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I-Shanghai Time: Jan.10th-Feb.20th

What is I-Shanghai ?

How does it work?

I-Shanghai, a project on exploring Shanghai and Chinese culture, aims at promoting understanding of traditional Chinese Culture and arousing the public awareness of cultural protection.

Gain: Enrich trainees’ experiences Feedback: Increase the contribution to the society

What does it belong to? It belongs to ISH Big Big Family !

Here comes I-Shanghai 2017! Cultural experience activities: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Culture learning &understanding Travel in Suzhou and Hangzhou Global food Chinese Traditional Wedding Museum visiting Chinese traditional classes Shanghai dialect learning class bilingual Teaism class calligraphy class cooking class

Jobs: 1. record your feelings about the local city, Chinese traditional culture and the experience of the project in the forms of articles, photos and videos 2. Do social research about China old architecture with students from Fuxing senior high school 3. do presentations in the culture salon

Cheongsam shooting Place: The studio of Lai En Gong She Partner: Lai En Gong She Content: wearing the cheongsam and shooting in the scene of old Shanghai. Significance: Experience the traditional costume of China Feeling the atmosphere of the old Shanghai, through it, getting know to the life style of the old Shanghai Keeping the photograph as an souvenir.

Travel in Suzhou &Hangzhou For two day longs---l Travel with Chinese students! l Travel in the most beautiful and traditional cities in China! l Taste the most delicious Chinese food!

Chinese traditional wedding you will have a chance to experience Traditional Chinese Wedding in Han dynasty. Our partner called shide Chinese traditional wedding and Hanfu shooting will invite you to experience a traditional Chinese wedding.At the same time,they will show you different kinds of Chinese traditional Clothes and you can try on.

Chinese traditional classes Partner: Orange Tree(cultural organization) Ze Heng(educational organization) Significance: Experience the various aspect of Chinese traditional culture ( calligraphy, Teaism, Chinese dishes, dialect)


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