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Talk about the recording of "Cavaleras" and what to expect in 2012...

How was the recording of "Cavaleras"? We recorded the album over a few weekends in 2009/201 0. It was pretty relaxed as we knew we wanted to look for a label to release it rather than self release like we had done previously with "Firewolf" so there were no time constraints in regards to a release date. As well as recording all the main tracks, we experimented with ideas that were to become the small segue pieces on the album.

What was the most difficult song to write? No songs were particularly difficult. We were doing a few different ideas such as "Skeletal" which was a step away from our usual sound but it just took getting used to. What's your album of the year? There have been a few. Death Grips "Ex Military" and Bon Iver's self-titled are two that come to mind. Would you like to come to Portugal? Yes please, very much so.

What's the concept behind it? We wanted to make 2 seperate releases. One for CD and the other for download. The CD version is supposed to be listened to as a whole Design & Interview: Rick whereas the download version is Photo courtesy of UpC DownC divided into seperate tracks. That way we were able to add different tracks to each version. How does it differ from previous releases? To us, it's kind of the next logical step onwards from the previous 3 albums. It's a combination of the more pretty instrumental sounds on "embers" and the more agressive sounds on "Firewolf".

"Cavaleras" is now available for purchase at:

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