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Unit 3:3D Visual Communications

Experimenting with tissue paper

Peter calleson

Work based on Peter Calleson

Antony Gormley Antony Gormley is a british sculptor, born in 1950. He was born to a german mother and irish father. He grew up in a wealthy roman Catholic family. his His best known works include the Angel of the North , which is a public sculptor, located in the north of england. Another relatively well known piece of his is Event Horizon , which is another public sculptor. It has been installed in both Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

This piece has been made of wire. Personally, when i look at it what could be interpreted as the basic frame of the human body. around what could be seen as the frame of a human body there are a lower density of wire s, which could represent energy. so this sculptor could represent the energy or life of man. The colour of the wire is black, which contrasts well with the white background. The middle has very little space between the wire, a high density, but as you get further towards the sides, the density decreases. The texture of the wire looks very smooth.

wire model

Plaster cast sculptures

Plaster cast light picture

Break down evolve

crush wire

hole transform



Coming out

Destruct and reconstruct forge

3D ruin wreck

Tear down




Genevieve seille

Su Blackwell In this piece su blackwell has created a 3D piece by using a book and pages from a book. She uses this technique to tell a story as if the story is coming out. I plan to use this technique by having pages from the book, sticking out a hole in the book.

Final outcome

Final outcome evaluation • 

My final piece is a book with a whole in it. It has branches ,made from metal wires, covered in torn bits of pages from the book. The work of Su Blackwell, inspired me on this piece. I liked the idea of something coming out of the book. Everything is in black and white, because it is made from book pages. The shape of the branches is in no particular shape and was just randomly bent to resemble branches. It looks like the contents of the book is escaping from the book. The pages of the book were also glued together to hold them together, so the book doesn’t start to close. The texture of this piece is very smooth.

Art presentation2  
Art presentation2