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Leigh on  sea  photo’s  

Leigh on  sea  photo’s  

illustra1ons Â

Leigh on  sea  artwork   Work  by  a  variety  of  ar1sts  whose  work  we  saw   at  leigh  on  sea  where  we  visited  to  take   photographs  and  experiment  with  pain1ng  and   using  graphic  pencils.  

Steve Robson  


Stephen Robson  joined  Greenwich  Printmakers  in  2010.  He  went  to  goldsmith’s.  college  and   has  a  background  in  teaching  and  working  in  photography.  He  is  strongly  drawn  to  the  work   of  ar1sts  such  as  Samuel  Palmer,  Edward  Hopper  and  Paul  Nash.  The  Thames  estuary    and   the  coast  of  Norfolk  and  Suffolk  have  been  favourite  subjects.  


I have  chosen  these  images  as  I  like  the  dull  and  gloomy  colours  used.  I  also  like  the  lack  of   details  in  the  images,  giving  it  more  of  a  simple  but  effec1ve  look  to  it.  The  lack  of  colour   makes  it  much  more  effec1veness  making  it  more  gloomy.  


Steve Robson  uses  etching    and  mono-­‐prin1ng  as  a  technique,  and  possibly  water  colour  or   prin1ng  ink  to  add  to  the  picture.  In  a  lot  of  his  images  he  has  an  object  or  a  place  that  your   eye  is  drawn  to.  In  some  examples  the  sea  or  sky  are  the  eye  catching  bit.  

Other Ar1st’s   Paul  Nash  

Edward Hopper  

Samuel Palmer   You  can  see  where  Samuel  Palmer  has   influenced  robson’s  work,  because  of   the  dark,  gloomy  feel,  and  lack  of   detail.    The  influence  in  hopper’s  work   is  clear  in  the  lack  of  detail,  and  large   amount  of  emp1ness.  The  influence   can  be  seen  in  Nash's  work  as  what  it   is,  is  unclear,  like  robson’s  work.    

Diana CroV   Diana  Cro)  is  a  painter  and  printmaker  who  specialises  in  making  hand-­‐produced  collographs  in   small  edi1ons.  The  prints  are  richly  coloured  and  textured,  oVen  using  layers  of  hand-­‐made  papers   and  gold  and  silver-­‐leaf.  Although  given  edi1on  numbers,  the  prints  all  vary  resul1ng  in  each  one   being  a  unique  piece   I  like  these  images  for  the  simplicity  of  the  pictures.  These  images  are  fairly  similar  to  the  Leigh  on   sea  pictures,  except    they  are  of  the  countryside  instead.  I  like  the  style  of  using  1ssue  paper  to  add   colour.  However  I  did  not  like  using  this  technique,  as  it  is  quite  fiddly,  and  hard  to  make  look  good.   I  also  like  the  contrast  between  the  dull  colours  and  the  bright  colours.    In  her  composi1on  she  uses   scale  to  make  you  feel  distance  or  feel  close  up  to  the  subject.  The  scale  makes  you  focus  towards   the  front,  because  the  colour  is  quite  neutral.  

Other artwork   These  are  examples  of  other  colleographs,  to  see  the  influences   fo  Diana  CroV.    

Leigh on Sea  

leigh on sea powerpoint