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Progression of my contents page

This is the start of my contents page. This is the original picture I used before I edited it. The only adjustment I have done to it so far at this stage is rotated it 180 degrees. Originally my ‘model’ was upside down.

On this stage I changed edited things like the brightness on my picture. I then added the same mast head from my front cover, the issue number and the date. I have also added a blue and black rectangle at the left side of the page and a red rectangle with the words; main features, inside of it.

On this step I have added the page numbers, the band names and a bit of information about what each story contains. The blue and red colours of my text I have taken from the colours of my ‘models’ shirt.

This is my final product. On this stage I added email addresses and twitter accounts so the audience can get involved. I have used interextual references and websites which my audience will use. I have also put a humourous pull quote at the bottom of the page to pull people in and want make them want to read on.

Progression of contents page.