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Evaluation question six.

Throughout the process of making my AS media course work, I have used a variety of programs and websites. The programs and websites I used were:

Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 This program played a big part in creating my final pieces. Once I had taken my photographs, I used Photoshop to edit them to exactly how I wanted them because it has a vast variety of tools and had every tool I needed.

Advantages: This program is the professional program for editing photos and has every tool needed to edit and create a piece of work. This program is free to use at college and is available on every computer. After creating work on Photoshop, you can save it in a variety of formats which is very helpful, especially in this course work as I could upload things on my blog displayed in different ways.

Disadvantages: If one is planning on using Photoshop at home, then it is very expensive to buy and costs around ÂŁ300. Photoshop has so many different tools and if you have never used the program before then it is very hard to use and very confusing. Before I started my course work I had never used this program before and it took me a few hours of practise to know about certain tools and how to use them. Another disadvantage is that Photoshop can sometimes ‘lag’ which can be very frustrating and this sometimes makes it unusable.

What I learnt: By using Photoshop I learnt to consider things like; camera angle, background and shot distance when taking my photos. I knew that when taking my photos that if I had a complex background it would be hard to edit or cut a person out of

a photo. I also learnt how to manipulate and edit photos. For example, using the healing tool to remove any spots or using the liquify tool to make people look slightly slimmer. As well as learning to edit photos I also learnt how to edit and manipulate text. For example, when creating my mast head, I had my text but it looked very plain and boring. I experimented on the program and learnt how to use tools such as Bevel and Emboss to make the text stand out better.

When I took this picture, I made sure there was a plain background so the photo would be easier to edit once put onto Photoshop.

Mast head after editing

Mast head before editing.

As you can see, the mast head on the right is quite boring and doesn’t really draw you into the magazine whereas, the mast head on the left has been manipulated and almost jumps out of the page at you and draws you in more.

Flickr Flickr is a free web site and it is very easy to use. Flickr has played a relatively big part in the planning and the evaluation of my coursework as it allowed me to annotate pictures on the website, then post the link to the annotated picture onto my blog.

Advantages: Flickr is very straight forward and free to use. It made annotating my magazine pages very easy and quick. It is also a more creative way of writing about something. Instead of just writing about a front cover of a magazine on an A4 piece of paper, you can drag a box over everything you want to comment on. Then instead of then reading through paragraphs to see where my point was for the mast head for example, Flickr allowed me just to hover over the mast head and see what I had written about it.

Disadvantages: Flickr being a free website is an advantage, but at the same time this is also a disadvantage as this means the website could easily be deleted. I also had to make a Yahoo account to join Flickr. The website itself is also quite confusing to navigate your way around.

What I learnt: from using Flickr I learnt how to annotate my work quickly and easily and how to link a file from Flickr on my blog. I also learnt what I had to bear in mind when making my magazine. For example, including a mast head, cover line, whether I should make my model make eye contact or not. Finally I learnt that I can annotate work in more creative ways on the , instead of just writing pages about a front cover or contents page.


Blogger is a free online blogging program and has been stabilisers of my course work. Every piece of work I have done has been placed up onto my blog all in different formats. One big thing in media is being creative, and Blogger does not restrict this in anyway. It has allowed me to produce my evaluation tasks in more creative and fun ways as I know that I can upload it onto my blog.

Advantages: Blogger is also free to use and is found on the internet. It has so few limitations when it comes to uploading work, with Blogger you can upload any format! One thing which I like about Blogger and I think is really useful is that you can follow other people and their blogs, I find this helpful as you can find inspiration through other people who share the same passion as you and get feedback on your work. As well as being able to upload any format you can also upload videos and photos too. This is very helpful as a lot of my course work consists of pictures. Blogger is so easy to use and is customizable too. I like this as it makes you feel even closer to your work. It is very quick and simple to view your blog and posts you have published.

Disadvantages: Because Blogger is a free website it is not guaranteed to exist in the future so work that has been produced can easily be lost. Also sometimes work doesn’t always save and is lost from the Blog, this can be very frustrating.

What I have learnt: Blogger has taught me that in media there really are no limitations to presenting work. I have also learnt how to save my work in several different formats. For example, saving a Photoshop file as a Jpeg so it can then be uploaded onto my blog.

To the right is a screen shot of a post ready to publish on my blog. At the top of my post you can see a line of tools, these are the different options you have when producing a post. You can add a link, a photo or a movie. Or you can simply write on the blog and change the font , spell check or you can even add a location of where you are.

This screen shot shows all of my posts I have published so far. On this screen I can either view my posts or edit them. Each post is under a label which makes them easier to find. But this shows how easy Blogger is to use.


Issuu is a free online program which allows you to publish ‘books’ onto their website which can then be linked onto your blog.

Advantages: Issuu allows for a word document to be transformed into a book on the internet. This is a lot easier to do than writing pages on my blog. Along with Flickr and Blogger , Issuu is a free website to use.

Disadvantages: As Issuu is a free website, its existence in the future is not guaranteed. Also, it is not the most straight forward website to use.

What I have learnt: I have learnt how to save a word document into a PDF then upload it onto my Blog.

Here is a document I produced on word which I then saved as a PDF and uploaded it onto Issuu. Once uploaded I then shared the link onto my blog. As you can see it is a lot like a book.

Overall: Overall after using all of these programs I have learnt how to be more creative when it comes to presenting my work and to consider what type of document I should make bearing in mind what task it is that I have to do. For example, for an evaluation task I would choose to either make a PDF or a movie as a lot of things will need to be said/written. I have also learnt how to use Photoshop, but not only how to use Photoshop on the computer but when taking pictures to have an idea in the back of my mind what I want to produce so I make sure I get the right background so it is editable on Photoshop. Finally, I have developed many skills on and off the computer. For example on the computer, I could take a Photograph on Photoshop and completely manipulate it. Whereas, off the computer I could analyse a magazine cover in a shop and pick up on its masthead , its left third and its cover line ect.

Evaluating Technologies  
Evaluating Technologies  

What i learnt from using certain programs in my media course work.