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Sustainable Refurbishment: Myth, Magic or Mandatory

HEDQF 9TH October 2012

Ben Humphries

Understand the Building, Intimately Accurate and Invasive Surveys and Upfront Work Proper Analysis - Energy Profile, Thermal, Daylight and Ventilation Modelling Occupancy Evaluation, User Surveys, eg BUS (Building Use Studies) Occupant Survey A Good Feasibility Study with the RIGHT Consultants This then FEEDs the Brief/Budget

Ability Media, 56 Southwark Bridge Road, Refurb of 1903 Library

Write a Rigorous Brief Building Regulations or BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) will not ensure low energy use Unregulated Loads are Not Included Set Ambitious Energy Targets That are then Demonstrated at Every Design Stage

Holy Trinity Primary School - Extension and Refurb of 70s Primary

Fabric First Focus on Air-tightness Super Insulate More Bang for Your Buck! Cost of Measures vs Carbon Saved Heating System Costs Dramatically Reduced

The Cost of Carbon Saving Initiatives

St.Quintin’s Centre - refurb of 60s Community Centre

Model It! ‘Finger in the Air’ ’ is NO GOOD Accurate Thermal Modelling - Basic SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model) is not Sufficient Detailed Daylight Modelling Use PHPP (Passivhaus Planning Package) even if not doing a Passivhaus Project Properly Assess the Lifecycle Implications of Decisions

Daylight Analysis on Holy Trinity Primary School and Rapier - Lifecycle Cost and Carbon

The High Cost of Adequate Ventilation Increased Air Tightness Means Serious Attention to the Ventilation Strategy Detailed Assessment of Options, from Energy and Cost Perspective Heat Loss Through ‘Natural’ ’ Systems is NEVER advertised MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) is Almost a Given

Ventilation Heat Loss Analysis at Herts PCP

It’s Often Not What You Put In, BUT What You Take Out Thought to be Effective Measures can Often Mean Increased Energy Use E.g. Suspended Ceilings put in to Reduce Heat Loss, but Lighting Energy has Tripled as a Result Cutting Away Sections of Buildings, e.g. Heavy 60s RC Slabs, can mean Additional Loadings can be Applied, eg EXTRA FLOORS

Robert Fitzroy Academy - Refurb of Edwardian FE College

‘Sweat the Asset’ ’; Long Life Loose Fit Keep it Lean Timetable Analysis / Overlapping Uses Forecasting Future Operation Designing Robustly rather than Flexibly Design for Easy Replacement, Easy Removal

Rectory Grove CLC - refurb of Victorian Education Centre

Early Contractor Involvement Creates Better Understanding, More Economic Designs, More Efficient Programming Try Contractor as a Paid Consultant, E.g. as IESE (Improvement and Efficiency South East) SPD (Single Point Delivery) Route Means Innovation can be Road Tested Before it’ ’s too Late!

Upper Twyford - Refurb of Rural Barn

Closing the Performance Gap Soft Landings can Save you a Fortune POE (Post Occupancy Evaluation), even Basic, using e.g. SMeasure will help optimise and REDUCE energy use Use BUS Occupancy Survey as a Metric Consider KPIs and Performance Contracting All Builds Towards a Whole Estate View

Holy Trinity Primary School POE - Extension at Bessemer andGrange RefurbPrimary of 70s Primary School

Healthy Living; Low Embodied Carbon More Demanding ‘Customers’ ’ will ask ‘What Gives this Place the Edge?’ ’ Natural Materials with Low Toxicity = Improved Air Quality; Better for Concentration Consider Going Beyond Operational Energy and Incorporate Embodied Energy into the Brief

Beyond Autism: Ability The Rainbow - RefurbBridge of Victorian andof60s extension Media,School 56 Southwark Road, Villa Refurb 1903 Library

5 Top Tips Evidence Based Approach to Setting the Brief Rigorous Analysis and Investigation to Develop the Design Close Collaboration between Client, Design Team and Contractor to Realise the Design in Reality Monitor the Building Extensively to Optimise the Building’s Performance and Comfort Recognise the Importance of a ‘Health and Wellbeing’

Beyond Autism: The Rainbow School - Refurb of Victorian Villa andof Hugh Myddelton Primary School – refurb and extension of60s 60sextension building Ability Media, 56 Southwark Bridge Road, Refurb 1903 Library

Ben Humphries  


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