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Carven ’est tout

“We like the idea of Carven being kind of intimate.�

‘It’s not about making alot of noise...

it’s nice that it’s low profile

‘I’m really interested in the notion of charm

- something you don’t often see in the fashion industry or perhaps it’s considered ‘uncool’.’

“It’s such an inspiring city because it has beautiful architecture, its dirty, there are great restaurants, the people are naughty. It’s full of contrast.”

“It’s not really about the story, but the image and it’s really kind of wouldn’t wait for a designer to tell them what to wear...

simple... Stéphane Audram – she was so chic. In those days, they I I like any body to be the heroine of their own life.”

“Each season we propose a narrative What is she doing?

for the collection, like who is this girl?

What is she wearing?�

My father said

‘Forget what you learn, but you have to learn first.’


a creative booklet for the carven fashion brand concept

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