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2011 : A year to remember

Reflecting back

Exciting times ahead

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2011: A year to remember… What a year! Need I say more? Most of you will agree with me when I say the past year was a mixture of exceptional highs and daunting lows. Even though January 2011 feels like yesterday, it simultaneously feels like 3years’ work and effort was squeezed into one never ending year.

We salute

News headlines

A time to say goodbye

and dedication are only a few of the memories that will stay for years to come. Thanks to everyone that have contributed to making 2011 a massive success!!!

We have reached the end of the road for this year, having achieved so much. Great friendships, awesome concerts

Designing PYPO’s previous logo… by alumni - Brad Pollock

Reflecting back The year started off with demonstration concerts at the Jakaranda (PTA) and Muphathutsi (Hammanskraal) Children’s homes. These concerts were an eyeopener in experiencing musical exposure, or rather the lack thereof, in our local communities. Most of us were touched in some way or another by those children’s happy faces. The excitement of this first concert was damped by the news of our beloved conductor, oom Pienaar’s heart attack. Even though Pierre (our friendly neighborhood JSO leader and previous PYPO leader) was able to assist in conducting, the day was not quite the

PYPO Newsletter Des 2011

same. A quadruple cardiac by-pass was performed on oom Pienaar, and despite being in ICU and hospital for some time, he made a remarkably speedy recovery. Due to the significant physical requirements of conducting, we were forced to seek another temporary conductor to replace him during his recovery. Martin Eccles, a young music student, rose the occasion. He helped during the usual rehearsals and also took care of the annual rehearsal camp. We gained a lot of knowledge from him, and experienced a fresh new approach to orchestral music.

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music” - Aldous Huxley

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The next big challenge on our calendar was the Cheese & Wine Evening. This was a new venture for us as orchestra, and required a lot of planning. The evening proved to be a great success, with great compliments coming from audience members. With a glass of good Swartland red wine in the hand, a warm family atmosphere was the order of the day around the bond fires in the ice cold Moreleta Nature reserve. This will hopefully become a yearly event to look forward to… Once again the Annual Gala Concert was held in September, and what a night it was. Our guests (and orchestra) were transferred to the heart of Shanghai, with music fit for a king (or shall I say Emperor). The

commitment and help of each orchestra member and their parents helped us to make this yearly fundraiser a massive success. This night will always be remembered for the great food, exceptional company and majestic music. To end of the busy year, two more demonstration concerts, one at the SOS Village (Mamelodi) and President Kruger Children’s home (Villeria) just reminded us of our commitment to bringing music to those that are not as privileged as us. These children will always remember this day as the day the experienced a real orchestra! And that’s it. A whole year! An amazing year…

Exciting times ahead… Ettienne Wium was recently elected as new Chairperson of PYPO! Under his leadership the orchestra will certainly flourish and achieve great things. He completed his highschool years in Johannesburg at Dr. EG Jansen, after which he enrolled at the University of Pretoria to study BSc(Med). In 2012 he will however continue his studies in an engineering field at TUT. He is an exceptional saxophone player and is also a drummer during his spare time. Through the years he has proven his dedication to music by being member of the Eastrand Youth orchestra for several years, and subsequently PYPO. During the past time, I have come to know Ettienne as a hardworking, intelligent and very dedicated individual that is not shy for any challenge. I’m looking forward to see the new ideas that he will bring to this amazing orchestra in the years to come! We wish you all the best!

Why we teach music! Not because we expect you to major in music Not because we expect you to play and sing all your life Not so that you can relax Not so that you can have fun

BUT SO You will be human You will recognize beauty You will be sensitive You will be close to an infinite beyond this world You will have something to cling to You will have: More love More compassion More gentleness More good

In short: MORE LIFE!! Of what value will it be to make a prosperous living unless you know how to live?

Pennsylvania Educators Association

PYPO Newsletter Des 2011

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NB EVENTS FOR 2012      

We salute… LILI VON GYSO - member for 11/12 years “Being in an orchestra has been a fantastic experience – during school it labeled me as a nerd amongst my class mates, and the majority of the orchestra members do look like the average misfit, yet each orchestra member has a unique quality that made them genuinely nice people that I enjoyed knowing. Every rehearsal was an occasion to look forward to, and I would come home grinning from ear to ear.

spot as first flute to my command Amore du Plessis.


To all those members who only started in the orchestra recently, do keep at it. My first rehearsal 11 or 12 years ago was a catastrophe and I arrived home in tears, but I went back and it was the best decision I could have made.” - Lili

Orchestra camp, or band camp as a lot of us called it, was also an annual event to look forward to. There was the standing joke amongst my non-orchestra friends of “that one band camp...” yet they just never understood the fun that was involved in a weekend of rehearsal and the late nights and the early mornings and those blaring trumpets right behind me after said late night. Ultimately, orchestra has taught me the value of working together in a group, and that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. My sight reading improved, my confidence increased in leaps and bounds, and I also learnt that making mistakes is not the end of the world – probably because the orchestra is so noisy no one could hear them anyway. Either way, I would probably have continued playing in the orchestra until I could not lie about my age anymore, but instead I will be travelling South America for a few months and will thus relinquish my

TILLIE DU PREEZ - member for 3 years “I became a member of PYPO in late 2008 – after seeing the impact it was having on my new boyfriend, Riaan’s life. He was always doing something related to the orchestra, whether it was attending socials, organizing concerts or arranging for Tshirts to be printed! Great was my surprise when he told me that their orchestra actually needed a pianist… The thought had never quite crossed my mind that an orchestra could actually need a pianist. Even though I had passed my Grade 8 UNISA exam quite well, it was years back and I was really apprehensive. I struggled at first, but after each rehearsal my confidence grew and before long I found myself completely in love with this special orchestra. I made new friends, learned how to organize big concerts and events and had a bunch of fun doing it all! Now, more than 3 years later, I am leaving the orchestra (and Pretoria!) to start a new chapter in my life. On January 1 st 2012, I am going to walk into Tygerberg Hospital and if someone shouts “DOCTOR!!” I will have to respond…Scary!! 

DEON JOUBERT - member for 9 years “The past nine years that I have spent in PYPO have given me some of my fondest memories. There have been so many great experiences: performing with fireworks at Sun City, getting sun burnt on the Durban tour and partying at band camps at Leeuwenhoek and Altelekker. I'll also never forget all the gala concerts (both for the music and the preparation) and demonstration performances. It's also been such a joy and learning experience to be part of the committee that keeps the orchestra functioning, to be part of that planning process. And lastly, I've met such fascinating, interesting and fun people through the orchestra. Musicians just are a cut above the rest. I will truly miss the orchestra.” - Deon

My time in PYPO was unforgettable! I learned a lot about myself, about organizing, about friendship and leadership (and a little about Riaan too!). I wish all of you who are continuing on the best of luck and happiness for 2012! May you have the time of your lives!!Hugs and Kisses” - Doc Tillie

PYPO Newsletter Des 2011

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NEWS HEADLINES … so it was not jingle bells!! On the magnificent day of 26 Nov 2011 Alma (Potgieter) and Johan Bennett tied the knot. You looked stunning Alma!! All of us at PYPO want to congratulate you with your wedding and hope that the decades to come (yup, that’s a long time) will be full of joy excitement and prosperity! May you be blessed in everything the future holds for you two…

What do you call a person who is afraid of Santa Claus? Claustrophobic!

Alma & Johan Bennett … and another wedding’s on the way Congratulations to Karin Fechter and Jan Pieterse for becoming engaged! We wish you all the best!! May you find endless happiness in your journey ahead!

“ He asked me at sunrise on the beach in Cape Vidal. Wonderful richly blessed. Perfect weather. The moment was perfect... I was kinda dumbstruck.... and I always always have lots to say. But I managed a nod” :) :D Page 2

PYPO Newsletter Des 2011

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A time to say goodbye! Who would have thought, 14 years ago, as a 10yr old kiddy that in 2011, I would still be a member of PYPO? My time in this orchestra has meant more to me than is possible to put into words… music, especially playing Cello, has become such an integral part of my life that I am unable to imagine my life without it. The many fellow musicians in PYPO and oom Pienaar guided me through the years to help me develop my musical skills to what it is today. Not only did it improve my musical ability, but it has taught me commitment, self confidence, determinability and professionalism. To identify one single favorite event is very difficult, but memories of many-many band camps, massive productions (Sun City, Mass Orchestra’s & later Orchestra Rave) and several tours (Ellisras, Thabazimbi, and Natal) will always stay with me. Multiple stories of funny and daunting moments bring a smile to my face when I remember these events. PYPO has through the years, especially the last 5 while I was serving on the committee, (of which 3 as chairperson), taken up a lot of my time. I would not change a thing about it! In contrary to popular believe, when studying medicine time management is

difficult. PYPO stuff however, even writing Newsletters (at 01h00) and planning Gala events are a lot of fun and extremely relaxing. I have truly enjoyed every moment, even the challenging times, and will miss being involved tremendously. My time at PYPO has finally come to an end. Sadly, this is it! A new chapter in my life is about to begin, firstly relocating to Capetown and then starting 1 Jan 2012 as a qualified doctor! It’s a daunting prospect, but the excitement is difficult to hide! What the future holds, I do not know, but I really can’t wait to find out! Thank you to every single person who has through the past 1.5decades contributed to make PYPO what it is today. An orchestra to be extremely proud of! I leave you in very capable hands, and am looking forward to see how you, as a team, will continue to uphold what we stand for. Until we meet again… Goodluck and Enjoy! Dr. Riaan Nel

PLEASE complete our online survey ASAP, in regard to PYPO during the year of 2011. We really need you feedback to make the orchestra even better in 2012. It only takes 5 minutes and it’s completely anonymous… Email : Website : Facebook : “PYPO” Contact Nr : 072 021 1697 Conductor : Pienaar Fourie Chairperson : Riaan Nel - 2011 / Ettienne Wium - 2012

PYPO Newsletter Des 2011

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