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Compare and contrast the role of the artist and the designer in today’s society The question of what is the difference between artists and designer is one that has been being debated for a long time. Both artists and designers create images using the same materials and techniques. However the reasons for creating this image are completely different. The first big difference between artists and designers, is their reasoning for doing the piece. An artist starts with a blank canvas, since their work stems from a view, opinion or emotion. They create their work because they want to, and not because someone has employed them to do so. It is created to share a personal message or feeling with others. However designers have a fixed starting point. They are employed to make something specific. It can be used to convey emotion or a view, but normally its main purpose is to persuade someone to buy a product, visit a location or use a service. These are rarely the designers views or emotions that they are conveying, but the employers. For example, Andy Warhol nevLogo Design by Gavro Krackovic er created anything for anyone, but himself. Therefore his work’s only purpose is to convey a personal message. Whereas, Designers like Gavro Krackovic’s work is always selling something for a different product, or company. Another difference between art and design is what makes them good or bad. Good art is opinion. Someone who likes more traditional art may think the work of Vincent Van Goph is good art, and the more modern style of art made by people like Andy Warhol is bad. This can also work the other way. Neither is wrong, because Painting by Vincent Van Goph what makes art good is a matter or taste. However, good design does not have to be liked to be good. This is because its not its purpose. As has been previously stated, a designers work is to persuade someone to to buy a product, use a service or visit a location. This is what makes a designers work good or bad. Unlike an artists work, it is a lot easier to decide if a designer’s work is good, by how many people buy the product due to the designer’s work.

The way the work of artists and designers work is interpretted is also very different. An artists work does not have a single meaning, therefore can be interpreted in many different ways. The work of many artists including Van Gogh has been being discussed and interpreted for many years. This is something that makes a work of art successful. An artists work can, and often does send many different messages, to many different people. However, it is the opposite with a designers work. If it has to be interpreted, quite often it means they have failed. This is because a designer’s work should be communicating a certain message. If a designer’s audience has to interpret the work, it often means the message they are attempting to convey hasn’t worked. Also, a designer’s work should not be interpreted, it should just be understood. Also a designers work, unlike an artists has a single message. This is a big difference between design work and artwork. No matter how beautiful a design is, it can never be art due to having a single meaning, and purpose. Many would also say that art is a talent you are born with. Artists grow up drawing, painting and sculpting. Their skills often developing over time, and are often self-taught, especially in the early stages. However, design is a skill, which is taught, or learned. Artistic talent is still important, although not vital. It is a development and refinement of artistic talent. It is possible to be a great designer without being a great artist. In fact some of the best and most well respected artists in the world are known for the minimalist styles. Unlike artists, good designers focus mainly on size, spacBusiness Card Design by Gavro Krackovic ing and positioning. These are skills, which do not require much (if any) artistic talent. Design is a skill that can be taught, whereas art cannot be taught in the traditional sense. Only encouraged.

The criteria for what makes someone an artist or designer certainly overlap, and the answers are very much opinion based. This means the difference between and artist and designer can be very clear, or blurry. Art is personal. It evokes emotion. It connects with its audience. A good designer does not do this. They are delivering a clear and concise message.