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In this shot we see women being objectified by men. This video shows off the girls bodies by having them wearing tiny bikinis which barely cover their body's, we see the male who's is clearly the focal point in this scene and behind we see different women scattered around all in minimal clothing. This explicit shot shows just how objectifies they are being used in the background just to make everything look good and to the public something like this may not be acceptable. Also by having him dressed in all white not exposing his body shows where the power lays between the two genders.

In this video we see men objectified by women. In order to break the stereotype of females being the ones objectified with a lack of clothing, Marina has placed men in that position so that the female can be seen as more powerful than the opposing gender. Men in minimal clothing is something not typically done so when it’s done it is a powerful statement to the audience and especially to females. In this video the focal point is the female and opposite to the previous shot the men are placed in the background to make the shot better looking, objectifying males.

In this shot we see a female empowered. This video contains the female having a dress that is quite elegant, but still has that seductive atmosphere presented. This is a way to empower the female by not following the typical stereotypes of showing off her body but still remaining powerful and elegant through her presence and dress sense. The fact that she is also in wedding dress is very empowering because that is something which a lot of females want to do plus the confidence in this picture and although she is getting married we see no men around shows a independent side.