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The Mantra ATSMM Talk about newly released album "Ghost Dance"

and how a Portuguese artist played an important part in one of their songs.

How did the band form?

What are your favorite albums at the moment and looking forward to?

The Mantra ATSMM was born because of a necessity. We are friends since childhood and we shared many things. We played in two different bands and one day we realized that we had common ideas and ideals about music, so we decided to start The Mantra ATSMM.

We listen to every kind of music, with no prejudice about the genre or the “commercial” aspect. If it's good music it feeds our minds. Recently we are listening to Nneka, a great soul/hip hop artist, some folk bands like Other Lives and Fleet Foxes.

Where did the name of the band come from?

Would you like to come to Portugal?

Our name is a “collage” of images and things that inspire us. Sure that we would! We have never been there and we'd love We are not used to reveal the meaning of every single word, to come, play and discover the people and the beauty of your but we can say that Mantra comes from the fascinating oriental country. So.. if someone have interest to book us or to contact the band just email us! cultures and “Spotless” is taken from the title of a beautiful movie directed by Michel Gondry.

You have just released a new album titled "Ghost Dance". What's the concept behind it?

The Ghost Dance is a religious movement and a ritual of the Native Americans. The concept behind “Ghost Dance” is about the mystical, the sacred and the deep connection with nature that you can find in the imaginary of every population in the world. We are deeply inspired by the tradition and the folk legends that we have in our city, like the Vesuvis or the exorcising carnival masquerade and the historical meanings of these traditions. In every part of the world you can find this magic connection and it's wonderful how different cultures share universal and ancient feelings.

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One of the songs featured is "Trieste". Is this one of the signs that you are getting even more in touch with your Italian origins?

Absolutely. We have always been “big fans” of our country and, even if it's not evident, Italy and Naples have always been a big influence into our music. We are fascinated by its culture, history and beauty, by the ancient folk music and the great masters of this century like Ennio Morricone or Nino Rota.

What's the concept behind the song "Helder Pedro Moreira"?

Helder Pedro Moreira is a dear friend, a fantastic Portuguese artist. He's the author of the artworks of our albums, from the first EP to "Defeated Songs". One of his works inspired the music and the lyrics of the song, which is about dreamy images of trees, flames and brides.

"Ghost Dance" is now available for purchase at: the-mantra-atsmm-store

13/12/2011 I042 The Mantra ATSMM  
13/12/2011 I042 The Mantra ATSMM  

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