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Film four usually produces movies which are British Social Realism and deal with topics which people in the UK can relate to. Working with very low budgets they try to create the most realistic type of films which are not farfetched and stick the codes and conventions of BSR. When it came to planning our idea we wanted to come up with something which was not common in BSR films and this was aiming it towards a more middle class audience. When planning all of our ideas we came up with loads of good ideas but non that specifically matched a British social realism film. We then picked an idea that matched British Social Realism the most and decided to expand on it developing our idea. Taking inspiration from loads of other successful British Social Realism films we tried to involve it into our idea. After we had finalized our idea we then started to develop on the characters making each of them relatable in a certain way all having problems that people every day go through. Our developed idea change after many discussions with my partner we decided to make the main character Asian following the stereotypical representations of Asian male abuse in our opening sequence. We took inspiration from other British Social Realism films such as ‘Looking For Eric’ and ‘This Is England’. During pre –production we started to create our graphics and titles, we aimed to create something that would be used in Film4 not going to overboard sticking to the typical conventions. We tested many different fonts till we came to a conclusion on which one to use, we used to be choose a font because the font which were already downloaded on the programme we were using did not match to what we wanted and felt like it didn’t really relate to our sequence at all. Thinking about other film4 films when creating our narrative we watched and studied a lot of other film four films till we came to what we wanted ours to be, we wanted our idea to be original and something which has not really been done before. During pre-production we had to write up our original idea before filming and here it is.

When going out and filming out opening sequence we were given basic equipment to use which would effect the way we filmed, we didn’t have any big productions or fancy equipment just a video recorder and a tripod. Film 4 effected the way we shot firstly because they work on such a low budget they aren’t able to afford for fancy equipment or production sets. They have to work with what they have but by doing this it helps add to whole British Social Realism effect. Camera work and movement used within production where a range of long-shots, midshots, close-up’s, establishing shots, point of view shots and pans. We decided to use theses camera shots firstly because within every British Social Realism film I have watched they all included loads of these shots and by using a range of these shots it makes our work look more real. When it came to location we felt that it was key to be able to go and pick the right places to film. Because we were aiming towards a totally different class, we couldn’t just use the stereotypical locations that you see in every day British social realism films because if we did so it would not attract out audience at all, because why would a middle class person who's interests are completely different to a working class person want to watch things in settings they are not use to and also themes they are not use to and cannot relate to in any way. The main points in our sequence which show that we were aiming to a more middle class audience is firstly when you see out male main character go to his car, we see him driving a Mercedes and this car along with him both represent power and money. Also when we see him go inside his house the set up and layout of everything allows the audience to see that he is in a middle class family from the furniture in the house bur also the layout in the house. We choose Asian people to play our main characters firstly because at the time other people who we wanted to use were always busy and didn’t have the time to commit and secondly using Asian characters helps to fit in with our theme of BSR and stereotypically links with the theme of violence within the household.

During post-production film4 influenced our work by the way we edited our work. When editing we had to keep in mind what we were able to use and what we were not able to use. When it came to editing we had to firstly make sure that there was a lot of continuity in our piece and that everything flowed. We wanted out continuity to be really tight and for there to be no pause between each shot. We showed continuity 3 times in our work when he is walked, picking up the bottle and our female character walking through the door. Editing we used iMovie to edit are shots together we used the newest version of iMovie to edit. Film4 using a very low budget probably only use equipment which is a little bit more expensive to what we used and helped to make our sequence more realistic to what an opening sequence would be. When we finally finished editing we had to take into consideration what effects we would use in our work, the main transition we used in our work was a cross dissolve, throughout by using it, it linked some of our scenes together very well and helped our piece to flow.

Continuity allows us to make our work look more professional and also allows us to show our editing skills to show how we are able to edit. They way film 4 influences our post-production is that we had to be able to edit in the style of British social realism.

If our film were to get distributed, I would firstly advertise my film by having loads of adds on newspapers an certain magazine firstly because our middle class audience are more likely to be able to be looking at these things so it is more likely to get their attention in these things rather than a gossip magazine. I would use Film 4 to distribute my film but I would also use home distribution to be able to get my film out there, having done loads of research on home distribution it allows me to have a better understanding on how my film would be distributed. Our film would also be distributed in smaller cinema chains which specialise in being showing British social realism films. Because our film includes themes that people can relate to Film 4 are able to distribute it because they usually distribute films which are have these relatable themes.


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