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Mose Giganticus Talk about what they've been up to lately and what we can expect from them soon...

"Gift Horse" is now available for purchase at:

How did the band form and where did the name In 2007, you released your first DVD, titled "The come from? Invisible Touch". Are you planning in releasing The idea for Mose Giganticus (and the name) first a second DVD based off "Gift Horse"?

came together around 1 999. At the time I was There are no plans for a Gift Horse DVD, but I'm trying to form a large band with my friends by it open to the idea. We do, however, have a new quickly devolved into a solo project. I tinkered video for White Horse almost completed. around with it slowly until 2005 when I finally put together the first demo of 5 songs, which eventually What are your favorite albums at the moment drew the attention of Valiant Death Records and and are looking forward to? became The Invisible Hand album in late 2006. My favorite record of 201 1 so far has been 40 Watt With the release of The Invisible Hand, I started Sun's "The Inside Room." I'm a big fan of forming Mose into a more live oriented act and Warning's later work, and I feel like the latest from recruited friends to learn the songs so we could 40 Watt Sun really took that sound to the next tour as a band. That's pretty much been the level. We're trying to book some dates with 40 Watt formula of the band for the past 4 years. I've had 30 Sun for our 201 2 European tour- hopefully that will musicians join Mose as touring members since come together. then. The name came about because the original idea of Would you like to come to Portugal? the band was to have different musicians Absolutely! Hopefully our upcoming tour will bring collaborate on each song resulting in a band that us there! had 40 or more members... making it the "most gigantic-est" band around. From that corrupted grammar, I chose the name Mose Giganticus.

One year after "Gift Horse" what have you been up to? Over a year after the release, I'm still touring on "Gift Horse". I've always been a "tour-oriented" band, so I've done about 200 "Gift Horse" shows in the past 2 years. I just got back from the final US Gift Horse tour, and in April 201 2, we'll be doing our first European tour. But between now and the European tour next April, I'll be working on the next record.

How does this new material differ from previous releases?

I haven't started recording yet as I'll be steeped in the writing process for quite some time, but the next record will likely be slower and darker than Gift Horse. I'll be supplanting the anger and outbursts of Gift Horse with a more somber, darkened mood. I'd like to explore more melodic themes as well.

Design & Interview: Rick Photo courtesy of Mose Giganticus

29/11/2011 I027 Mose Giganticus  

Mose Giganticus talk about what they've been up to lately and what's coming soon!!!

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