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BULLETIN REGISTERED INSURANCE BROKERS OF ONTARIO NOTICE: There are no Decisions of the Discipline Committee for publication in this bulletin. FALL 2015 • Volu e 44 • NO. 145 m





or my message this quarter, I want to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the public members who have served RIBO over the years, and continue to support us in a crucial way. By way of background, with the establishment of RIBO in 1981, the provincial government granted Ontario brokers the privilege and the responsibility of self-regulation. Self-regulation seems to come under fire anytime there is a perception that a profession is putting its own interests ahead of those of the public. In other words, if it is perceived to be acting more as a club than a regulator. Without getting into the theory of self-regulation, suffice to say that all self-regulating professions must act, and be seen to act, in the best interest of the public.

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membership of RIBO for almost 32 of its 34 years. Serving initially as Legal Counsel, Jeff succeeded Ronald Cooper as CEO in 1995. He leads a strong and dedicated staff, instilling in them a In my experience, acting in the best interest of customer service ethic that treats the public and the public ensures the long-term viability of the brokers with respect and sensitivity. He carefully broker channel. While it is a regulatory require- oversees RIBO’s finances, aiming to spend the ment, brokers intuitively understand that con- member’s money wisely and with a view to fusumers must trust us to put their interests first and ture efficiencies. For brokers seeking guidance to recommend products that meet their needs. and direction, his door is always open. He offers that same guidance and direction to RIBO In the RIBO context, members of our Discipline, Council, ably supporting us and serving as an Complaints and Qualification and Registration invaluable resource. Committees must fulfil their mandate fairly. Self–regulation It is with considerably mixed allows and requires brokers to emotions that I must advise the …acting in the best membership that Jeff has dereview the conduct and suitinterest of the public cided to step aside at the end ability of other brokers, peer-toof this year. While all of us will peer. As I referenced above, ensures the long-term be sorry to see him leave, he these Committees must act viability of the has surely earned his retireand be seen to act in a way ment and we are grateful to that promotes the best interest broker channel. have benefited from his leaderof the public. ship for so long. By way of sucAn important component of our self-regulatory cession, Council is pleased to announce the activities is the presence of the public members. appointment of Patrick Ballantyne to succeed The provincial government appoints these indi- Jeff as RIBO General Manager and CEO. Patrick viduals to represent the public on RIBO’s Com- has been RIBO General Counsel since 2005. He mittees and Council. Under our legislation, a served as Jeff’s deputy on policy and adminisquorum for all RIBO meetings and hearings in- trative matters in addition to managing the cludes at least one public member.They are ac- Complaints and Discipline Committee processes. tive and eager participants in the work of RIBO Prior to RIBO, Patrick was a regulatory compliand help us demonstrate that the interest of the ance professional with both KPMG and PWC. He public is always foremost in our deliberations. served in senior policy positions with The Toronto Stock Exchange and the Investment Funds Instiu tute of Canada. He began his career as a prosA key architect of RIBO, and a man whose per- ecutor with the Law Society of Upper Canada. sonal qualities and razor-sharp intellect have Patrick is a native of Windsor, Ontario and shaped our self-regulatory activities, is our Chief currently lives in Oakville with his wife and Executive Officer Jeff Bear. Jeff has served the young daughter.



DISCLAIMER: This publication includes information which is designed to heighten awareness of and minimize the risk of non-compliance with RIBO and other legislative requirements. The material presented does not establish, report or create the standard of care for brokers nor is the material a complete analysis of any of the topics covered. Readers should conduct their own due diligence, including where appropriate, seeking legal counsel with respect to their specific responsibilities.

Message from the CEO

THANK YOU ALL After almost 12 years as RIBO’s General Legal Counsel and just over 20 more as CEO, I am retiring effective December 31, 2015, a few months shy of my 65th birthday. Simply put, it’s time. Kindly note that there won’t be a “retirement function”, at my request. I know you’ll all join me in congratulating Patrick Ballantyne, our current General Counsel, on being chosen to succeed me, effective January 1, 2016. I know Patrick is the perfect choice and accordingly, I’m expecting a seamless transition especially since I trust you will all show him the same support you have shown me during my tenure.


Speaking of trust, I am at once grateful for and humbled by the quality of the brokers and public members who have served on RIBO Council over the years. Save one who resigned before I arrived in early 1984, I have been lucky enough to have served together with every Council member since RIBO was given the “public trust” by the Government in October, 1981. Both RIBO and I have been the beneficiaries of their guidance and forward thinking and their understanding that selfregulation is a privilege that must be earned every day, in service of the public interest. Speaking of privilege, it has been mine to also have known and served with everyone who has ever worked on RIBO staff since the beginning. Their passion in service to the public and to our membership has made my life easier and more rewarding through the years and way more fun along the way. I thank each and every one. Together, the volunteers on Council and the staff of RIBO along with the efforts of all of you, whose daily conduct shows a desire to raise the professional bar, have built RIBO into a consistent example of self-regulatory excellence, of which we can all be justly proud. People are truly any Organization’s greatest asset and the insurance brokerage industry is blessed with way more than its share of great people. I think, in the end, that’s what I’ll miss the most. I’ve met and become friends with so many “salt of the earth” people in this Industry, it would fill a thousand Bulletins to name them all. I mention only Don Lambie, our first President, who at 94 still remains a guiding force for me and an unflinching champion of each broker’s ability to put aside their private interests and regulate their peers fairly and equally in the public interest. I’ve been lucky enough to have admired and served with more than a quarter century of TIC and IBAO Executives and staff. Thank you all particularly, for your help along the way. I’ve also been lucky enough to have travelled all over Ontario for local broker meetings, seminars or focus groups, whose feedback helped RIBO evolve toward a culture of service, rather than merely an administrator of the law. I have particularly enjoyed my time spent in the North, even though each area of our vast Province has its own special charms and people. We are all lucky to live and work in Ontario. All in all, the evolution of RIBO has been a stunning achievement. All that remains is to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. To Patrick Ballantyne and the rest of RIBO’s excellent staff – I mimic the immortal words inscribed on the wall in the dressing room of the Montreal Canadiens….”From failing hands I pass the torch. Be yours to hold it high”. To all of the insurance brokers in Ontario – It has been my honour to have served you, and on your behalf, the public of Ontario for every day of the last 32 years. Thank you all.

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BULLETIN FALL 2015 • Volume 44 • NO. 145

Qualification and Registration Committee Report With summer behind us and as the days begin to cool, we quickly get back into our daily routine.


One of those routines is the annual renewal and hopefully everyone has now renewed their registration for the 2015/2016 term. Also, if you haven’t downloaded or printed the renewed license yet, please sign into the RIBO membership system with your user name and password (same process as completing the renewal application) and click on “License”.

Donald W. Lambie Award is presented to the individual with the highest mark in the initial RIBO Qualification examination. This year, three individuals are being recognized for their remarkable achievement and they are Marco De Bruyn of H.L. Staebler Company Limited, Stephen Green of Stewart Morrison Insurance Brokers Ltd. and Paul Somers of Bickerton Brokers Ont. Ltd.

Chris Ward Memorial Award

During the last three months we reviewed 53 requests for secondary business exemptions.The exemption breakdown was as follows: 5 individuals were granted exemptions to sell financial products and 48 individuals were granted other secondary business exemptions.

This award is presented in memory of RIBO’s late president Christopher J. Ward, to the individual who receives the highest mark on the first attempt of the Level II examination. I’m pleased to announce that this year’s recipient is J. Daniel Desbiens of Advanced Insurance Brokers Inc.

I am sad to say that this will be my last report as Chair of the Qualification & Registration Committee. I am grateful of the support from Donald W. Lambie Award my fellow Committee members and thankful for This award is presented in recognition of Mr. their contributions over the past year. I would Lambie’s commitment to self-regulation and his also like to take this opportunity to thank the outstanding contribution to the broker ProfesQualification & Registration staff for all their hard sion. Mr. Lambie was one of RIBO’s founding fawork and efforts in supporting the Committee. thers and also acted as the first President. The

ELECTION REMINDER November 2, 2015 is Election Day. Every member in good standing is entitled to vote for up to three candidates. By early October, you will receive the nomination material by mail, which will include information about each candidate up for election. Please follow the instructions outlined on the “Instructions for Voting” sheet. All ballots must be received at the RIBO office by 4:00 p.m. on November 2, 2015.



BULLETIN FALL 2015 • Volume 44 • NO. 145

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Friday, November 6, 2015 at 1:30 p.m. The Thirty-Third Annual General Meeting of the membership of the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario will take place on Friday, November 6, 2015, starting at 1:30 p.m. at Toronto’s Arcadian Loft, Simpson Tower, 401 Bay Street, 8th Floor, Toronto, Ontario.

Council members, incoming members, senior management and other members of the RIBO staff. All registrants in good standing are eligible to attend and to vote on matters brought before the meeting. A list of members who are qualified to vote will be available for review in the RIBO office during business hours.

A formal notice of meeting and proxy form and election material will be distributed by mail to each registrant in good standing.

Any member unable to attend the meeting is encouraged to submit a proxy to register their vote on questions that may be raised at the meeting.

Besides the usual business covered at every Annual Meeting, you will have an opportunity to meet and talk with this year’s


A D D I T I O N S Ribo No. Broker 3847 3849 3850 3853 3855

D E L E T I O N S City

IQ Insurance Services O/B IQ Insurance Inc. Combius Insurance Inc. Accountancy Insurance Brokers Limited Sukhu Insurance Brokers Inc. Freedom Insurance Brokers Inc.

Vancouver Toronto Mississauga Pickering Richmond Hill

Ribo No. Broker


404 840 1940 3252 3300 3493 3544 3568

Owen Sound Windsor Burlington Burlington Markham Mississauga Toronto Toronto

Chesley-Tara Insurance Brokers Ltd. Grant & Mingay Insurance Ltd. CSI Brokers & Financial Services Inc. Sylvite Financial Services Inc. Lottie Insurance Inc. MHM Insurance Brokers Ltd. Endeavour Insurance Services Limited Galileo Insurance Group

COUNCIL DIRECTORY Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario PRESIDENT




Beth Pearson AP Insurance Brokers Inc. 1423 Upper Ottawa Street Unit 11 Hamilton, ON L8W 3J6 Tel: (905) 389-2822 Fax: (905) 389-5819

Norma Hitchlock Marsh Insurance Limited 199 Coleman Street P.O. Box 75 Belleville, ON K8N 4Z9 Tel: (613) 969-7006 Fax: (613) 969-6578

Patty Crawford Crawford & Danyluk Insurance Brokers Limited 2681 Gideon Drive, Box 100 Delaware, ON N0L 1E0 Tel: (519) 652-3201 Fax: (519) 652-2710

Tracy McLean Moore-McLean Insurance Group Ltd. 48 Yonge Street Suite 900 Toronto, ON M5E 1G6 Tel: (416) 364-4000 Fax: (416) 364-5708

ELECTED MEMBERS Gil Constantini Insurance Protection Group 995 Elgin Street West Suite #1 Cobourg, ON K9A 5J3 Tel: 888-879-2692 Fax: (905) 372-5311

John Gelston HUB International HKMB Limited 595 Bay Street, Suite 900 Box 81 Toronto, ON M5G 2E3 Tel: (416) 597-0008

Scott Bell AP Insurance Brokers Inc. 1423 Upper Ottawa Street, Unit 11 Hamilton, ON L8W 3J6 Tel: (905) 389-2822 Fax: (905) 389-5819

Rex Harrison Jr. Mason Insurance Brokers Ltd. 317 King Street Welland, ON L3B 5P4 Tel: (905) 788-3535 Fax: (905) 788-9202

Jack Lee BFL Canada Risk and Insurance Services Inc. 181 University Avenue, Suite 1700 Toronto, ON M5H 3M7 Tel: (416) 599-5530 Fax: (416) 599-5458

PUBLIC MEMBERS Nick Dzudz Mariette Matos Diane Scott Rob Walters

P.O. Box 45 401 Bay Street, Suite 1200 Toronto, ON M5H 2Y4 Tel: (416) 365-1900 • Fax: (416) 365-7664

BULLETIN FALL 2015 • Volume 44 • NO. 145

STAFF DIRECTORY Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER



Jeff Bear

Communications Coordinator Lise Clements

General Counsel Patrick Ballantyne

Executive Assistant Lise Clements


Receptionist Sheron Fraser


ADMINISTRATION & FINANCE Manager Winston Koo System Administrator Gustavo Blandon

Christopher Thorn Accounting Erica Lo

Complaints Officer Barbara Dalgleish-Reid

Manager Vivian Lee

Senior Investigators Nadine Austin

Licensing Coordinator Tracy Cullen

Crystal Skyvington

Registration/Data Entry Valrie Bailey Irene Chung

Legal Assistant Angela Daley

Examination Coordinator Laurie Reynolds

Investigator Arthur Kosikowski

Administrative Assistant Lloyd Choong

Legal Assistant Angela Daley Financial Compliance Coordinator Diana Campoli Senior Financial Investigator Michael Buck Financial Investigators Debbie Lee Wendy Wu

RIBO Office: (416) 365-1900 or 1-800-265-3097 Fax: (416) 365-7664 P.O. Box 45, 401 Bay Street, Suite 1200, Simpson Tower, Toronto, ON M5H 2Y4

P L E A S E V I S I T O U R W E B S I T E AT W W W. R I B O . C O M is the self-regulatory body for general insurance brokers in Ontario.

BULLETIN FALL 2015 • Volume 44 • NO. 145

RIBO Bulletin - Fall 2015  
RIBO Bulletin - Fall 2015