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Case study: Woodberry Down, London Developer: Berkeley Group Local authority: London Borough of Hackney Architects: Rolfe Judd, Hawkins Brown Masterplan: Matrix Partnership

A total of 42 blocks of council housing built in the postwar years in Hackney, London, had fallen into disrepair and were beset with crime and unemployment. In 2002 Hackney Council undertook a full structural assessment of the estate and determined not simply to refurbish the buildings but to remake the place. Berkeley was selected as the developer partner to work with the council and Genesis Housing Association on the regeneration of Woodberry Down. Berkeley are committed to remaining involved throughout the 20 years the physical regeneration will take to complete; when the Commissioners visited the site 585 homes out of 4,000 had been built.


Working in partnership From the outset there has been close co-operation between Berkeley, Hackney Council, Genesis Housing Association, the Homes and Communities Agency, local residents and others. Strong partnerships have emerged, for example between the local residents’ association — Woodberry Down Community Organisation — and the Manor House Development Trust. These relationships reflect a willingness within each party to be transparent and recognise the experience and achievements of the others. Local leadership Hackney Council, Mayor Jules Pipe and Deputy Mayor Karen Alcock have been instrumental in pushing the project forward. Senior officers in housing and planning have continued to work with the development team, being open with one another on issues and working through

Future Homes Commission Report  

Future Homes Commission Report