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Profile Ricardo Antรณnio de Sousa Esteves 14th February 1999 19 years

74 kg 182 cm Portuguese Guarda

Professional Course Support Sport Managment Semi- Professional

Biography Ricardo Esteves is 19 years is natural of Guarda (Portugal), is completing the course of Support has Porting Management, that`s he can come to contribute for its career. It started to walk of bicycle with only seven years of age. Started the Dirt Jump with 10 years and after two years became regional champion holding this position for three years. In 2013 it started to be part of equips HIGHRIDE BIKE . In 2016 and 2017 Ricardo Esteves became vice national champion .

Editorial The Dirt Jump consist in realize tricks on jumps of dirt , wood or cement, Where tricks are avaliated by juris. The Dirt appeared in years 70 in the E.U.A, and has come to gain many followers in the whole world. The objective is not to complete the passage with the time fastest, but yes to carry through the best maneuvers with optimum style. Ricardo Esteves became regional tri-champion in 2011 and 2012 and 2013. In 2013 it participated in its first National test that made 4ยบ place. In 2016 and 2017 Ricardo Esteves became vice national champion.

Main Results Dirt Jumping Amateur 2011: 1º Place/Regional Guarda

Dirt Jumping Amateur 2012: 1º Place/Regional Guarda Pilot Revelation 2012

Dirt Jumping Amateur 2013: 2º Place/Dirt Wars Guarda-1ª contest (Polis Bike Park) 1º Place/Dirt Wars Guarda-2ª contestest (Porto da Carne) 1º Place/Dirt Wars Guarda-3ª test (Alfarazes) Best Trick in the test of the Porto da Carne With the addition of the three contests CHAMPION REGIONAL GUARDA 4º Place/Festival Bike Contest Santarem (internacional)

Dirt jumping Professionals 2014: 6º Place/Festival Bike Contest Santarem(internacional) Frist time on FMB WORLD TOUR/”Marisquiño”-Vigo, Spain 23º Place/ FMB WORLD TOUR/”Marisquiño”-Vigo, Spain Dirt jumping Professionals 2015: 8º Place/Festival Bike Contest Santarem Dirt jumping Professionals 2016: 18º Place/ FMB WORLD TOUR/”Marisquiño”-Vigo 3º Place/Dirt Wars Guarda - 1º contest (Sabugal) 3º place/Festival Bike Contest Santarem (internacional), 2º Portuguese - Vice National Champion Frist time on Happy Ride Weekend in Barcelona (La Poma Bikepark) Dirt jumping Professionals 2017: 16º Place/ FMB WORLD TOUR/”Marisquiño”-Vigo 1º Place/Dirt Wars Guarda Pumptrack Challenge contest (Sabugal) 3º place/Festival Bike Contest Santarem (internacional), 2º Portuguese - Vice National Champion

Show s FMXSpirit Show`s: Oliveira Raicing Day-Oliveira de Frades (2015 - 2016) Motocross European Show • Arena de Évora 2016 • Arena de Tomar 2017 • São João do Estoril 2017 • Setubal 2017 • Complexo Desportivo de Pontes 2017 • Complexo desportivo de Aveiro 2017 Show with D2J Human Performance: FIT (International market of turism) Guarda - Parque Urbano do Rio Diz: ( 2015 – 2016 ) Show`s in Guarda: Alvendre Trails BTT center of Sabugal Shows for the schools

Goals General : To participate in 4 contests of the Championship of the World. To make Show `s and Demonstrations of the world. To improve the gotten Results at the time previous .

Specific : Regional champion of Dirt Jumping To win the contest Festival Bike Dirt Contest SantarĂŠm. Top 10 championships of the world Win the Best trick in Regional championship .

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Ricardo Esteves Season 2018  
Ricardo Esteves Season 2018