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Press Release Weekl

Number 01 (04/12/2011)

Creating a publication made out of information that I regulary get from PR managers is something quite fascinating to me. Since I was child I've always found a way to grab and use information, such as blogs and websites, social networking or even personal critiques. Last month I started a project that involved interviewing hundreds of bands and asking them for online interview with no professional purposes whatsoever. This publication comes the same way. It's part of the evolution steps I've been taking. It's part of a learning process that I am willing to take, just so in the future I can show and tell that I had the iniciative to actually do something. And just for that, I don't expect this publication to reach hundreds of people, but whoever reads this, knows that effort has been put into it. This week we start small and I don't even know if there's a next week. If there is, I'll make another one of these. If not, then I'll make one when there's enough. Ricardo Raymond Du Toit

Birds of Passage are the highlight of this first issue.

And at the end of the day, it's a good thing to know secrets. As long as you know how to keep them safe.

Set for a new album releasing December 1 7th, titled "Winter Lady", Alicia Merz's sophomore solo album is actually something dark yet intriguing . Best heard with open mind, eyes closed and clean This album invites us to her fragile world and takes us soul. through a journey that comes down to a minimilist feel with allusions to dark-pop and classic broken-folk. Birds of Passage also released a new single titled PRW had the opportunity to review this album and "Highwaymen In Midnight Masks", featured in personally, I can't think of anything I could compare "Winter Lady". this with. Well, maybe Bjork, but other than that, this is To celebrate this release, it will be available in a 1 0'' quite a unique album. vinyl format, featuring two bonus tracks on the BSide, "I Have My Heart" and "Forbidden Love", a During the whole album, you actually feel that Alicia is collaboration with Aiden Baker. letting you on a secret, something important and life "Highwaymen In Midnight Masks" is now available for changeing, making you actually pay attention to the free download on their website at: lyrics of the song and trying to figure out if she's warning us of the future or if it's just her letting her thoughts out.

Oxide Tones are releasing on December 9th another You can pre-order this fabulous set at: compilation in support of the tragedy that occured in Japan, exactly on it's ninth month mark. You can also have the opportunity to stream it in full for free and spread the word!!! "More Hope For Japan" will feature thirty seven tracks from thirty seven different artists, totaling around three and a half hours, available for digital Let's help Japan get back on it's feet!!! download or on a very limited edition CD edition (1 00 printed and numbered). Still not WOW'd? Then listen to this: 32 of these tracks are either unreleased songs or remixes, plus 5 exclusive songs, just for this compilation. And from what I've heard so far, they are oriental inspired so you're in for a wild treat here!!! Artists include And So I Watch You From Afar, My Autumn Empire, The Ascent of Everest and many others.

Heirs just released the music video of "Hunter", featured in the "Hunter" EP released this December 2nd, that is available in Digital Download, CD and 1 0'' Vinyl at the official Denovali store. You can watch the video by clicking the link below:

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Press Release Weekl (Not a typo, I just like the song of it!). It's something I've decided to make whenever there is enough material from PR...