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What’s on Architecture for all Autumn 2012


Talks and events


From exhibitions, talks and debates to conferences and awards, the Royal Institute of British Architects celebrates and promotes the benefits of good architecture – past, present and future



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Autumn highlights l Dream Builders: Zaha Hadid l Last Tuesdays: late night opening l Jencks Award: Rem Koolhaas l After the Party: The Legacy of Celebration l Chromazone: Colour in Contemporary Architecture

Last Tuesdays at 66 Portland Place 18:00 – 22:00 Enjoy a new after hours experience in the heart of London’s West End and discover one of London's hidden architectural gems. Relax and unwind with friends – enjoy one of our events, browse the bookshop, explore the world-class Library or meet for a drink in the bar or have a bite to eat in the restaurant. Each month we celebrate a different theme with a wide range of special activities and events, from exhibitions and talks to film screenings and tours – many of which are listed in this booklet. Free admission (some special events are charged).

Make a date and enjoy Last Tuesdays on September 25 - The After Party October 30 - City Stories November 27 - Colour me Vertical Visit for full information. Please note that 66 Portland Place, including the restaurant, bar and Library (until 20.00), is also open all other Tuesday evenings until 22.00.

Join us for an engaging, topical and informative programme of talks and events across the country.

Stephen Lawrence Memorial Lecture 2012: Chris Wise Tuesday 18 September, 18.30 ‘Ripples, the legacy of the pebble in the pond.’ For the 12th Memorial Lecture, Professor Chris Wise presents stories from the sharp end of engineering and design, a blend of ‘What happened next? Wow! and backed with the regular cry of Must do better!’ An evening for both kids and grown-ups to re-awaken the pleasure to be had in flexing our minds, in being experimental and trying something new. £15/£5 students Booking: at

Booking information Advance booking essential at unless otherwise stated. Alternatively, leave a message on our recorded booking line 020 7307 3699

Talks and events

Talks and events

Talks in London: 66 Portland Place

The Observer/RIBA Stirling Prize 2012 Debate Tuesday 25 September, 18.30

For the first time ever the architects of the RIBA Stirling Prize shortlist come together in a public event to discuss their buildings and what it would mean to win UK architecture’s most prestigious prize. The Observer's architecture critic Rowan Moore will chair the discussion with David Chipperfield, Ellen van Loon of OMA, Alan Stanton and Paul Williams, John Tuomey and Rod Sheard of Populous. The winner of the 2012 prize will be announced at a special event in Manchester on Saturday 13 October. Please see page 18 for details. £12/£10 concessions. National Media Partner Left Infinity Bridge, Expedition Engineering and Spence Associates © Morley von Sternberg Top right Sainsbury Laboratory. Stanton Williams. Image: Hufton & Crow


Talks and events

The Flexi – Crystal Palace: Rehabilitating the Great 1851 Glass House Talk 18.30

25 September The After Party! Even great parties have to end. Explore what happened after some of the best-known international ‘parties’ came to an end. An opportunity to be architecturally entertained, relax with friends, browse the bookshop, explore the worldclass Library or meet for a drink or bite to eat in the bar or restaurant. Come to the RIBA for ‘The After Party’!

The London 2012 games are celebrated for ‘Post Games’ thinking – a principle largely based on creating new venues. But it is not the first example. In 1851, Joseph Paxton created Crystal Palace. Re-erected in 1854, the Palace was re-used many times. Dr Henrik Schoenefeldt discusses the unique engineering principles behind this iconic building and its legacy on glass architecture. Free. Book at

Talk, discussion and film 19.15

More than Sport: The Wembley Exhibition and What Happened Next Talk 18.30 Hundreds of thousands descend on this ‘hallowed’ turf every year, yet most will be unaware that this temple to sport lies at the heart of a long forgotten landscape of pavilions, pleasure buildings and ceremonial gardens. Elain Harwood reveals the mixed fortunes of Wembley’s key landmarks and their presence today.

Above Crystal Palace: the crossing. Sir Joseph Paxton. RIBA Library Photographs Collection


Model Living: Montreal 67 and the Story of the Habitat Expo 67 was one of the most popular world fairs of the 20th Century. Among its outstanding architectural set pieces was Habitat 67 designed by architect Moshe Safdie. Dr Irena Murray leads a discussion charting Habitat’s creation and its fortunes post-Expo. Includes screening of Impressions of Expo 67 film. Free. Book at

Impressions of Expo 67 Director: William Brind, 1967 With its cool lounge-jazz soundtrack and vivid technicolour images, it presents a portrait of Montreal at its liveliest and most exciting moment in history. Running time 9 mins.

£5. Book at

Shown as part of Model Living, above

Above Mackintosh's Toffee Kiosk for the British Empire Exhibition. P J Westwood & Emberton. RIBA Library Photographs Collection

Above Habitat, Expo '67, Montreal. Moshe Safdie. Image: Michael Hodges. RIBA Library Photographs Collection

Zaha Hadid Tuesday 16 October, 19.00

Brief City Director: Jacques B. Brunius/Maurice Harvey, 1952 Looping throughout the evening Shot on the South Bank site at the end of the Festival of Britain in 1951 Brief City tells the story of the buildings and unique spaces famously created as a ‘tonic for the nation’. Running time 19 mins. Free, drop in Above Image :BFI

Don’t miss the exhibition After the Party: The Legacy of Celebration See page 14 Guided tour of 66 Portland Place Free. 19.00. Maximum 20 people

Archaeology Squared Peter Eisenman Tuesday 9 October, 18.30

The world's greatest architects talk to Razia Iqbal at the RIBA. Zaha Hadid is one of the great driving forces of architecture and design today. In partnership with the BBC, RIBA brings you an opportunity to direct questions to Zaha Hadid as she is interviewed by Razia Iqbal about her design philosophy, the projects that made her and her hopes for the future. A recording of the event will be broadcast by the BBC World Service. Free, but booking is essential. Booking details on page 3 A partnership with

Artist, innovator, high-modernist and deconstructivist, Peter Eisenman emerged from the ‘New York Five’ group of the early 1970s. He is a master of re-invention with a wide range of projects around the world from the Aronoff Center at the University of Cincinnati and the City of Culture of Galicia to his powerful Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin. In this talk, Eisenman shares his unique philosophy of design via new projects including work on an Archaeological Park in Istanbul and others. £12/£10 concessions. Booking details on page 3 Above Image: Chris Wiley Right Image: Giovanna Silva


Talks and events

City Stories on Film Film Screenings at 18.00 and 19.30 Free, drop in

Spaghetti Kong

30 October City Stories City Stories gets under the skin of six great cities, each with great stories to tell. An opportunity to be architecturally entertained, relax with friends, browse the bookshop, explore the worldclass Library or meet for a drink or bite to eat in the bar or restaurant. Come to the RIBA for City story-time!


In 1972 Birmingham welcomed a giant King Kong statue and Spaghetti Junction – a giant motorway junction. This film charts the unveiling of both, their reception and mixed fortunes – one became a cultural icon, the other a forgotten folly. Running time 12 mins. Courtesy of Kino 10 and MACE (The Media Archive for Central England).

Glasgow Belongs to Me Director: British Transport Films, 1966 What makes the Glaswegian unique? Glasgow Belongs to Me captures the emotional quality of life and make up of identity in this great city from shipyards and tenements, to drink, song and football. Running time 17 mins. Courtesy of BFI.

Sketch in the City Workshop from 18.00 Take part in creating a massive topographical collage depicting London’s architectural past, present and future as it unfolds along the city’s most iconic line: the River Thames. Be inspired by drawings and photographs from the RIBA’s worldclass collections. Free, no booking required

Talk 18.30 Its relative isolation from mainland Italy and connections with the Byzantine Empire first and the Islamic world later helped shape the unique characteristics of the city’s architecture. Find out more from Photographs Collection curator, Valeria Carullo.

Sheffield: City on the Move Director: Jim Coulthard, 1972 At the opening titles to The Full Monty there is a sequence of boulevards and bright new buildings. The city was Sheffield and the film was City on the Move, a place valiantly resisting its future. Running time 28 mins. Film courtesy of Coulthard Productions

Venice: Architecture and Origins

Above top Central Electricity Power Station under construction, London. Sir Giles Gilbert Scott. RIBA Library Drawings Collection Above Sheffield: City on the Move Top right Grand Canal, Venice. Ralph Deakin/RIBA Library Photographs Collection

Free, book at

23 October, 13 November, 4 December Look out for a new series of film and talk nights introduced by leading names from architecture, design and fashion.

Vanishing City: The Story of East London’s China Town Talk 19.15

City Maker: Colonel Seifert Speaks Talk and performance 19.15 Seifert was said to have shaped London’s skyline more than any architect since Wren. Sarah Duncan and Catherine Croft (C20 Society Director) use new images and archival texts to explore the life and work of Richard Seifert. £5, from

Dr Yat Ming Loo will present the lost history of London’s Limehouse in the early 20th century, sharing the history and stories of lost spaces and communities. Free, book at

Edinburgh: Observations from a Planned City Gallery talk 18.30

Each event includes the screening of a film that has inspired their work, and is followed by a Q&A session, drinks reception with debate and discussion. £8.50/£5.50 concessions. Visit whatson for details

Talks and events

New! Film Nights with Disegno Magazine at the RIBA

This house believes that London will become more trouble than it’s worth Debate Tuesday 6 November, 18:30 It is widely accepted that London drives the UK economy and that success in London will lead to success in the rest of the country, but whilst the rest of the UK continues to foot the bill – first through a wholesale decline in industry and now through austerity required to repair the damage following the banking crisis – Mayor Boris Johnson wants to see more public money spent on London rather than regionally. Does London deserve the lion’s share of taxpayers’ money. And is it time to imagine a new role for provincial, core cities in the UK economy? Free, but booking essential at

Join architect Richard Murphy as he gives this special guided tour of his exhibition 21 Years, 21 Awards: The work of Richard Murphy Architects. Free, drop in, but space limited

Above Centre Point. Richard Seifert. Image: Sarah Duncan Top right Tower Hamlets Local History & Archive

Guided tour of 66 Portland Place Free. 19.00. Maximum 20 people 7

Talks and events

Jencks Award 2012 Rem Koolhaas Tuesday 20 November, 18.30

This year's Jencks Award winner Rem Koolhaas has, more than any other architect of his generation, invested in the creation of two parallel lives – one of theory and one of the practice of architecture. In this lecture, Rem Koolhaas charts the evolution of his ideas and built projects. From urban provocations and interventions to award winning schemes around the world, he is today one of architecture’s most potent forces. The lecture is chaired by Charles Jencks, designer, author and broadcaster. £12/£10 Advance booking essential. Booking details on page 3. Below left Image: Dominik Gigler Below right Chinese Central TV, OMA. Image: Philippe Ruault


27 November Colour me Vertical! Colour provokes emotional responses in us all, but what of its relationship to our buildings and cities? An opportunity to be architecturally entertained, relax with friends, browse the bookshop, explore the worldclass Library or meet for a drink or bite to eat in the bar or restaurant. Come to the RIBA for an evening of colour, light and architecture!

Rainbow Dance Director: Len Lye, 1936 Film from 18.00 (looping throughout evening) Commissioned by the Post Office to promote its savings bank, this energetic animated film is a riot of colour and music and shows off early techniques in film making. Running time 4min Free, drop in, but space limited Above © BFI Right St Basil's Cathedral, Red Square, Moscow, c. 1890. RIBA Library Photographs Collection Top right Mural, Dorothy Annan. Image Michael Bojkowski

Talks and events

Chromazones: Colour and the City Debate 19.15

Street Colour: The Forgotten Art of Dorothy Annan Talk 18.30

Colour in Architectural Photography Talk 18.30 Join exhibition curator Justine Sambrook for a closer look at colour in the RIBA Library Photographs Collection, from hand-tinted 19th Century lantern slides to the work of some of today’s most respected contemporary architectural photographers. Free, drop in, but space limited

Dorothy Annan’s colourful telecommunications murals on Farringdon Street (1963) show the impact of scientific imagery on Swinging London. Lara Schroder from C20 asks what should happen to the murals now. £5, advance booking essential from

21st Century Light Space Modulator Gallery talk 18.30 An introduction to colours, light effects and sensing technology by Jason Bruges Studio Free, book at

Red, White, Blue? Which are you? Colour provokes emotional responses in us all. Warm colours are said to relax us, cool colours create space and those with high blood pressure are advised to steer clear of red! But what is their relationship to buildings and to cities? How has colour been used as an active element of design and an expression of place? With authors Fiona McLachlan and David Batchelor, Adam Kaasa of the LSE and Rob Wilson – Curator of the Chromazone exhibition at the V&A. Free, booking essential at

Above Image: Diana Dervishi Below left Image: Jason Nathan

Don’t miss the exhibitions The Polychrome Lens and 21st Century Light Space Modulator See page 15 and 16

Guided tour of 66 Portland Place Free. 19.00. Maximum 20 people 9

Talks and events

Talks in London: V&A

A Lasting Legacy: Renaissance Tombs and Monuments

Closer Look talks

Talk Tuesday 25 September, 13.00

Enjoy one of our Closer Look talks at the Victoria and Albert Museum as part of the V&A+RIBA Architecture Partnership. Free, but limited spaces so ticketed on a first come first served basis on the day. Tickets available from the main Information Desk on the day of the talk. Please meet at the Meeting Point, Grand Entrance, V&A, at 12.55pm.

King’s Cross: Regenerating a London Landmark Talk Wednesday 19 September, 13.00 Join Hiro Aso, Lead Programme Architect for King’s Cross Station, as he takes you through the current display King’s Cross: Regenerating a London Landmark and discusses the work carried out by lead architects and masterplanners John McAslan+Partners and engineer ARUP in transforming London’s King’s Cross Station for Network Rail. 10

King’s Cross: Regenerating a London Landmark Study day 16 October, 10.30–16.30, Hochhauser Auditorium, Sackler Centre This study day will explore past and present images of actual and imagined transformations of the iconic King’s Cross Station. It will bring together the project director of the newly transformed King’s Cross Master Plan with curators, transport historians, artists and cultural theorists. Speakers include Hiro Aso, Ben Campkin, Barry Curtis, Oliver Green, Joe Kerr and Richard Wentworth. Booking: Visit Above Perspective elevation of King’s Cross Hotel project (detail), 1946, by Albert Wilby. Image: RIBA Library Drawings & Archives Collection

Renaissance artists and architects designed elaborate tombs for the commemoration of the nobility and the papacy. Using surviving designs to illustrate key architectural innovations of the period, Italian examples will be contrasted with English, and the continuing legacy of these monuments on the work of later architects will be explored. With Matthew Storey, V&A.

Regency Architecture Tuesday 30 October, 13.00 The early 19th century was a period of major urban expansion in Britain, as the wealth generated by the Industrial revolution allowed the upper and middle classes to build grand houses and institutions. The RIBA’s collections are rich in drawings of this period and this talk will include material by architects including Sir John Soane and Charles Barry. With Charles Hind, RIBA.

Above Design for Hungerford Market, Charing Cross, London, 1833. Charles Fowler. Image: RIBA Library Drawings & Archives Collection Above right Palace of Westminster, London. Image: Eric de Maré / RIBA Library Photographs Collection Bottom right Design for the Cambridge Union Society, c. 1865. Alfred Waterhouse. Image: RIBA Library Drawings & Archives Collection

Talks and events

Decimus Burton’s London 20 November, 13.00 Focusing on Burton’s work in London, including his designs for the Athenaeum – the members’ club – and for such iconic designs as the Hyde Park Wellington Arch and Palm House at Kew Gardens, Dr Irena Murray will also consider his legacies, to both the RIBA and V&A.

A W N Pugin – A Passion for Gothic Study day 10 November, 10.30–17.00 Hochhauser Auditorium, Sackler Centre Pugin was one of the most influential architects and designers of the 19th century. A man of unflagging energy who championed the Gothic Revival and transformed British architecture, he created cathedrals, churches, houses, and the Palace of Westminster and he designed furniture, woodwork, metalwork, textiles, ceramics and jewellery. Speakers include historians and curators Ayla Lepine, Tim BrittainCatlin and Mark Collins. Booking: Visit

Discovering Waterhouse (1830–1905): from Manchester to London

Other events in London

Design Bites at the Royal Opera House

11 December, 13.00

Design Bites at Forward Studios

Tour Thursday 25 October 18.30– 20.30, The Paul Hamlyn Hall, Royal Opera House, Bow Street, London WC2E 9DD

Through the RIBA’s extensive collection of Alfred Waterhouse drawings, discover how this Liverpool-born Quaker rose to become one of Britain’s most successful architects. With Susan Pugh, RIBA.

Tour Tuesday 16 October, 18.45– 20.30, Forward, Centro 3, 19 Mandela Street, London, NW1 0DU Exploring the creative approach taken by Jump Studio for the hospitality and communal spaces at Forward’s Camden offices, this tour will have you re-thinking your work environment. Designer Markus Nonn of Jump Studio and San Yetlee, Creative Director at Forward will explain the design and ethos of these flexible and inviting spaces. Followed by pizza and drinks. £20. Booking from

Co-led by Mike Lucy from the operators – Company of Cooks and Mark Bithrey, Creative Director from B3 Designers, this tour will focus on the innovative mobile 13.5 m long Champagne bar that dominates the Paul Hamlyn Hall. £20. Booking from

Above Champagne bar, Paul Hamlyn Hall, Royal Opera House. Image: Lia Vittone


Talks and events

Talks in Cambridge Enjoy illustrated talks and Q&A sessions with the architects of some of this year’s RIBA Award winning buildings in the East of England. All talks take place at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, Wilberforce Rd, Cambridge CB3 OWA except 4 October, which takes place at the The Sainsbury Laboratory, University of Cambridge, Bateman Street, Cambridge, CB2 1LR. £10/£5 for under 18’s. Tickets (per talk) include a glass of wine or soft drink. Advance booking essential at For further details contact 01223 566285 Sponsored by

The Dune House, Thorpeness Talk Thursday 27 September, 18.00 Designed for Alain de Botton’s Living Architecture by Jarmund Vigsnaes Architects and Mole Architects, it has won both an RIBA Award and RIBA East Client of the Year Award. Meredith Bowles founder and Director of Mole Architects talks about Living Architecture, The Dune House, his ideas and the values that he considers when approaching a project. £10/£5 for under 18’s

The Sainsbury Laboratory, University of Cambridge Talk Thursday 4 October, 18.00

Brentwood School Sixth Form and Assembly Hall Talk Thursday 8 November, 18.00

The Sainsbury Laboratory is one of six exceptional buildings on the RIBA Stirling prize shortlist and has been heaped with praise by the critics. Alan Stanton of Stanton Williams will share his thoughts about this inspirational building, which is generally closed to the public.

Three buildings unfold as a sequence of spaces for learning, socialising and gathering. Built on a difficult infill site, the buildings are strongly affected by their historic architectural setting. Simon Tucker of Cottrell and Vermeulen Architecture Ltd will describe their approach to the commission.

£10/£5 for under 18’s

£10/£5 for under 18’s

Royal Veterinary College Student Village, North Mymms Talk Thursday 6 December, 18.00 Demonstrating what can be achieved on a tight budget, Russell Brown of Hawkins Brown gives his insights into this project, noted for its use of diverse materials and its rural setting. £10/£5 for under 18’s

Left Dune House. Image: Chris Wright



Exhibitions Be inspired by one of our many free changing exhibitions and displays

Admission to all exhibitions at 66 Portland Place and the V&A is free. RIBA galleries open Monday–Saturday 10.00–17.00 (Tuesdays until 22.00). Please note that early closures may occur for special events. Call 020 7580 5533 to check. Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington. Open daily 10.00–17.45, Fridays 10.00–22.00.

Exhibitions in London: 66 Portland Place Design Stories: The Architecture Behind 2012 Until 25 September 2012, Gallery 1

Basking in the afterglow of the most successful Olympics and Paralympics ever, Design Stories examines the architecture and engineering behind the 2012 sporting venues that made it all possible through a unique collection of models, images and video.

Top Detail from Design Stories’ mural. Dan Bissonnet. © RIBA


Exhibitions After the Party: The Legacy of Celebration Until 27 November 2012, Gallery 2 2012 has been an exceptional year for architecture, but how does our contemporary Olympic effort compare with celebrations past and what lies in store for the park after the games are over? From Roman triumphs and pageants to Expos and millennia, this exhibition explores how events across time have left a legacy through the structures built for them. Drawing on the RIBA's unique collections, it examines the lasting social and urban impact of buildings created to celebrate a particular moment in time. 14

FIVE by 5: David Morley Architects 20 September–23 October, Florence Hall

Don’t miss The After Party!, Last Tuesdays’ special event on 25 September with talks, films and discussions. See page 4.

Celebrating 25 years and marking the publication of their new book 'FIVE by 5’ this retrospective exhibition brings together a diverse range of projects from the past quarter century. It features drawings and models of recent works including the London 2012 Water Polo Arena, Lord's Cricket Ground and the Regent's Park Hub.

1 October–3 November, Gallery 1

21st Century Light Space Modulator: an installation by Jason Bruges Studio

29 October–24 November, Florence Hall

14 November–29 January 2013

Ranging from arts and education buildings, to community spaces and housing, Edinburgh based Richard Murphy Architects have worked in many diverse areas. This exhibition celebrates their twenty-first anniversary and showcases a range of award winning schemes completed since their formation in 1991, including the British High Commission in Sri Lanka and Edinburgh’s Maggie’s Centre.

In summer 2012, Jason Bruges Studio transformed an unloved public space on London's Southbank with a landmark design commissioned by Havells Sylvania, the lighting arm of India's largest lighting and electrical manufacturer and the Southbank Centre. This installation reveals the Studio's approach on the site – fusing technology and culture to bring the space to life through interactivity and playfulness using a variety of materials, colours, light effects and sensing technology.


Architecture Open

21 Years, 21 Awards: The Work of Richard Murphy Architects

Don’t miss the gallery talk from Jason Bruges Studio: 27 November at 18.30, part of Last Tuesdays. See page 9. Below Image: Jason Bruges Studio

The Architecture Open exhibition showcases the wealth of creativity of RIBA members in London, who were invited to submit conceptual projects, paintings, drawings of live and past projects. Top left United States Pavilion, Expo '67. R. Buckminster Fuller, Fuller & Sadao. RIBA Library Photographs Collection Bottom left Decorations for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, Cirencester. Designer: Oliver Hill. Architectural Press Archive / RIBA Library Photographs Collection. Left Rolle Building. Plymouth University. David Morley Architects Right British High Commission, Colombo. Image: Richard Murphy Architects


Exhibitions The Polychrome Lens: Colour in Architectural Photography

Emerging Architecture

15 November–31 January, RIBA Library

Explore work by young architects from the annual ar+d Awards for Emerging Architecture. Now in its 14th year, it is the leading awards programme for architects and designers under 45, regularly attracting over 500 entries from around the world. An immense diversity of projects covering buildings, interiors, product design, engineering structures, urbanism and landscape provides a fascinating snapshot of architecture's emerging generation.

Discover early attempts involving toning and hand-tinting in the 19th Century, judge the results of the significant advances made following the introduction of new technology in the 1930s and 40s and see the explosion of colour in the architectural press during the 1970s and 80s. This display will reveal the influence that colour photography has had on architecture right up to the present day.

30 November –March, Florence Hall

Free; Photographic ID required Don’t miss the Last Tuesdays talk on 27 November. See page 9.


Top left Dance Band Studio, BBC Broadcasting House, London, 1932. RIBA Library Photographs Collection Top 2011 Award Winner – Malpica Harbour, Malpica, Spain by Creus e Carrasco Arquitectos, 2011 © Creus e Carrasco Arquitectos

The RIBA President’s Medals Student Awards 2012 5 December–26 January Gallery 2 & Lutyens Room The RIBA President’s Medals Student Awards are considered the most prestigious in architectural education in the world. They promote excellence in the study of architecture, rewarding talent, and encouraging architectural debate worldwide. This exhibition shows selected student work from 300 schools of architecture in over 60 countries, all invited to nominate entries for the RIBA President’s Medals. All nominated projects can be viewed online at

King’s Cross: Regenerating a London Landmark Until 21 October Models, original drawings, photographs and film bring to life the transformation of London’s King’s Cross Station for Network Rail. John McAslan+Partners and ARUP have sensitively restored Cubitt’s historic terminal, and the new concourse has tripled the station’s size. Original material from John McAslan+Partners documents the regeneration and as an icon of everyday London life, King’s Cross will also be explored within popular imagination.

Above Detail of diagrid roof, King’s Cross Station. John McAslan+Partners. Image: Hufton+Crow Left Sauerbruch Hutton, Five Beehives for Olaf Nicolai, Photo © Jan Bitter


Exhibitions in London: V&A

Chromazone: Colour in Contemporary Architecture 19 November–19 May The innovative use of colour is a major trend in contemporary architecture. This display features key projects by major UK and international architects who use colour to create identity, define space and heighten our experience of a building. The long history of the use of colour in architecture, with its strong symbolic and cultural meanings, will be shown with historic objects from the V&A and RIBA collections. Don’t miss the Last Tuesdays’ debate on 27 November, from Rob Wilson, Curator of Colour in Contemporary Architecture. See page 9.


Further activities

A Place to call Home: where we live and why Exhibition 12–14 October, 10.00– 17.00 Grand Designs Live, NEC Birmingham This RIBA exhibition continues its UK tour at Grand Designs Live in Birmingham. From Georgian town houses and Victorian back to backs to suburbia and tower blocks, it charts the story of the design and appeal of everyday homes in the UK. Guest curated by Sarah Beeny, A Place to call Home explores the characteristics of a British obsession and the experiments that have shaped how and where we live.

RIBA Liverpool City Tours Saturday, 10.30, Sunday 11.00, Wednesday 14.00. Until 31 October. Tours last approximately 2 hours. Various meeting points in Liverpool

Grand Designs Live, NEC Birmingham, 12–14 October

Join the RIBA guides on a walking tour which tells the story of Liverpool past, present and future through its buildings and public spaces. ‘Gateway to the World’ runs on Sundays and Wednesdays and ‘City of Culture, Learning and Faiths’ runs on Saturdays. A Winter tour programme will operate from November.

Homebuilding and Renovating Show, HIC Harrogate, 2–4 November

Special group tours can be arranged by contacting

Homebuilding and Renovating Show, Bath & West, Somerset 17–18 November

£7.50/£4.50 concessions. Please call 0151 707 0729. Contact for more information or visit liverpoolcitytours

Free with overall show admission ticket. For details visit

Ask an Architect

The RIBA is attending a number of important architecture and design shows this autumn. If you're planning 18

a build project why not come along to one of them and enjoy a free one to one 30-minute consultation with an RIBA chartered architect. Simply visit us at the Ask an Expert stand on the day, bringing along any plans, drawings and ideas that you may have. Consultations are on a firstcome, first-served basis.

66 Portland Place Guided tours Free Last Tuesday of the month, 19.00 Discover more about the amazing RIBA headquarters with a guided tour. Max: 20 people. Private tours by appointment only Charges apply. Please call 020 7580 5533 or email (marking your email RIBA Guided Tour) to discuss your visit.

RIBA Stirling Prize Dinner Saturday 13 October, 17.30 Manchester Town Hall For more information and to book tickets, go to Prize, email or call 020 7307 3778

The RIBA is a registered charity (no. 210566) and not-for-profit organisation which relies on the generosity of individuals, companies and Trusts and Foundations to ensure it continues to provide a diverse and exciting programme of work. To find out more about supporting us, please call 020 7307 3689, email or visit We would like to thank our major Corporate Partners:

Whether new to the RIBA or a regular visitor, we welcome everyone. From engaging exhibitions and high-profile lectures to delicious food and fascinating books, we have something for everyone to enjoy. As the UK’s national architecture centre, we have an internationally recognised collection for research and information, and deliver a varied programme of exhibitions, talks and other public events. In addition, we collaborate with the Victoria and Albert Museum, as part of the V&A+RIBA Architecture Partnership. RIBA 66 Portland Place London W1B 1AD Open Monday–Saturday Closed Sundays Admission is free Christmas closing The RIBA closes from 12.00 on 21 Dec and re-opens on 2 Jan. Finding us Nearest tube stations: Great Portland Street, Oxford Circus and Regent’s Park. Buses C2, 88 and 453 stop nearby. Access Step-free access, non-motorised wheel chairs and lifts to all floors are available. Guide dogs are welcome.

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Architecture Galleries Daily 10.00–17.45, Fridays until 22.00 w:

Exhibition Galleries Mon–Sat 10.00–17.00, Tue until 22.00 (exhibitions may occasionally be closed for events, call 020 7580 5533 to check) British Architectural Library Re-opens 11 Sep.Tue, Wed, Fri 10.00– 17.00 (Tue until 20.00), Sat 10.00–13.30. Photo ID required for entry. t: 020 7307 3882 w: librarydrawingsandphotographs


Supporting Us

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Cover: Habitat, Expo 67. Moshe Safdie. RIBA Library Photographs Collections Inside front cover: Guangzhou Opera House. Zaha Hadid Architects. Image: Hufton+Crow

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What's on Autumn 2012

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