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This screen shot from Dawn of the Dead (1979) is shocking. Throughout the whole film Romero really focuses on body horror. This one image can sum up how extreme some of the scenes are considering he is using real animal guts. In this film the gore isn’t in a quick montage of action shots including some brief glimpses of gore, instead it is really long and drawn out. The whole way through the film I was bracing myself, waiting for the next gory part. In this screen shot a biker is ‘torn’ into by the zombies and eaten alive. The special effects for the era the film was made were created by Tom Savini. This film is quite clearly a gory horror and portrays this beautifully throughout. When Tom Savini was younger he served as a combat photographer during the Vietnam war. He saw many horrors of the world during this time and those memories have never left him. When making Dawn of the Dead (1979) he was almost as much of an auteur as George A. Romero as he portrayed the horrors he has seen during the war through the extreme body horror seen in throughout the movie.

DOTD Body Horror Screen Shot