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How was the recording of "Black Junk"?

The recording was a intense, crazy time. We managed to track the album completely in three days, with two extra days on the vocals. We 'partied' very hard during the tracking and the music was mainly 'one-takes'. I managed to totally skew my vocals the first time around - my brain was so fried I managed to track them all a semitone sharp - everyone else was so fucked no-one noticed! We then had a week off to take in the mixes - We had so much treble in them it sounded like two guitars instead of 2 basses! We did some remixing and it all came together. There was a lot of nervous energy during the sessions which really added to the sound.

What's the concept behind it?

The first song written was 'Sherman Fang' during our drummer Adam's first rehearsal with us. From there we never set out to write with the idea of collating the tracks into an 'album', but when we decided to construct it, we had a strong bank of material already written. From there we weeded out the 'weaker' tracks and sequence what we had together. We wrote 'King Of The Junkies' right before we recorded the album as a song to prove we use and appreciate dynamics! Lyrically someone made a very astute point about the majority of the lyrics and themes being 'Body-centric' which is true, and there's a strong sexual theme to most of what we write about.

What can we expect from you in 201 2?

Well, We are looking at visiting the countries where are album has been released - Europe, Japan and U.S.A. That is our main objective. We will be releasing one final single from 'Black Junk' which will be a double A-side. Then we are looking at recording the next album, we've started writing already and have a mass of ideas to start with!

If your music were to be adapted into film, what story would it tell?

Amazing question - If I was to follow the narrative of the album, it does lend itself to the arc of a story. It would probably end up a mash-up of 'Martyrs' 'Fight Club' and 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'. The a very joyously destructive ending.

What your album of the year?

That would be 'Black Junk' - We are very proud of our record. We listen to a lot of 90's bands, so I'm finding 'new' albums that came out 1 5-20 years ago all the time that fell through the net the first time around. However, Turbowolf and Antlered Man are both from the UK and should be listened to. That's an order! Would you like to come to Portugal? We would LOVE to come to Portugal. It seems like a beautful, sensual country, perfect for us bastards!

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