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Rhydian Lewis Portfolio

‘What a brief gives me to squeeze out is not just a solution, but the opportunity to delight others, and myself by what was possible’

Rhydian Lewis E: T: +44(0)7411882562 4 Stannington Avenue Newcastle Upon Tyne NE6 5AA Although I grew up in the countryside, I enjoy living in the city, as there’s always something to look at. Taking in what’s around me and seeking to improve it occupies a large amount of my thoughts. I’m currently enjoying my second year of studies and hopefully, with hard work and commitment, I will have the opportunity to keep exploring and innovating throughout my career.


Northumbria University: 2010 - Present Design For Industry BA (hons) Llandrindod High School 2003-2010 Art, Maths, Product Design (A*, A, A) School awards for art, product design: 2009, 2010

Photography, music, drumming, teaching, climbing, exploring. I love to talk about politics and philosophy until the early hours of the morning. I am on Christian Union Society committee, and enjoy being able to have ideas for events and actually make them happen. I love being busy, but I also love wandering, finding new things and collecting my thoughts.

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Bird Box

A bird box for the RSPB, aimed at increasing family involvement in the charity.

Bird Box/Development

Development / Bird Box

Bird Box/Development

Right: Build Box and packaging with printed graphic instructions Below: Local newspaper article on the competition winners.

Development / Bird Box


An exercise in exploring form widely and quickly within a tight subject area.


Development / Pens


Development / Pens

A wide range of ideas were sketched quickly, and a selection were developed further. The chosen final idea was refined in Aslar-Vellum Graphite and rendered in Photoshop. Its shape and style would fit nicely in the Staedtler Ergosoft range.

Presentation/ Pens


A project looking at using bacteria to solve the problem of food labeling and waste.


I extended this project with an alternative solution, using augmented reality to visualise food freshness. As the bacteria grows along the sticker, the AR tag is changed, providing a different set of information about the product’s bacteria level and associated risks. The black square in the corner of the tag demonstrates how different shaped borders could be used for different food types.

Shower Gel

A project exploring brand identity, extending a current brand into a new product area.

Development / Shower Gel

Extrusion Blow Molded Polypropylene (PP) - Cheap production in large volumes. - Tough and flexible so bottle can be squeezed.

Reaction Molded Polyurethane (PU) - Grippy synthetic rubber is tough and cheaper than natural rubber.

Injection Molded Polypropylene (PP) - Tough matte black plastic, clips will be strong enough to withstand use

Shower Gel/Development

DAB Radio

Detailing a contemporary, high value radio within the contraints of a fixed size and proportions.


Development / Radio


Development / Radio



Group project, designing a therapeutic, interactive cuddly toy for 8-12 year olds.


Choosing eyes for Luci was a critical decision, as eyes need to suggest a wide range of emotions for a child to empathise with a toy.

37/ Design For Industry/Rhydian Lewis

The electronics embedded in Luci create a simple response: a glow in her tail that follows your hand as you stroke her. A light in her body pulsates like a heartbeat. These subtle responses help Luci to be therapeutic without being annoying or gimmicky.


Slides from a movie we made as an advertising presentation for the toy.

Presentation / Mollycoddle

Right: Luci’s eyes are big and dark, appearing wide and happy if the child is happy, or open and sympathetic if the child is sad. Below: The toy’s tail is long and soft for a child to hold on and snuggle up to, or wrap round his/her neck as a pillow.


Above: A dock for wireless charging means Luci’s batteries never need replacing, helping to suspend disbelief that the toy is alive as far as possible. Left: The toy’s packaging is very open, drawing attention on the shelves whilst presenting the toy as a high quality item.

Model / Mollycoddle

Bowers & Wilkins

Live, group project designing a wireless, portable speaker for Bowers & Wilkins.


Design a portable speaker to compete with the Jawbone Jambox, Bose Soundlink and Arcam R-Cube, that appeals to current B&W customers, whilst moving into new market segments.




Model / B&W

Bowers & Wilkins P6

This concept is for the traveller who appreciates high quality sound. The product is compact and robust as a single unit, but can also be ƐĞƉĞƌĂƚĞĚĨŽƌďĞƩĞƌƐƚĞƌĞŽƐŽƵŶĚ͘dŚŝƐŵĂŬĞƐŝƚŝĚĞĂůĨŽƌƵƐĞǁŝƚŚĂ ůĂƉƚŽƉ͕ǁŝƚŚƚŚĞŽƵƚĞƌĐĂƐĞĂĐƟŶŐĂƐĂŶĂŝƌǀĞŶƚĂŶĚƐƚĂŶĚ͘

Chris, 29, Marketing Director Chris has moved up in the business to be making good money, and Bowers and Wilkins products appeal to his sense of quality and refinement. He travels often for meetings with clients, and needs a speaker that fits neatly in his briefcase for when he gets back to his hotel room.

P6 Presentation / B&W

Bowers & Wilkins P8

This concept is designed to be simple and robust. Based on ƌĂĚŝŽƐŽĨŽůĚ͕LJŽƵũƵƐƚƚƵƌŶŝƚŽŶĂŶĚƚŚĞŵƵƐŝĐƉůĂLJƐ͕ĐŽŶŶĞĐƟŶŐ to any bluetooth devices with KLEER technology. This is ideal around the home, outside, or thrown into a backpack for use when traveling.

Jane, 46, Journalist Jane works at home a lot, and likes to sit in the garden with her laptop on nice days. Her husband owns Bowers and Wilkins products, but Jane doesn’t see the appeal of all the cables and buttons. She remembers old fashioned radios, simple and hard-wearing - just turn on and listen.


P8 Presentation / B&W

Bowers & Wilkins P10

This concept is ideal for people who want great sound all over the house. The system acts as one complete unit for music in a bedroom or the kitchen, but also allows the speakers to be taken ŽīĂŶĚƐĞƉĞƌĂƚĞĚĨŽƌůĂƌŐĞƌƐŽƵŶĚĚŝƐƉĞƌƐŝŽŶ͕ŐƌĞĂƚĨŽƌƐŽĐŝĂů gatherings giving the user a stereo sound when listening to music or media.

Freddie, 24, Accountant Freddie has recently graduated from University, and after a year in his new job, is enjoying having some disposable income. He likes to show off his sense of style through the objects in his home, such as high-end hifi equipment. His party lifestyle is continuing from his time as a student, and he needs something loud for when he has friends round.


P10 Presentation / B&W

Non-literal Form

An exploration of product attraction, detailing and interaction with an undefined function.

Non-literal Form/Inspiration

The above images are a combination of inspiration images, my photographs and early clay models.

Inspiration/ Non-literal Form

Non-literal Form/Development

Development / Non-literal Form

Non-literal Form/Development

The chosen concept embodied the characteristics that I was pursuing. The outer shell is eye catching and tactile, something you want to hold, while the split lines give the product order and symmetry. Opening the product does delight, as it splits up into a comfortable handheld device, surprising the user with a new shape which feels more technical and manufactured.

52/ Design For Industry/Rhydian Lewis

Non-literal Form/Model

Model / Non-literal Form

Thank you for your time.

Š Rhydian Lewis, 2012