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Designing for the future When the masterplan was drawn up, the area had some of the highest deprivation indices in the country, especially in relation to health. The integrated approach taken by the partners was key to securing new health and wellbeing facilities for the wider area, not just new residents. The different amenities, from transport routes to health and commercial centres, were designed to aid the growth of a sustainable new residential quarter.

Good design was also a concern of the partners, as the homes needed to be high quality to attract residents. All the homes were designed to internal space standards set by the council and the developer, and also meet Secure by Design standards. There are wheelchairaccessible homes, and the tenure neutral design means there are no obvious differences between the affordable and private homes. A high percentage of the apartments are dual aspect and generous balconies and gardens are provided where possible.

Š Levitt Bernstein and Hyde Group. Photographer Tim Crocker


Future Homes Commission Report  

Future Homes Commission Report