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Eager Teeth After a big 2011, the boys from Brighton hope

that 2012 will be the year all fun breaks loose. What were your highlights in 201 1 ? I think the highlight of 201 1 would have been touring with Your Demise, Letlive and Spycatcher. three amazing bands in one package. Every night was a guaranteed a good time. Oh, that and getting free sunglasses at Hevy Fest...That was a good day! What can we expect from you in 201 2? 201 2 brings our debut album. We are just wrapping up the finishing touches to the preproduction and aim to be recording it late January or early February. Everyone in the band is super excited by it. As soon as it's recorded I guess it's tour time and hopefully some more festival action. If your music were to be adapted into film, what story would it tell? If our music was to be adapted into a film our bass player Jamie reckons Goonies crossed with Cocoon. Not not sure why, but maybe because we should be older enough to know beter then to go on another adventure after our previous bands! Ha! That or because our other guitarist looks like Data from the Goonies even if he is in his early 30's! What was your album of the year? Album of the years is always a tough one as everyone in the band listens to different things, for me it would be Thursdays "No Devolucion" or 1 3 and God's "Own Your Ghost". Two very different albums but both amazing and well worth checking out. Would you like to come to Portugal? Of course we would love to come to Portugal, the weather, the people, the sights! Book us and we shall come!! Design & Interview: Rick Photo courtesy of Eager Teeth

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Interview forty-four with Eager Teeth