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Year 10/Year 11 Exam Summer Timetable2012 DATE


Duration & Year PM

Monday 14th May

Psychology – perception & dreaming

(Yr10 75min)

Tuesday 15th May Wednesday 16th May

Biology –influences on life Science Additional Unit 1 Catering & Hospitality-Unit 2

(Yr10 60min) (Yr11 40min) (Yr11 75min)

Thursday 17th May

French Reading

Friday 18th May

Psychology-Social & Biological

Monday 21st May

Duration & Year

French Listening RE-Religion & Life

(Yr 10&11 35min)

Science Additional Unit 1 A215 (Yr11 40min) Chemistry in our world (Yr11x1student 60min) English Literature Unit 1 (Yr11 120min)

Spanish Listening

(Yr10&11 35min)

English Literature Unit 2A

Friday 25th May

Physics (Yr11x1student 60min) Science Additional Unit 4 A21 (Yr11x1student 45min) D&T Product Design (Yr10&11 120min)

Tuesday 29th May

English Unit 1 & Unit 2

Wednesday 30th May

Applied Business – financial records

Thursday 31st May

FSMQ Advanced Maths

Monday 11th June

Applied Business Unit 4 Financial Planning Science Additional

Tuesday 22nd May Thursday 24th May

Tuesday 12th June Wednesday 13th June

(Yr10&11 50min) (Yr11 105min)

(Yr10&11 60min)

(Yr11 120min) (Yr10&11 50min) (Yr10&11 120min) (Yr 11 45min)

(Yr11 120min) (Yr11x4students 60min) (Yr11x12students 45min)

Thursday 14th June Friday 15th June

History – Medicine&Treatment

(Yr10 75min)

Monday 18th June

Geography B Unit 2

(Yr10 60min)

Tuesday 19th June

Health&Social Care A912

(Yr10 60min)

Wednesday 20th June

Science Additional unit 3 A217 Additional Applied Science unit 6

Friday 22nd June

Spanish Reading D&T Graphic Products

(Yr10 60min) Science Additional Unit 4

Maths Linear Calculator (Yr11x11students 105min) Maths Non Calculator (Yr10 75min) Geography B Unit 1 (Yr10 60min)

Thursday 21st June

(Yr11 105min)

(Yr 11 40min) (Yr11x2students 45min)

Maths Linear Non Calc (Yr11x11students105min) Maths Calculator (Yr9x2students 75min) History – Surgery (Yr10 75 min)

Media Studies Unit 1

(Yr11 90min)

Science Additional (Yr 11x2students 40min) Unit 3

History Life in Germany D&T Textiles

(Yr11 75min) (Yr10&11 120min)

Science Additional (Yr11x3students 40min) A212 Unit 2 Monday 25th June Geography B Unit 3 (Yr11 60min) Science Additional (Yr11x10students 40min) A216 Unit 2 Please make sure that you revise hard, listen in class, attend all revision classes, the list available are all on our school website should you forget. Any problems please see me or Mr Ainsworth as soon as possible.

Joanne Bury. Exams/Careers Officer

GCSE Summer exam timetable  

Rhyddings GCSE Summer exam timetable 2012

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