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Steak Number Eight

Talk about the recording of "All In Chaos"... How did the band form?

Eight years ago we started jamming in my bedroom. I had just found an old guitar at my friends house. Our drummer went in the fanfare because at home he was drumming on paint buckets in his dads shop, so they send him to the millitary drumschool. We've kept going from there...

How was the recording of "All In Chaos"?

Great, the cooperation with Mario Goossens our producer, was awesome. And the mix with Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Isis, Deftones) was the perfect match.

What's the concept behind it?

In fact it's a reflection of myself. The most important thing for me. It had to be as honnest as possible and i think I succeeded in that.

How does it differ from previous releases?

Our first album is basically a glorified demo, which is cool, but in fact this is our first real album!

What was the most difficult song to compose? Writing of the songs was all very organic.

If your music were to be adapted into film, what story would it tell? My story, things that happend to me and the feelings around it.

What's your album of the year? Ours!

Would you like to come to Portugal?

We would really like to come to Portugal, it would be an honor. but be aware, cause we play very loud and hard!

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