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Tides Brit band talk about their recently-ish released demo and what to expect in 2012...

How did the band form? We're four friends who have either grown up with each other or met through school. Since forming in Summer 201 0 and after several lineups changes, we have finally settled upon being a 4-piece with committed members. How was the recording of your 201 1 Demo? We recorded our 201 1 demo with a mutual friend and it was really fun. It was also the first time most of us had experienced studio life!

What can we expect in 201 2 from you? Two new tracks, quite different from our other demo, but songs we're really proud of nevertheless. Also, we've got plans in motion for a longer, debut concept EP which we will self-fund and self-release like we have done already so far.

What are your favorite albums at the moment? We really dig the guys in Heights who recently released their album, "Dead Ends", but we're all into really different genres; Smorg's favourite album right now is "Tripper" by Hella. Would you like to come to Portugal? Ha-ha, yes, that'd be nuts! We hope to tour everywhere and anywhere very soon, maybe we should make a stop in Portugal!

If your music were to be adapted into film, what story would it tell? Just like every other band, I guess it'd be all about struggle; money is so, so tight, we're always running at a loss, but it would also be the Design & Interview: Rick Where do you get the inspiration happiest, uplifting thing; music gives us hope. Words: Tom Savory to compose the songs? Photo courtesy of Tides We literally just play the music that we love. We don't normally set out New Tides "Demo #2" is released with a specific idea in mind, we all December 201 1 jam and everyone has a say in what sounds good and what doesn't work.

Tides 2011 Demo is available for free streaming and download at: You can also visit their Facebook page at:

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