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2011: A new year, a new decade and a new lease of life for RICARD After a record year in 2009/2010 and first half results for 2010/2011 looking to top those of the previous financial year, we could decide to be content with such excellent progress and change nothing. And nothing will change when it comes to our values and culture, our professionalism and respect for the fundamentals of our business. But with today’s prevailing economic crisis and the uncertainty it creates, combined with the fact that all our competitors have us in their sights, no change would be a step backwards. That’s why in 2011 we will continue to forge ahead, with a plan for the next 10 years focussed on ensuring we maintain an even stronger lead. This begins with younger, more modern packaging for our emblematic brand. More elegant, more contemporary, the new Ricard bottle is designed to show how much we value our loyal consumers whilst winning new ones. It is absolutely unique, making it much harder for others to copy us. I hope you like it, and I am sure you will work hard to ensure that others do too. There will be more about the new bottle in a special edition of Planète Jaune at the end of January 2011.

Furthermore, our new advertising campaign will appear in magazines and on billboards this spring. Giving Ricard a new lease of life also means adapting our sales network at head office and in the regions to changing distribution circuits and new consumer trends. The new bottle will bring new challenges for our factories and our marketing, purchasing, logistics and SQE departments. At head office, all departments will be mobilised around the Solid’R project, along with all administrative and general services. We will also work on growing the influence and reputation of our public outreach activities through the Ricard Foundation, the PR Oceanographic Institute, RLM, Méjanes and La Voisine. All of this means plenty to keep us busy in 2011 as we put yet more passion and determination into offering Ricard a new lease of life. As 2010 draws to a close, I wish you and yours an excellent festive season and a Happy New Year, with health and happiness for 2011. Philippe SAVINEL

Michael Merolli presented the new Ricard bottle. Available in February and March in both the on and offtrade sectors, it marks the first step in Ricard’s new lease of life.

“Ensuring Ricard always remains a UNIQUE brand in the spirits category. This is our ambition for Ricard, embodied in this new bottle.”

After testing it on Ricard ambassadors in June 2010, the Aperitif Academy has now set off on its world tour. After the UK, it headed for Martinique and Saint Martin in November.

Ricard experts travelled to the Caribbean to reach out to professionals and opinion leaders, offering them a fun, half-day aperitif workshop. After the workshop, participants continue to interact with our brands via a competition on the website, where they can post photos, compare recipes and compete to win a trip to Les Embiez!

The afternoon began with product development expert Christophe Couret explaining Ricard and Lillet’s qualities, history and production process.

After the theory, it was time for some practical exercises. Young chef Benjamin Darnaud, who studied under Michelin-starred chefs Michel Bras and Thierry Marx, returned from the local market with a selection of fresh produce and explained how tapas can be prepared in just three minutes as the perfect accompaniment to Ricard and Lillet.

Stéphane Collaro, proprietor of Yellow Beach, also took part in the aperitif workshops.

MORE INFORMATION available as from January by emailing:

Sunshine wherever you go Ricard brings its rays of sunshine to international departure lounges with high quality promotions that have a real impact. As well as the French limited editions, Ricard collectors on the move can purchase the promotional pack of six 1L bottles of Ricard + 4 Olivier Gagnère glasses. For those travelling through Parisian airports, there’s a brightly coloured limited edition exclusive to Duty Free shops, to take the Ricard sunshine with you wherever you go!

FENNEL FARMING IN FRANCE The Ricard recipe is a closely guarded secret, but it is common knowledge that it contains liquorice, star anis and aromatic Provençal plants, including sustainably farmed fennel as part of Ricard’s environmental commitments.

Diversifying our supply chain For Ricard, fennel cultivation is first and foremost a way to diversify the sources of Ricard’s key ingredients to secure their supply. Like Chinese star anis, fennel is one of the plants that contains anethole*, an essential ingredient for producing the real “pastis de Marseille”.

While Ricard mainly uses star anis for its higher anethole content, the company also relies on fennel producers to supply about 10% to 15% of its requirements. Through this strategy, the company is acquiring the knowhow that would allow it to boost fennel production and secure supply in the event of a sharp rise in star anise prices.

Philippe Savinel and Patrick Deschamps visiting Mr. et Mrs. Chaillan’s farm on the Plateau de Valensole.

Promoting sustainable agriculture Ricard is actively committed to sustainable development and works closely with Pernod Ricard’s agronomists and a farming cooperative. Since 2008, 100 hectares of fennel have been sustainably grown in France (in Normandy and Provence).

Which of the following plants contain anethole? Star anis Dill Fennel Aniseed

This is a win-win strategy, not just for the stakeholders involved but also for the environment, thanks to the limited use of pesticides and optimised water management. For the farmers, fennel is a means of diversification and a crop that induces real gains in biodiversity. It is rich in pollen that attracts bees, allowing beekeepers to place hives near the fields.

How much anethole does a litre of Ricard contain? 1 gram 2 grams 3 grams

Answers: 1 / All four! They all contain the anise molecule. - 2 / 2 grams.

Planète Jaune N°33 English  

Planète Jaune N°33 English

Planète Jaune N°33 English  

Planète Jaune N°33 English