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1. Introducing MegaCloud Welcome to MegaCloud, the new and exciting cloud computing service that will revolutionize the way you store your data. With the magic of the cloud, your photos, videos, documents and music are never too far away. MegaCloud helps you back up your data, protecting you from pesky hard drive crashes by making everything you desire accessible online 24/7/365. This guide will help you to get the most out of your MegaCloud experience and have you become a pro at synchronizing your files across a library of computers in no time.

2. Understanding the MegaCloud Desktop Installing MegaCloud After signing up for a new MegaCloud account, the setup file will begin downloading automatically (If not, please Install MegaCloud at Run the setup file and follow the on screen installation instructions.

During installation, a MegaCloud folder will be

Once installed, you will be able to see the

created on your computer.

MegaCloud icon on your system tray.

The MegaCloud folder is now your MegaCloud hub and everything saved in this location automatically be synchronized to your MegaCloud account (and any other computers associated).

MegaCloud User Guide

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3. What MegaCloud Can Do for You? Sync Files Instantly



Adding files to MegaCloud is simple. Just drag and drop the files into the MegaCloud folder to enjoy instant synchronization between desktop and the cloud for a more streamlined experience.

Global Access With MegaCloud you can access all your files wherever life may take you. Simply log in to your account at or download from our wide range of apps (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android) to view, edit and share your files anytime, anywhere.

See Every Version (Versioning) MegaCloud keeps track of every change. Free users can revisit older versions of files for 30 days whilst premium users will be able to access older versions FOREVER!

Simple Sharing With MegaCloud you can create a unique Shareable Link for your files and folders. Even protect them with a passcode to prevent unwanted access. Alternatively, you can enjoy an even more direct method of sharing and collaborating by taking advantage of our Group Folder feature that lets you share, edit and view files with large numbers of individuals all in real time.

MegaCloud User Guide

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4. Status Indicators Syncing MegaCloud is updating and syncing your files.

Paused MegaCloud pause syncing your files.

Synced All files in your MegaCloud folder have been synced successfully.

Problems Occurred During Sync Problems occured during the sync operation. This is commonly caused by a failure relating to your internet connection. But don’t worry, once the connection has been restored, MegaCloud will continue to work on your data from where it left off!

5. Folders & Features Group Folder Sharing multiple files with several people is now easier than ever before. Thanks to the highly intuitive ‘Group Folders' that gives you the ability to synchronize your files across several different members and also across an unlimited amount of devices. So, even if you only have access to MegaCloud on iOS or Android, you can still view and edit files from the Group Folder in the same way as a Mac or PC user.

Private Folder This is the basic folder type that only you will have access to. Here is a good place to store files that you want to keep personal.

MegaCloud User Guide

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6. FAQ on Space, Packages and Prices Is MegaCloud free? Yup! ‘Basic’ use of MegaCloud is entirely free and you’ll be able to enjoy all the features that premium users can utilize too. The only thing separating you and the premium users is storage space, speaking of which…

How do I get more space? Unlike most other cloud storage services, MegaCloud offers a whopping 8GB File Storage plus 8GB Backup account to free users. BUT, if that still isn’t enough, you can get up to 10GB of bonus storage space all for free when you refer friends to MegaCloud.

But 18GB is too small, can’t I have more space? Of course, MegaCloud is about you after all. If 18GB is still not enough for you, then take a look at our premium packages below to see what suits your needs best. Remember, if you’re in need of a larger than mentioned storage, you can also contact us for a customized pack which suits your needs.

So, what types of premium packages are available? MegaCloud boasts three unique packages to choose from, see below to find out which fits you best.


MegaCloud User Guide




Storage space

Storage space

Stores up to

Stores up to





40 hours

80 hours

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