, During February we noticed a marked improvement in our language ability and had our first formal evaluation. Though weʼre encouraged with how we can use the language thereʼs no way to chart language improvement on a graph and some days itʼs difficult to see progress. Keep praying! Weʼre approaching hot season in Thailand with almost no transition after “winter” where the nights dipped into the sixties. Pray for good health during this time as farmers in the mountains begin slashing and burning their fields in preparation for the rains in April. Unfortunately since we live in a valley all the smoke and smog wafting off the mountains settles right here. Weʼre excited for an upcoming trip to Northeast Thailand to visit possible future ministry locations. Stay tuned on our blog to catch pictures from our travels and updates from the village weʼll be visiting. Thank- you each for your love, your prayers and for continuing to partner with Godʼs work in Thailand.

Our days consist of: Working out at the gym Devotions with breakfast 3 hr Language session Noodles or rice for lunch Studying all afternoon Evenings with friends at small group or church for more details check out:

Ric and Sharon Bruce PO Box 2 Hang Dong Chiang Mai 50230 Thailand Our goals in these first years in Thailand are to learn Thai, encourage and challenge Thai believers and build relationships with unbelievers. This month we saw progress in every one of these areas thanks to you. PTL! (517) 490 -1032

February Newletter - Love from Thailand  

Our February newsletter brings you the latest glimpses of our lives in Thailand and marks progress toward our goals of learning Thai and bui...

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