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Photography Challenge Years 9 -11 Saturday 26th May Saint Aidan’s CE Technology College Cartgate, Preesall Poulton-le-Fylde FY6 0NP This is a chance to learn some of the technical features of using a DSLR camera, as well as how to be more creative. Four distinct sessions will focus on different aspects of photography; each include an opportunity to take photos and process them using Photoshop. Students will be able to print a selection of their favourite photos from the day and will be given a memory stick with all their photos on so they can show off their new-found talents at home! Time: 9.45am registration for 10am start - 3.30pm. At 3.15pm, parents will be invited to join their children in order to see what they have achieved during the day. Children need: Packed lunch and drinks Cost: £15 Cheques should be made payable to Ripley St. Thomas CE High School Number of places available: 15 (Please note applications will be considered on a first come first served basis) To apply for a place email

A G&T Activity Day for Years 5 - 8 Saturday 19th May 9:45am to 3:15pm Venue: Pleckgate High School Cost: £15 per student (cheques should be made payable to ‘Ripley St Thomas’) Please bring packed lunch/drinks and wear comfortable casual clothing

This day will provide a fantastic opportunity to spend the day learning and building skills with other able pupils. Pupils will work with a range of experienced professionals. All children will participate in 1 workshop during the day. Details of the workshops can be found overleaf. Please complete attached form to detail which workshop your child would like to participate in.

Closing date for applications is Wednesday 9th May 2012 Return application forms to: Susan Covill Pleckgate High School Mathematics & Computing College Pleckgate Road, Blackburn, BB1 8QA. Tel: (01254) 244320 It is essential that application forms arrive by the closing date as places cannot be reserved without written parental permission. If you are bringing a group of students, the NWGT application forms must still be completed for all students and submitted to arrive by the closing date. Thanks & we look forward to seeing you on the day Bex Wolfendale & Sue Irwin NWGT Outreach Coordinators

WORKSHOPS Please complete attached form to detail which workshop your child would like to participate in.

Art - 3D Lantern Making: Pupils will learn how to create an impressive out-door paper lantern approx 2 to 3ft in height. Using willow and strong tissue participants will design their own skeleton frame using willow sticks before applying an outer skin of wet tissue and colours to create a stunning lantern to take home at the end of the day. Creations will look very beautiful glowing in the dark and can be used as outdoor floor lanterns with a candle - under parental supervision.

Drama – Acting Funny: Through mime, physical theatre and clowning pupils will learn how to create comedy performances and have a lots of fun! They will discover new ways of using their physical and facial skills for dramatic effect and how to form a trusting working relationship with other children. A confidence boosting workshop which will build pupils’ skills and experience of dramatic techniques.

Maths - Fibonacci Numbers & Number Systems: Pupils will develop their own Fibonacci sequence and then the Golden Ratio. They will apply these mathematical theories to shapes and also to the ratio between different body parts. Moving on to research different number systems and completing calculations they will produce and give a presentation to teach others about a new number system. This workshop will allow pupils to link number systems to binary language & computers and apply their existing numerical skills to a new environment and to the real world. Science – The Rocket Challenge: An exciting day of Physics! Pupils will explore the science of motion by investigating how rockets fly using air and water. Participants will take part in fun handson activities, produce their own rockets and carry out investigations to formulate ideas and create hypotheses. They will see their creations fly (up to 30 meters), and will learn how to calculate elevation with the use of a clinometer. Design for Performance: Pupils will explore the impact of design in performance and develop practical skills through a series of exciting ‘ice breaker’ activities, improvisation exercises. Using paper technology to consider the role of design in performance, participants will create unique costumes, props or sets for performance. They will consider how theatrical design can be used to express ideas or to communicate a sense of character and will interpret a script extract, perform a key section and watch other people’s performances learning how to offer constructive criticism.

G&T Workshop Day for Years 5 - 8 Saturday May 19th 2012 Pleckgate High School 9:45am to 3:15pm

WORKSHOP CHOICE Pupil name:…………………………………………………………………………………….

School: ………………………………………………………………………………………………. Please highlight your child’s preferred workshop preferences below and return with application form.

1= 1st choice 2= 2nd choice 3= 3rd choice etc

Although we will strive to ensure that your child will participate in their 1st choice, popularity of certain workshops may mean that they will be asked to take part in their 2nd or 3rd choice.


Application to Attend NWGT Challenge Day

Course Details: Name of Course:


Date of Course:

_________________________ 20________

Venue: ________________________________________________

Pupil Details: Surname: (Please print below) First name(s): Date of birth:

Home address (including postcode):

Home telephone number:

School name:

LEA name:

Teacher/ Headteacher’s supporting statement: I believe that _______________________________would benefit from attending the workshop _________________________________ at __________________________________on __________________and recommend that they be offered a place Teacher / Headteacher’s Signature………………………………………………………………………………….. Please print your name.....................................................................

Emergency contact details: Name of parent/guardian(s):

Name of additional emergency contact: (eg grandparent / family friend)

Contact telephone number(s) of parent/guardians(s):

Telephone number of additional contact:

Doctor’s details: Name of student’s doctor:

Address of student’s doctor:

Telephone number of student’s doctor:

Medical details: Relevant current / long term medical conditions:

Known allergies or special dietary requirements:

Payment of course fees: SECTION A (To be completed for all applications) Please tick the appropriate box and sign below: 

I enclose a cheque for £______* made payable to Ripley St. Thomas *Insert total course fee(s)

I am applying for a funded place *Section B below must be completed

Parent/carer’s name_______________________________Signature______________________

SECTION B (To be completed if applying for a funded place) I confirm that this student should be offered a funded place. Headteacher’s Signature: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Permission of Parent or Guardian:

This page will be detached and forwarded to the course leader, together with a summary of contact and medical information. All sections of this page must be completed in full, and signatures must be handwritten. Failure to complete this section properly will cause the application to be unsuccessful. If applying to attend more than one course, a separate permission form must be completed for each event. Name of Student Title of Outreach Event Date of Outreach Event Venue of Outreach Event Permission of Parent or Guardian: I give permission for my child to attend the above named North West G&T Outreach event, and to participate in all activities mentioned in the course description. I agree to take responsibility for travel to and from the above named activity. In the event of an emergency, I give permission for persons supervising the event to authorise any medical or dental treatment for my child which is deemed necessary by a qualified medical practitioner.

Name of parent/guardian _________________________________________________________ Signature of parent/guardian ______________________________________________________ Date __________________________________________________________________________

Email Communication Consent: NWGT would like to confirm the success of your child’s application via email. If you are happy to be contacted via this method please enter your email address below.

Email: NWGT would also like to keep you informed about future events and Challenge days via email. If you would not like to receive this information via email please tick this box.

Publicity: Members of the local, regional or national press are occasionally present for short periods of time at Outreach events. All representatives of the press will be strictly supervised by event staff, and no student will be asked to participate in any media interview unless they and their parent or guardian are happy for them to do so. NW G&T may also take photographic and video images of outreach events for promotional purposes. No student will be featured against his or her wishes on the day.

Please tick the appropriate box(es): 

I give permission for images of my child to be used by NW G&T for the purpose of promoting G&T activities.

I give permission for my child to be present in background press footage.

I give permission for my child to take part in a supervised media interview.

Signature of parent/guardian _____________________________________________________

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Extra curricular events for gifted and talented students.

GAT Events  

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